The Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review

Rocket Fuel Vapes began their foray into the eJuice business not long ago. After spending some 72-plus hours with 12 of their finest eLiquids I think they were destined to find their way into the eJuice marketplace. It seems clear to me that some people are just meant to be eJuice ‘flavorists’* (the Spinfuel word for Mixologist) and the people behind Rocket Fuel Vapes truly seem to be among them. This was a fun and adventurous review, the best kind, because nearly every eLiquid flavor scored high among each member of the team.

Twelve eLiquids

Rocket Fuel Vapes submitted 12 flavors to the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team for a review. Out of those 12 flavors just more than half of them were awarded the coveted Choice Award. In the simplest terms, a Choice Award signifies that people who enjoy vaping the ‘type’ of eJuice we scored so highly would most likely agree with us, and that particular eLiquid was a ‘safe bet’. If you enjoy a good tobacco eJuice then we think Ol’ River and Calamity Jane are two eLiquids you will enjoy as much as we did, and even some people that have never enjoyed a tobacco flavor but would love to find one they could enjoy, look no further than Blueberry Hill Tobacco, a blueberry-heavy juice with smooth tobacco notes that anyone could enjoy. And this is only the beginning.

Seven Out Of Twelve – Spinfuel Choice Awards

There has never been a Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team review where the percentage of Choice Awards was any where near what Rocket Fuel Vapes earned today. After adding up the scores, and rechecking them twice, it was startling to see the results. I knew how I rated the 12 eLiquids but I had no idea that the rest of the team followed suit. After much discussion we came to the conclusion that the Rocket Fuel Vapes Flavorists have a very similar palate to our own.

Spinfuel Choice Awards were devised to be a simple matter of illuminating those eLiquids in our review that scored the highest ranking by the entire team. If all 5 team members scored an eLiquid 5 Stars then we would recognize that eLiquid with a ‘Choice’ Award. It wasn’t like winning a contest, it isn’t a competition, and it doesn’t make any one company better than another, but it does means that our team of reviewers all agreed that the individual eLiquid was a great vape; stupendous flavor, accurately described by its maker, and very satisfying. Under the guises of these stipulations Rocket Fuel Vapes delivered brilliantly.

Team A

The following review was conducted by Team A, based in South Florida. Led by Tom McBride, also the Managing Editor of Spinfuel eMagazine, the team is comprised of four others; Angel Marie, John Manzione (Publisher of Spinfuel eMagazine), Stephanie “SS” Sanders and Nicole Henderson.


During the course of the 72+ hours ‘Team A’ spent vaping Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid (exclusively) with a wide variety of batteries, cartomizers, clearomizer, and tanks were used. We also brought out the big guns this time, each using the dripping atomizer by SMOKTech Mini RDA’s. APV’s used in this review included ProVari, Innokin, SMOKTech, and JoyeTech setups.

The Recap

A new feature is revealed today by way of reader feedback. Our comprehensive eLiquid reviews are, by any measure, the longest reviews in the vaping community. A 10-flavor review can run in excess of 8,000 words. While most readers enjoy spending several long sessions reading each and every comment made by our team others have expressed a desire to see a much shorter version. Today we make that happen.

Directly below this paragraph is a Toggle Icon. Click it and the page drops down that reveals the flavor of the eLiquid, the description provided by the brand, and our individual rating. All the “narrative” has been excised, leaving the stripped down data in its place.  We’re hoping that despite this stripped down version you’ll want to come back at your leisure to read the detailed review.

The eLiquids

Rocket Fuel Vapes is an eLiquid brand that is 100% American-Made. Each eLiquid comes in 10ML and 30ML size plastic bottles with easily removable needlepoint tips that make it very easy to fill everything from a simple cartomizer to the narrowest opening of a clearomizer. Each bottle is shrink-wrapped from head to toe, preventing contamination, leaking, and so forth, while preserving freshness from the moment it is sealed, through the postal service highway, into your mailbox and finally in your hands. Shipping on all orders over $50 is free.

