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Best CBD Options? Hmm.. The rise of CBD’s growing popularity can be traced back to its many recently discovered health benefits, and more are added every day, thanks to the continual research of scientists. It has been shown to help with many ailments and can ease symptoms, but without nasty side effects. No wonder more and more people open up to the idea of using CBD in treating their conditions and improving their quality of life in general!

Fortunately, CBD is losing the stigma associated with its use, as these negative stereotypes are debunked by the research supporting it. As a result, many CBD products are becoming readily available on the market. However, this abundance of products may confuse someone who wants to try CBD’s healing properties for the first time. We introduce to you five popular ways to use CBD as a beginner to help you ease into its consumption. 

Of course, it’s important to point out that before you begin any CBD protocol, please be sure to consult your doctor before using any product containing CBD-derived ingredients. Not only can CBD interact with certain medications and reduce or amplify their efficacy, but your healthcare provider can help you make the best decisions for your health.

Pills and Capsules

Pills and capsules are perfect for those who want to try CBD for the first time. As they pass through the digestive system, their potency is decreased, reducing the risk of overdose. This allows the body to gradually adjust to the effects of CBD. With this method, beginning with the lowest recommended dose is best to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. The same goes with other CBD products, as well – whether ingested, taken as vapor, or applied topically.

Tasty Gummies

CBD gummies are a delicious, fun way to take CBD. In addition to their appealing look and taste, they also look like ordinary gummy candies. They are convenient to transport and easy to take a dose, just like pills and capsules. They come in various doses but are still less potent than other non-ingested products, like vaporizers and creams. Gummies also don’t have an immediate effect compared to tinctures, as it takes longer to break down and reach the bloodstream.

Organic Massage Oils

Another excellent way for beginners to use CBD is through organic massage oils. Relaxing as they are on their own, the addition of CBD makes these oils more effective in relieving pain and inflammation. These massage oils smell good, too, and can be applied anywhere when needed. That said, topical applications (like creams, balms, lotions, and massage oils) may take longer than taking the oil under the tongue, as you might do with tinctures. 

Coffee, Tea, and Smoothies

You can add CBD oil to your favorite coffee and tea blends without making a huge difference in flavor. The fruity taste of smoothies also masks the earthy flavor of the oil and makes it easier to take. A few drops are added to your favorite drink, and voilà! You’ll get the benefits of taking CBD oil without worrying about the aftertaste, as you would when using tinctures. Dosing still varies from person to person, as recommended by the doctor.

Added to Everyday Cooking

Can CBD oil be added to your everyday dishes? Yes! For instance, if you want to spruce up your salad, adding CBD to your salad dressing recipes can be a delicious and healthy addition. Sauces made with butter are also an excellent base for CBD and won’t taste any different. It can also be a great addition to baked goodies like cookies, brownies, and donuts. The earthy taste best complements chocolate and nuts! For a frozen treat, you can also try drizzling it on top of a mousse or ice cream.

Want to start experimenting with CBD in your kitchen? Why not try these tips:

  • Start adding CBD in small amounts, like a few drops or so, into your sauces and dressings.
  • Keep your CBD oil at room temperature, and never heat it directly to high temperatures. Excessive heat can cause it to lose its potency.
  • Use only high-quality CBD oil to add to your cooking. 
  • CBD oil works best with foods that contain some fat or oil, as this can help boost its effectiveness.

Is CBD Right for You?

CBD can help many people manage their health, and as more people are learning of its numerous benefits, dosing it also gets more creative – but without losing its potency or effectiveness. There are many beginner-friendly options for using CBD, so feel free to choose any of our recommendations! Or, if you prefer, look into alternative methods so that your journey towards using CBD is varied and enjoyable. Whatever way you decide to start using CBD, though, you’ll be reaping its benefits in no time!

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