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Smoant GAIA 200W TC Box Mod Review

I’ll come right out and say it – the Smoant GAIA is an absolutely gorgeous piece of vape hardware. This 200-watt box mod is a meticulously engraved, yet still subtle testament to design. But it also brings a healthy amount of power and functionality to the table. This isn’t a mod for everyone, but it’s certainly a high-performing option for the vaper who “has everything.”

Smoant GAIA 200W Mod Review - SPINFUEL VAPE

Initial impressions of the Smoant GAIA 200W mod

Element Vape

They say the devil is in the details, but on the GAIA, the details are all about honoring a goddess – in this case, the Earth Mother Gaia. Confused yet? So were we, but whomever designed this mod clearly has an interest in ancient mythology, and has integrated this design approach throughout the device.

First, you’ll notice the intricate engraving on the front and rear panels of the brushed silver device. On the face, you’ll enjoy an ornate depiction of Gaia herself, surrounded by weaving patterns, not unlike paisley, but much nicer. This same pattern repeats on the back of the mod, but as a frame for a fairly lengthy introduction to the titular goddess.

The design concept continues throughout, even on the 510 connection, which features a meticulously detailed star/sun engraving. I’m not sure how well it handles heat dissipation, but it sure looks sharp.

Interestingly, Smoant put a full-color rendition of the Gaia portrait on the inside of the magnetic door, but there’s no option to show it off, short of removing your battery door every time. It’s beautifully done, regardless.

On a more functional level, the GAIA doesn’t stray too far from standard box mod conventions. The raised 510 sits above the round fire key, 0.96-inch OLED screen, and clicky up/down control buttons. A USB charge and upgrade port sits below the controls. Nothing fancy from an operational standpoint – just proven layout.

Finally, I loved the ample venting on the bottom of the battery chamber, and wish more companies would do so.

Element Vape

Vaping the Smoant GAIA 200W mod

Spinfuel VAPE

I’ll get right to it – the Smoant GAIA is a powerhouse vape mod. It hits its 200W target with ease, even on two 18650s, and never once pulsed or stuttered along the way.

In fact, at ridiculously low or high wattages, the GAIA did a good job adjusting to my demands. It never felt over- or underpowered, and proved itself to be a worthy device for a wide range of vapers.

I first tested the GAIA with a trusty SMOK TFV12 Prince tank, and a coil rated for up to 110 watts. Starting at 80 watts, I stepped up in 5-watt increments, and felt distinct differences each step along the way. Not erratic differences, but rather more sensitive and precise differences that reassured me the GAIA was working as intended.

I then moved to a nickel TC setup on the Advken Manta RTA, and enjoyed similarly steady performance, though it became a little finicky at higher temperatures, and when adjusting wattage with the coil installed. It was nothing dramatic, and nothing a better coil builder couldn’t solve with a few tweaks. Once the nitpicky adjustments were made, the vape quality was outstanding.

In fact, the only real “complaint” I had with the GAIA at all was an over-protective set of warnings, which wouldn’t let me build anywhere NEAR the device’s low-end resistance of 0.1 ohms. Maybe that’s an exaggeration (and a further shot to my coil building skills) but the lowest I could go is 0.2 ohms before low-resistance warnings hit my screen. To the average user, this is a minor issue. To build enthusiasts, it’s a cardinal sin – worth noting if you fall into the latter group.

Wrapping up… and Score…

If my only two complaints about a mod is that the controls are dated and the protection suite works too well, then that’s a good sign for the score. The Smoant GAIA’s design is stunning, well-conceived, and entirely original. It might not be something everyone will want, but it will certainly stand out amid a bunch of same-y looking devices on your shelf.

What all vapers WILL agree upon is that Smoant has made some phenomenal mods of late, and the GAIA is a strong entry that does everything it promises and more. Highly recommended.

Score: A

Smoant GAIA 200W Mod Specs and Contents

Smoant GAIA 200W mod specs:

  • Size: 80.0mm x 57.8mm x 25.0mm
  • Max wattage: 200W
  • Battery type: Dual 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Mode: VW/TC
  • Display: 0.96-inch
  • Resistance range: 0.1 – 5.0ohm
  • Suitable tank: most atomizers with 510 thread
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Color: Silver, Gold
  • 200W max power with 218 chips
  • Magnetic battery cover for easy replacement
  • USB port for charging and upgradeable

Smoant GAIA 200W mod contents:

  • 1x Smoant GAIA mod
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Manual
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