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Target Pro Starter Kit Review

Vaporesso Target Pro Starter Kit Review Spinfuel eMagazine

Question: How Different is the Vaporesso Target Pro Kit than the Target 75W Kit?

Answer: The Vaporesso Target Pro is very similar, especially physically, to the Target 75W, but there is also considerable improvements. I’ll go over a few of them below:

New Features:  The Target Pro is fully Temperature Variable, with support for Nickel, Stainless Steel (both VW and TV) Titanium, in addition to TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) support. With the firmware update the Target Pro allows for manually TCR adjustments directly on the mod. The fact that the Target Pro is firmware upgradeable is also a new feature to the Target mod series. The Target 75W is Variable Wattage and Temperature Variable, but for Nickel wire coils.

In addition to the new chipset which allows for full temperature control, Vaporesso is shipping the Target Pro Kit with a new tank, the Target Pro Sub-Ohm. I’ll discuss this tank in detail shortly, but one thing I’ll say now if that the original Target 75W cCell Tank holds 3.5mL of ejuice, the new Target Pro Sub-Ohm holds just 2.5mL, and that matters.

At Element Vape both models are in stock, the Target Pro is $69.95 and the Target 75W is $59.95. Which one to choose is, as far as I am concerned, whether you’re looking for a complete Temperature Variable (Temperature Control) mod or not. There are some things about the Target Pro that I like more than the Target 75W model, and some things I like more about the Target 75W.

A Video Demo of the Vaporesso Target Pro Starter Pro

Let’s Do the Review

Vaporesso Target Pro Starter Kit Review Spinfuel eMagazine

The Vaporesso Target Pro Kit is so similar to the Target 75W Kit that it is almost impossible to tell to the difference by looking at them side by side. When you take a closer look however, some differences do jump out. For now, let’s leave the biggest difference, the Target Pro Tank, out of this section.

The size of the different mods is identical; 92x48x27mm. Button placement, trigger (Fire Button), and USB port are in the same position, though while the Target 75W USB port was for charging only, the Target Pro USB port charges and upgrades. Both mods use a Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel metals for body construction.

The magnetic battery doors are the same, and the venting on the bottom of the mods are identical. The only sure way to tell the difference is the name imprinted on the top side of the mods; Target 75W vs. Target Pro.

Where the difference lies in the mods, minus the tanks, is the OLED display. Both displays reside in the same position and they are the same size. That said, the clarity of the display, and the smoothness of increasing or decreasing the wattage/temperature is substantially better in the older model, the Target 75W. The ‘font’ is different in the Target Pro, it’s narrower and less sharp, although not enough to be a deal-killer come crunch time.

The Target Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

At the heart of both the Target 75W and the Target Pro is the cCell coil heads, and in this department they are identical. Vaporesso created cCell coil heads in Stainless Steel, and we can expect to see Titanium cCell Coils if the demand is there.

The body of the Target Pro Tank is very different than the cCell Tank, the one that comes with the Target 75W Kit. Like I said above, the capacity is a full 1mL less than the cCell Tank, 2.5mL vs. 3.5mL. In general terms we’re looking at about 60-90 minutes less vaping before a refill (depending on the VG ratio, resistance, TC or VW, and the users vaping style.)

The drip tip used in the Target Pro Sub-Ohm is much shorter, less than half the height of theVaporesso Target Pro Starter Kit Review Spinfuel eMagazine cCell Tank, and at high wattage vaping it does get warm. Neither drip tip offers any type of spitback spokes or internal knurling, though with the cCell coils I’ve never experienced spitback in any Vaporesso Atomizer.

The Target Pro tank is a Top-Fill tank, unlike the cCell tank. The shape of the top cap is “domed”, and the tank is coated with a special paint, not exactly rubberized, both not simple painted steel. Airflow slots on both are the same, two wide cyclops style airflow slots that are adjustable for DL or MTL vaping.

Vaporesso asserts a “leak proof” design, but after using it for a while I suspect they are talking about the tank having a top-fill system so there is no need to remove the base of the tank unless the user is swapping out the coil head.

The Target Pro Sub-Ohm tank comes with a 0.5-ohm Stainless Steel cCell coil preinstalled, and an extra 0.6-ohm Stainless Steel cCell coil.

Vaping with the Target Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

I don’t mind short drip tips as long as they don’t get too warm while vaping. While the drip tip for this tank is rather short, and it gets warm while vaping above 50W, it doesn’t appear to ever get too warm to prevent using it for extended periods.

To compare the cCell Tank of the Target 75W and the Target Pro tank, I filled both with the same Max VG e juice and set both mods at the same settings. Since the coil heads in the Target Pro are both Stainless Steel I used the same SS coil in the cCell Tank.