Nicotine strengths begin at 6MG, and steps up to 12MG, 18MG and 24MG. Naturally, RFV (Rocket Fuel Vapes) offers a nicotine-free version as well.

Rocket Fuel Vapes is a “premium” eLiquid brand by every standard we use. Still, the price-point for RFV’s eLiquid is $6.50 for a 10ML bottle and $16.00 for a 30ML bottle, which makes the 30ML size very attractive and lower than several other premium brands. We would like to see a 60ML bottle offered at some point.

For first-timers or other customers looking to “sample” other flavors without diving in with both feet there is the option of choosing a “5x 5ML sampler pack” for $22.00. You can choose any of the 5 flavors in 5ML bottles. The 5 bottles a sun-shielded glass bottles with glass eyedroppers. Unfortunately the price per ML goes up to 88 cents. While this is a way to sample up to five flavors without having to buy 10ML bottles it is a rather expensive option.

Rocket Fuel Vapes mentions that their eLiquids are Diacetyl-free ) and while that is surely a good thing, I can’t think of a single brand we’ve reviewed that is not Diacetyl free. If you know of any American made eLiquid that contains Diacetyl please post in the comments below or write to me via our admin @ email address.

Viscosity – Some eLiquid brands have a consistent viscosity throughout the lineup of flavors, while others do not. Some brands have thin liquids across the board that burn cleanly and can be used with any atomizer without worry of clogging or gumming up the works. Other brands are made thicker, sometimes very thick, and can cause problems with a variety of atomizers. Still other brands create an eLiquid without regard for the viscosity of the particular flavor and some will be thin while others will turn out thick.

Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquids are thin juices across the board that soak right up into cartomizers, drip easily into clearomizers, and make for great dripping with dripping atomizers.

Citrus Issues?

We expected both Clementine and Limerick to cause some issues with plastic tanks since they are both citrus flavors, but neither one did. Of course, both citrus flavors are blended with non-citrus flavors and the minute we began vaping them we knew it wasn’t going to be a problem. The Poseidon eJuice is made with cinnamon, but not even close enough to cause any issues with plastic clearomizers or tanks. It is our determination that no matter what equipment you use to vape these eLiquids you’re not going to have a problem.

The Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Flavors

Each of the comments made by the individual reviewer are excerpts from various notes and discussions among the team members. It is the job of the Team Leader to excise the comments that sum up the reviewers ‘take’ on the individual flavor.

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesLove Potion No 9Spinfuel Choice Award – “A sweet ripe, juicy peach with subtle hints of fig and blueberry.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 5 Stars – Peach, figs, and blueberry come together to form a very unique and delicious flavor that doesn’t quit. I enjoyed this Love Potion the entire time I spent with it. A strong, sweet flavor, good vapor production, but light on the throat hit (12mg nic), it is an excellent combination for an all-day vape. Definitely one of the most unique, yet, delicious flavors I’ve had in a very long time. The ‘fig’ flavor shines in this juice, and plays an important part in the overall flavor delivery.

Angel: 5 Stars – Very flavorful with a nice sweet peach flavor with overtones of sweet figs. Blueberry is only hinted at here, but just enough to make this a splendid combination. I loved it.

John: 5 Stars – It is exciting to taste a new, unique flavor after having vaped a few hundred different flavors. Love Potion #9 is a true original. Loved the peach and fig flavor, and that slight tang of blueberry really put it over the top. A great flavor!

Stephanie: 5 Stars – I had no idea what to expect from Love Potion. When I read the description and saw that fig would play a role I got a little worried. But, adding peach and fig together was inspiring, and to top it off with blueberry was what truly made this one an award-winning flavor.

