A First Look Review and Demo of the Pioneer4You IPV3

Hey folks, Smokenjoey here with a first look review of the brand new, as yet unreleased IPV3, a 150w monster box mod for the seriously advanced vapor. There is so much to say about this high wattage mod, and so much to demo, the video wound up being a solid 28 minutes long, but an important 28 minutes..

Element Vape

I spent the weekend in Chattanooga at the VCCTN and there was so much interest in the IPV3 that I felt I needed to get this review together and posted as soon as I could.

For those of you that are thinking about buying this mod I urge you to watch the video first. If you’re an XtremeVapor, you know what you’re doing, and its all about the clouds for you then your mind is pretty much made up already. But, if you’re curious about what a 150W mod can do, both good and bad, watch the video and let me know what you think. The IPV3 is not for everybody, in fact it’s not for most vapers. Where I come from we call mods like this WMD. In any case, enjoy the video. Comment, Subscribe, Share.