Spinfuel The Cold Open 2015 Giveaway #1

Spinfuel – The Cold Open Massive Giveaway


Let’s start off the new year with a bang! This giveaway is going to be super easy to enter, and several vapers are going to win fantastic prizes. ENTRY FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

The Giveaway Prizes:

1 – Aspire SubOhm Battery (black or gray) + Aspire USB Charger

2 – Aspire Atlantis Tank + Pack of OCC Coils

3 – Kanger SubTank + Pack of OCC Coils

4 – Joyetech eGrip (Chrome)

5 – Innokin iTaste VV4

6 – Vision Vapors Nunchaku

7 – SMOK XP Pro 50w Box Mod

8 – Aspire Premium Kit – CF VV Battery/Nautilus Mini/Charger/Wall Adapter

9 –  NJOY Artist Collection in White Collectors Box (12mg or 18mg nicotine)

10 – Innokin iTaste 134 Mini (black)

How to Enter:

Giveaway Begins Now and Ends on January 18th at Midnight

Choose One or Both methods of Entering.

#1Watch The Cold Open video below. Click the YouTube link to be whisked away to the video on YouTube. Subscribe and Comment. If you are already subscribed then just leave a comment. (Comments without a subscribe will not count.)

#2Subscribe to the Spinfuel Newsletter. If you try to subscribe to the Newsletter using a hotmail or yahoo email account you will not successfully subscribe. (We don’t know why). We urge you to open a Gmail or iCloud account (they are free).

How Winners Will Be Chosen

To makes sure all entries are treated equally and all entrants have a fair shot at winning we have created a very simple Rafflecopter Giveaway. All you need to do is use your email address (not a hotmail or yahoo email address because we will not be able to send you the notifying email) and type in the word YouTube or Newsletter.

We will choose 10 winners. Once the winners are chosen we will verify the name or email address in the entries to the YouTube and Newsletter subscriber lists. If you are a YouTube subscriber then we will verify that you have left a comment under the giveaway video (no other comments will count, it must be a comment left between 1/5/2015 and 1/18/2015).

If the Subscriber has left a comment during the Giveaway period then the winner is verified.

If a winning entrant tells us that he/she subscribed to the Newsletter then we will match the name to the subscriber list. IMPORTANT: In order to be a verified winner as a Newsletter Subscriber you must receive AND OPEN the Newsletters that will be sent out on January 10th and 17th (Saturdays). Our Newsletter software records the time it was delivered and whether or not the Newsletter was opened in your InBox. (seriously, weird isn’t it?). If you received and opened BOTH newsletters then you are a verified winner.

If your name/email address cannot be verified as a winning entry we will chose another winner and begin the verification over until such time as ALL 10 Prizes are awarded to verified winners.

Whew! A lot of words for a simple task!

Why Are We Verifying The Winners?

Good question, I’m so glad you asked. There are many, many people that use the Internet for one simple purpose; to enter Giveaways. They enter giveaways up to 20 times a day, hit and run entrants. Because ALL of the prizes in this Giveaway were purchased by Spinfuel we want to make sure that the winners of this giveaway are real vapers. Professional Giveaway Players will not work this hard to get their entry verified. (We know this from experience) There is nothing wrong, or illegal with being a professional giveaway player, but because this is our giveaway we want our prizes to go to those that can really use them and won’t turn around and sell them on eBay. We truly hope you understand.

Short Cuts To The Video and/or Newsletter

The VIDEO on YouTube For The Giveaway

The Spinfuel Newsletter Sign Up Page

Giveaway Starts NOW and Ends at Midnight on January 18th, 2015. – Good Luck!



The Giveaway Video