Nicole: 5 Stars – Peach lovers will flip over this unique presentation of a peach flavor modified with the sweetness of fig and the tanginess of blueberry. Together they create a combination that can’t be ignored. If you like peach flavors this one cannot be missed.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor: 5 Stars – Throat Hit 3.5 Stars – Complexity 4.5 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesOl’ River (tobacco) – Spinfuel Choice Award –  “This mild tobacco is so delicious that even Ol’ River Johnson gave it his seal of approval.  Subtle hints of brown sugar with woodsy undertones.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 5 Stars – Ol’ River is such a delicious take on an authentic deep, dark, and sweet tobacco that it has become one of my main go-to tobacco flavors. I consider it as a sort of breakthrough tobacco flavor. Ol’ River just doesn’t offer up a tasty tobacco, it makes you want to vape it all day long. Believe you me, that is quite the accomplishment. The brown sugar and woody overtones is a very accurate description. I promise any tobacco flavor aficionado that you will want to add this to your rotation. Excellent!

Angel: 5 Stars – I’m giving Ol’ River 5 Stars not because I loved the flavor, I’m not a true tobacco aficionado, but because it is such a great tobacco blend. I’m not sure I could add this to my own rotation though, but the sweetness of this tobacco is so pleasant, and so flavorful without a bit of harshness that it is beyond reproach.

John: 5 Stars – Probably one of the finest tobacco vapes there are. Ol’ River isn’t trying to be this big complicated flavor; it is instead just a very deep, woodsy-tasting tobacco with a definite sweetness to it. I enjoyed it immensely and plan on adding it to my tobacco collection right away. Superb!

Stephanie: 5 Stars – I’m not a big tobacco Vaper, I’d much rather spend my time vaping sweet and fruity flavors, but I have to hand it to Rocket Fuel for coming up with such a nicely sweet tobacco juice that can be enjoyed by anyone. Tobacco lovers will make this one of their all-day vapes, and for people like me it is an excellent change of pace.

Nicole: 5 Stars – Delivering a sweet and authentic tobacco flavor with tons of vapor and a great throat hit, Ol’ River is one of the best tobacco eLiquids I’ve vaped in recent memory. This one almost makes me want to take up tobacco flavors as part of my weekly rotation. So much vapor, a strong throat hit, Ol’ River is nearly perfect.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor: 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4.75 Stars – Complexity 4 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesPeachy Keen – Spinfuel Choice Award – “This flavor will remind you of Grandma’s homemade peach cobbler. Delicious, ripe peaches mixed with buttery cinnamon crumble. It’s as good as the real thing.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 5 Stars –- We began making it a practice not to read the descriptions of the eLiquids we review until after we’ve been vaping them for at least half an hour or so. (Though that rule is often bent or broken) All I knew about Peachy Keen was the name. Naturally I thought this was a supposed to be a simple peach flavor. After a few minutes of some serious vaping I thought to myself that this was more of a peach cobbler than a simple peach. In fact, it was a great peach cobbler. After I read the official description I knew that Rocket Fuel knew exactly what they wanted and achieved it. If you like peach cobbler desert you will love Peachy Keen eLiquid. It is a great flavor.

Angel: 5 Stars– After working with these flavors I am more convinced than ever that Rocket Fuel Vapers is filled with talented flavorists with the same taste buds of this team. Every flavor has merit, skill, creativity, and uniqueness, and they seem tailor-made for us. Take this Peachy Keen; full of flavors, luscious peach cobbler bursting with mouth-watering peachy goodness. An excellent reproduction of the “cobbler” part makes it a superior blend. A simply delicious vape, and one I plan on adding to my rotation ASAP.

John: 5 Stars – I enjoyed Peachy Keen and I think it is an excellent flavor. But, I think our readers deserve to know that there is a strong “cobbler” flavor profile to it and they should not expect an ordinary peach flavor. Peachy Keen also packs a big throat hit, and the vapor production is excellent as well. This one gets 5 Stars for being exactly what they say it is, Peach Cobbler extraordinaire.

Stephanie: 5 Stars – The flavor profile in Peachy Keen is intense, and excellent. A real peach cobbler flavor adorns this vape through and through. I don’t know if it was just me but I liked the flavor and the vapor more with a carto-tank than I did with a clearomizer. The clearomizer muted the flavor somewhat while the cartomizer delivered a pure peach cobbler, not to mention a stronger throat hit. Loved it!

