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John Manzione Vapes Strawberry Fields from Rocket Fuel Vapes

Trying a new eLiquid from one of my all-time favorite eLiquid labels is always a special treat. Sometimes its on purpose, and every once and a while its by complete accident. This is the tale of one of those accidents…

A couple of weeks ago I had reordered some of my all day vapes from Rocket Fuel Vapes, including Limerick and Harvest Moon. When the packaged arrived two days later I ripped it open and grabbed a bottle of Harvest, filled an X.Jet and went about my business. Little did I know there was something ‘extra’ in the package.Strawberry Fields….Forever

In fact, it was almost a week later that I discovered that the crew at Rocket Fuel Vapes had slipped in a new flavor of eJuice into my order.

When I finally got around to straightening up my various bottles of juice that are strewn across my vast surroundings I got around to removing the last couple of bottles from the Rocket Fuel box, and I noticed a bottle with a different label just laying there. I never noticed it before. The name of this fairly recent eLiquid struck a cord…Strawberry Fields. Never before had these words been more deserving…

“Living is easy with eyes closed

Misunderstanding all you see”

With the bottle in hand I walked into my office, grabbed another X.Jet and loaded it up with this juice I’d never before tried. I waited, anxiously I might add, about 5 minutes for the coils to get good and saturated. Then I took a nice, long drag…and sucked all the vapor deep into my lungs.

“Let me take you down

Cause I’m going to Strawberry fields”

Rocket Fuel Vapes describes their version of Strawberry Fields like this: “Strawberry Fields features delicious, ripe strawberries and rich country cream with just a touch of buttery crumble for a complex and satisfying strawberry vape.”

My Take on Strawberry Fields, the eLiquid, not the song… cause you can’t do better than the song, you don’t even try…went something like this…

Instantly I tasted the luscious flavor of smooth, ripe strawberries flow through my taste buds and then throughout my entire body. So rich in strawberry goodness I couldn’t believe it.

This was the kind of strawberry that you could only experience by visiting a roadside fruit stand and hand picking a basket of the brightest, reddest strawberries among the huge baskets of the fresh picked. Now, somehow, here it was in vapor form and it was wonderful.

As I continued to vape my mind began to wander…

“How does it feel to be

one of the beautiful people”

Well, we are going with a Beatles theme here, right?

But Strawberry Fields isn’t only about the taste of ripe strawberries, there is something else making itself known, coming in right after the virtues of strawberry goodness… a kind of creamy, buttery essence, almost like taking a Strawberry Pop Tart and covering it in butter and popping it in the toaster oven (hey, I do that!)… a creamy buttery strawberry vape…this is what Strawberry Fields is like.

Each eLiquid from Rocket Fuel Vapes are rich with thick vapor, layered with complex flavors that only a true flavorist can invent, and Strawberry Fields had followed in this tradition with its own complexity and copious vapor clouds, even with a simple $8 clearomizer and $20 Vision Spinner.

Strawberry Fields is better as a warm vapor eLiquid than it is a cool vapor, so it should be vaped in higher voltage or wattage settings, just enough to take the vapor to warmth of the afternoon sun in April (about 4.3v), without diminishing the deep, rich flavor of the buttery strawberry spirit that lives within.

“Tra la la la la la

Tra la la la la la

Tra la la la la

Tra la la la la la


Strawberry Fields from Rocket Fuel Vapes is offered in 10ML ($6.50) and 30ML bottles ($16), from Zero-Nicotine to 24mg nicotine. Play it safe and spring for the 30ML or you’ll regret it when you wind up vaping all 10ML in the first day or two.

I’ve vaped some excellent strawberry eLiquids before but never one with a buttery, creamy soul. This will definitely help shape a new mindset for what a strawberry eLiquid can be. This is eJuice Artistry…creative, fanciful, and utterly delicious.

“Let me take you down

Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields

Nothing is real

And nothing to get hung about

Strawberry Fields forever”

John Manzione

  • –       Strawberry Fields – The Beatles
  • –       Flying – The Beatles
  • –       Baby you’re a rich man – The Beatles