Vaporesso ORC Ceramic Tank Review – Spinfuel eMagazine

The “pull” with the airflow slots wide open are just about identical. Both are fairly ‘airy’ draws and both produce nearly identical amounts of Vapor. Vaping with the Vaporesso ORC or Gemini Sub-Ohm produce denser, more voluminous vapor, but these two are definitely producers in their own right.

Flavor from both tanks were also identical, due I’m sure, in both using Vaporesso Gemini RTA Review for Spinfuel eMagazinecCell Stainless Steel 0.5-ohm coils. When it comes to cCell coils I will continue to stick with Kanthal or Nickel, for flavor. Stainless Steel isn’t bad, and many people prefer it, but Kanthal in wattage mode is just so good, and Nickel in TC mode is almost as good.

Target Pro Safety

Safety features are the industry standard features, including Over Temperature Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Overcharge Protection, and Battery Polarity Protection. Both sport stainless steel 510-connector.

About the cCell Coil Structur

I’ll admit that I like the Vaporesso cCell ceramic coil heads. Inside is a cylinder shaped piece of porous, high grade ceramic material. The cylinder design is in an optimal position to maintain contact with the e-liquid at all times, allowing for balanced heating and ejuice absorption.

Vaporesso Target Pro Starter Kit Review Spinfuel eMagazineThe cCell coil system is a self-cleaning platform, no matter which wire is used in the ceramic cylinder. The coil heads deliver excellent flavor, as does many ceramic coils these days, with no spitback. In Temperature mode these coils are worry-free when it comes to dry hits, and the coil head last much longer than non-ceramic coils.

The wire heating element is wrapped in a sleeve of organic cotton for excellent wicking. The 24K Gold Plated outer layer has triple hexagon port patterns that allow exceptional wicking rates that keep ejuice saturating the heating element and cotton. Impurities, or ceramic particles bigger than 12um are filtered out and will not enter the lungs of the Vaper.

Real World Report

The trigger grip of the Target mods is very comfortable and easy to use. I enjoy using them. Once the new coil heads were properly broken in the Target Pro produced excellent results in both VW and TC modes. I like the new Target Pro tank, and the top-fill system is enough of a positive change for me to switch to this tank over the older bottom-fill cCell tank. Because I own both tanks I can switch out the drip tip for the longer one on the cCell tank if I need to, but so far there has been no need. I did try it though, it they switched out fine.

Because I am reviewing the Target Pro Kit I stayed with the Target Pro tank most of the time.Vaporesso Target Pro Starter Kit Review Spinfuel eMagazine On the last day of the review I used the ORC and the Gemini from Vaporesso on the Target Pro mod and found their performance to be every bit as good as they were on higher wattage box modes.

Vaporesso seems to have come out the blue to zoom to the higher echelons of vape industry, and in a way it’s understandable. Vaporesso has built several mods and tanks around their tested and proven cCell coils, as well as the quality and functionality of their mods and tanks, Vaporesso deserves to be seen as an important player in the industry.

If you like the design of the trigger shaped mod and enjoy ceramic tanks I happily recommend the Target Pro, or the Target 75W. The Kit version includes tanks designed to perform to the best of their abilities with this mod. Since every Vaper would enjoy a new tank, it makes sense to buy the Kit version.

Grade: A

“Externally there isn’t much difference between the Target 75W mod and the Target Pro. The changes are on inside, with the new, sophisticated chipset, and the Target Pro Sub-Ohm tank included in the Pro Kit. While I dislike the small 2.5mL capacity of the new Target Pro Sub-Ohm tank, it’s still an excellent performer.”

Julia Hartley-Barnes

Target Pro Mod:

Dimension: 92x48x27 mm
Temperature Range: 100℃-315℃/200F-600F
Output Wattage: 5W-75W
Suitable Atomizer:VT:0.05Ω-1.0Ω VW:0.15Ω-3Ω
Output Modes: VW/VT(Ni, SS, Ti)/TCR
Standby Current:<50uA
Voltage Range:0-9v
Battery Cell: Lithium 18650
Casting: Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel
Thread: 510 Thread
Display: OLED
USB Updatable and Customizable Firmware
Target Pro Tank:

In The Box:

1 Complete Target Pro Tank
(CCELL 0.5Ω Pre-installed)
1 Target Pro Mod
1 Extra CCELL SS 0.6Ω
1 USB Cable
1 User Manual

Firmware –  

Reminder: Vaporesso Target 75W VTV Box Mod Features:

• SIngle 18650 Rechargeable Battery – Not Included
• Variable Wattage Range: 5~75W
• Max Voltage Output: 9V
• Temperature Range: 300-600F
• Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.15
• Superior Zinc Alloy and SS Construction
• Comfortable Leather Grip
• Intuitive OLED Display
• Trigger-Like Firing Mechanism
• Ni200 Temperature Control Capability
• Magnetized Battery Cover
• Over Temperature Protection
• Low Resistance Protection
• Short Circuit Protection
• Overcharge Protection
• 510 Thread Connection
• MicroUSB Port – Pass-through Capability