Nicole: 5 Stars – Peachy Keen was/is one of my favorite flavors from Rocket Fuel. Loved the real cobbler flavor of this juice, and it is delivers a ton of vapor and a really nice throat hit, especially with only 12MG of nicotine. Easily earns the Choice Award in my book!

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor: 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4.5 Stars – Complexity 4.5 Stars

Clementine – “Chocolate lovers will delight in this delectable, rich dark chocolate e-liquid layered with subtle hints of ripe Florida orange.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 4 Stars – There is no doubt that Rocket Fuel Vapes can make amazing eLiquids, but here they kind of miss their mark. However, let me say that in my humble opinion ‘orange’ flavors are very difficult to master. I think most brands don’t sweeten the orange flavoring enough so the end result is an almost-bitter tasting orange. Rocket Fuel is definitely on the right track with the addition of dark chocolate, but I have to think that using a sweeter milk chocolate instead of a dark chocolate might have made an overall sweeter eJuice. I’m giving it 4 stars because this orange vape is better than many I’ve tried. Perhaps they might think about a light and dark ‘Clementine’?

Angel: 5 Stars – A combination of orange and dark chocolate reminds me of those stick candies you buy at Walgreens and other drug and candy stores. The jellied candy sticks are all laid out in row covered in chocolate. The ones with dark chocolate are my favorite, and Clementine (an orange variety) comes very, very close to those candies. I really enjoyed vaping Clementine and Vapers that enjoy orange flavors will like it, especially Vapers that enjoy dark chocolate as well. For me this was a homerun.

John: 4 Stars – Dark chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolate, and when combined with raspberries it’s remarkable. That said Rocket Fuel did a good job with orange and dark chocolate. Clementine is a delicious eJuice for people that enjoy these types of flavors. I don’t think it could be an all-day vape for me, at least not like some of the others in this review. The orange flavor has a ‘kick’ to it, it needs to be sweeter. I would recommend Clementine to anyone looking for a good chocolate and orange combination.

Stephanie: 5 Stars – Not exactly a dessert vape, not exactly a candy vape either, Clementine is a great fruity chocolate combination, one that I haven’t tasted before in an eLiquid. Unfortunately orange flavoring has a slight aftertaste so the chocolate flavor fades and leaves behind a slightly bitter orange. I’m still giving it a 4 star rating because despite the weakness of orange concentrates Rocket Fuel did a terrific job creating an enjoyable eLiquid that delivers a nice orange/chocolate flavor.

Nicole: 5 Stars – Clementine is one of the best orange and chocolate combinations I’ve vaped in a long time. While I’m happy scoring it 5 stars my only suggestion for the future would be to try and make it just a little sweeter than it is. I think of Clementine as a candy-flavored vape, not a fruit vape, so if it were just a little sweeter it would have been perfect

Flavor: 4.5 Stars – Vapor: 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4.5 Stars – Complexity 4 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesCalamity Jane Spinfuel Choice Award – “One of our best tobacco e-liquids to date! This sweet, mild tobacco flavor is as colorful and complicated as Calamity Jane, herself. Made with top-grade, hand-extracted tobacco flavors.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 5 Stars –– I’m not sure I agree with Rocket Fuel Vapes when they say that Calamity Jane is their best tobacco vape. To me that designation goes to Ol’ River. But, it is still an award-winning delicious tobacco eJuice and one of my favorites. Calamity Jane is an NET (or HET for Hand Extracted Tobacco) eLiquid and you can tell it is by the natural tobacco flavor. Not really as sweet or full-bodied as Ol’ River but every bit as enjoyable. Definitely adding this one to my tobacco collection, along with Ol ‘River.

Angel: 5 Stars – Calamity Jane is a superb tobacco eLiquid with an intense and sweet tobacco flavor. Lots of vapor, a great throat hit, and plenty of real tobacco flavors make this one the closest yet to smoking top quality tobacco leaves. This one has to be tried by tobacco Vapers; it will make a believer out of them. Tobacco-flavored eLiquids are finally getting it exactly right.

John: 5 Stars – I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed all of the tobacco flavors by Rocket Fuel, especially Calamity Jane. Unlike Ol’ River and Harley, Calamity Jane makes me want to take the biggest drags I can manage and just let it slowly escape, floating over my taste buds as it leaves my mouth.  Calamity Jane is a solid all-day vape and one that will please every Tobacco Vaper out there. A must try eJuice.

Stephanie: 5 Stars – I don’t award many tobacco flavors a flat-out 5 Stars because I’m not a big tobacco Vaper. But, there is no getting around the fact that Calamity Jane is one of the finest I’ve ever had. So much tobacco flavor and thick vapor, and a terrific throat hit, Calamity Jane deserves a Choice Award. A winning combination.

Nicole: 5 Stars – I don’t know when tobacco flavored eLiquids started to get really good but there is no doubt they are getting to be wonderful examples of what the future holds for vaping. Calamity Jane is a marvelous, sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavorful tobacco vape that delivers on point. I just may add this one to my own personal collection.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor: 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4.5 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesHarley’s Blend – Spinfuel Choice Award – “Harley’s Blend pipe tobacco e-liquid features subtle hints of wild black walnut and comb honey for a well-rounded pipe tobacco flavor.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 5 Stars – Another incredible tobacco flavored eLiquid only this time Rocket Fuel delivers one for pipe tobacco Vapers. Vaping Harley’s Blend immediately after vaping Ol’ River reminded me of something someone said to me recently, which was that basically all tobacco flavored vapes taste the same, except when it comes to how sweet it is. He told me that most vendors would change up their tobacco flavors using more or less just sweeteners to the recipe. I always knew he was wrong, but Harley’s Blend proves him wrong without a doubt.

Harley’s Blend is very much a pipe tobacco vape, and a great one at that. Right down to the hints of walnut and honey, it is incredibly delicious. Not only does it have the deeply intense, yet utterly smooth tobacco flavor of the best pipe tobaccos, it also produces a heck of a lot of vapor, reminiscent of the smoke from a good pipe. Harley’s Blend is a part my collection now. This is a must-vape eLiquid for tobacco Vapers.

Angel: 5 Stars – If it were up to me I would give Harley’s Blend a perfect score and a Spinfuel Choice Award (surprise! –ed). Even Vapers that do not normally vape tobacco flavors should try this one because it is so flavorful, yet so smooth that for times when you’re just not sure what you want to vape Harley’s Blend will solve the problem instantly. An all-around excellent eJuice!

John: 5 Stars – Harley’s Blend is so close to the real thing I bet many pipe smokers could be fooled by it. It is full of sweet tobacco tones and produces a wonderful amount of vapor that it could easily be anyone’s all-day vape. On the sweet side, Harley’s Blend is a perfect vape for just about every tobacco loving Vaper. Perfect for evenings, but a good all-day vape as well. A must vape flavor if there ever was one.

Stephanie: 5 Stars – As much as I enjoyed vaping Harley’s Blend it’s making me rethink my whole stance on tobacco flavors. In fact, Rocket Fuel Vapes makes a few tobacco flavors that I could see myself vaping on almost any occasion. Not quite as good as Calamity Jane or Ol’ River, but still a richly rewarding eJuice. I would like to see Tom try Harley’s Blend in an old-fashioned looking e-Pipe.

Nicole: 4.5 Stars – Pipe tobacco eLiquids are very popular among tobacco Vapers, and that’s great. Pipe Tobacco is a whole lot better than eLiquids that try to be cigarette flavors. Harley’s Blend has that pipe tobacco profile and a lot of people will love it. However, I would rather vape Ol’ River or Calamity Jane than Harley’s Blend. There is a real difference between a quality tobacco eJuice and a quality pipe tobacco eJuice and it’s in the intensity of the flavor profile. A pipe tobacco, to me, is a little too rich in flavor. This is a dream come true for many tobacco Vapers looking for a genuine pipe tobacco experience.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor: 5 Stars – Throat Hit 4.75 Stars – Complexity 4.5 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesRazz My Berries – “There’s nothing better on a hot day than kicking back with a nice, cold glass of raspberry lemonade in a big mason jar.  This flavor will take you back to warm, summer nights, filled with the sounds of bullfrogs and cicadas. No bug spray necessary. “ – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 4 Stars – Rocket Fuel Vapes really shows their strengths when they create tobacco flavors or complex flavors like Clementine and Love Potion #9. Razz my Berries, a raspberry-infused flavor, is a simpler, less complicated eLiquid flavor. As a raspberry flavor it is superb, and if I were looking for a raspberry vape it could very well be this one I would go to. Still, it wasn’t very surprising and there wasn’t much risk to creating it, but it was still a solid 4 Star flavor. Some eLiquid flavors are created to fill gaps in the brand’s lineup, and that is understandable, and it did pass my mind that maybe Rocket Fuel Vapes thought they needed a raspberry flavor. If they did, they made a good one.

Angel: 5 Stars – Is there anything Rocket Fuel Vapes can’t do? This raspberry eJuice is just sweet enough without going overboard. The light lemonade touch was magical. I wound up vaping it a lot longer than I thought I would because along with a nice raspberry touch it produced an enormous amount of vapor and a nice throat hit. It was one of the most “fun” flavors of the bunch.

John: 4.5 Stars – Razz My Berries is supposed to be a light, fun, eJuice for raspberry lovers and it accomplishes that goal so magnificently. There is a nice balance between sweetness and raspberry tartness in this blend too. An easy to take all-day vape, Razz My Berries delivers in the vapor department as well. I enjoyed my time with it, despite not being a huge raspberry fan.

number-1-magazineStephanie: 5 Stars – Rocket Fuel Vapes is a real surprise and a great find. Not only can they produce true, utterly serious tobacco flavors they can also do a bit of whimsy with flavors like this. Razz My Berries is very much raspberry with a hint of tart lemonade, making it, as Rocket Fuel indicates, a great summertime vape. Refreshing, delightful, and an eJuice for raspberry lovers everywhere, Razz My Berries is a very cool blend.

Nicole: 5 Stars – What I thought was that this was going to be a simple, enjoyable raspberry vape but it turned out to be something more. Razz My Berries has plenty of raspberry flavors but it’s that lemonade tartness that puts it above the average fruity vape. To be honest I enjoy peach flavors more than I do raspberry flavors, but somehow this recipe delivers something kinda special, and you really don’t expect ‘special’ with something as simple as raspberry flavor. I could really use an all-day raspberry flavor for times when I just can’t look at anything peachy, and this could but it. Razz My Berries is an eJuice you need to try if you like raspberry.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor: 4.5 Stars – Throat Hit 4.5 Stars – Complexity 4 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesBlueberry Hill Tobacco – Spinfuel Choice Award – “The flavor profile for this juice includes a woodsy hand-extracted tobacco base mixed with notes of ripe Northeastern blueberries for a blueberry tobacco e-liquid that will keep your taste buds satisfied.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 5 Stars – Either the head flavorists at Rocket Fuel Vapes share the exact same ‘tastes’ in eLiquids that I do, or their eLiquids are just too damned good, especially their tobacco flavors.

Blueberry Hill Tobacco is a magnificent blend of just the right amount of sweet blueberries and a mild and smooth tobacco that together is so satisfying as to be unforgettable. Sound like hyperbole? It’s not. Blueberry Hill Tobacco is the tobacco eJuice for people that can’t, or won’t vape all day with a tobacco flavor. This is the tobacco flavor that will have Vapers talking for months.

Angel: 5 Stars – I had taken my share of Blueberry Hill Tobacco and filled a carto-tank straight away. I let it rest for an hour, and started vaping. To my surprise it was incredible. Blueberry Hill Tobacco is the perfect “starter” tobacco eLiquid because while there is a tobacco flavor to it, the blueberry flavor is equally shared. It is so smooth, so easy to vape, that not only would it make a great all-day tobacco vape for veteran Vapers, it would be a terrific way to introduce new Vapers to tobacco flavors.  Best of all, it is completely satisfying. It goes without saying that it is now on my rotation, and will remain there far longer than many others.

John: 5 Stars – Blueberry Hill Tobacco is the perfect combination of sweet and delectable blueberries and a smooth-as-silk tobacco flavor. It must have taken Rocket Fuel Vapes months to get it so right. I’ve tried several blueberry tobacco flavors over the past several months and rarely are they as flavorful and satisfying as this one. This is my favorite eLiquid out of all the flavors reviewed today.

Stephanie: 5 Stars – If you were to tell me that I would vape a tobacco flavor all day and enjoy every minute of it I would tell you that you were crazy. Yet, Blueberry Hill Tobacco is just that; an all-day tobacco vape that I adore. I’m pretty sure its because of the blueberry flavor is both sweet and deeply rich, with an authentic blueberry flavor. I don’t have a clue as to what tobacco flavor they are using in this, if its one from the other tobacco’s reviewed or a different one, but whatever it is when it is combined with this magnificent blueberry flavor the end result is a pure heavenly vape.

Nicole: 5 Stars – Blueberry Hill Tobacco is crazy delicious. Not only is it the best blueberry flavor I’ve had in a very long time, it’s a vapor powerhouse as well, with a throat hit that is almost divine in nature.

Blueberry Hill Tobacco blends the most delicious blueberry flavor with a very smooth and very tasty tobacco flavor in perfect proportions. Nothing about it is harsh, or weak, or off-putting in any way. In fact, it is such a pleasing combination of flavors that you might say it’s impossible to put down.

Rocket Fuel has created a few distinct and original tobacco flavors; all of them excellent, but Blueberry Hill Tobacco is the one I could see millions of Vapers wanting to vape. This one is a must-try flavor.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor: 5 Stars – Throat Hit 5 Stars – Complexity 4 Stars

Poseidon – “Sophisticated gum lovers unite!

Try Poseidon and experience a sweet, juicy blend of fruit and warm cinnamon. It’s like two classic sticks of gum in one: sweet and fruity and spicy cinnamon blended to perfection in a great cinnamon e-liquid flavor you’ll just have to taste to believe.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 3 Stars – This is the one flavor I didn’t enjoy much. At first there is a definite Fruit Stripe Gum flavor but on the exhale it’s more of a clove flavor than cinnamon. I can see some people loving Poseidon; particularly people that like clove eLiquids, but for me it just didn’t work.

Angel: 3 Stars – Tom and I agree about the clove flavor in Poseidon. I can’t taste cinnamon at all. But, I really enjoyed the Fruit Stripe Gum flavor quite a bit. Honestly though, the name Poseidon is such a cool name for an eLiquid, but it doesn’t fit this flavor profile. It won’t become an addition to my collection of eLiquids anytime soon.

John: 4.5 Stars – The official description of Poseidon sounds like a real winning combination but the execution just didn’t work out for me.  I can understand the clove remarks from the team, but I like clove flavors a lot more than I used to so it doesn’t seem like a negative.

Poseidon is a complex profile and its not something you can judge on the spot (which is why we spend 72 hours on every review), so if at first you don’t like, let it age a week and try it again. Try it at different times of the day as well. The best time was in the morning for me, the worst was right after brushing my teeth. It’s a different flavor, very unique, and some people are going to love it and some people won’t, but isn’t that most eLiquids these days?

Stephanie: 4 Stars – It’s funny that we call taste the exact same “Fruit Stripe Gum” in Poseidon, but not the cloves… and as expected some people like it more than others do. The complexity comes in with the “warm cinnamon” part of the description. It does get warm, which is weird, and some people taste cloves and some taste “hints” of cinnamon. Whatever it is for them or for you, keep in mind that it is a very complex flavor and that’s part of the fun.

Nicole: 5 Stars – Sometimes the more complex the flavor is the worse it tastes, and at other times that complexity gives it such a unique flavor that it becomes a favorite, and quickly. For me the Fruit Stripe Gum is nice, a muted sweetness that is nothing like you’ve tasted before. But the ending, that cinnamon/clove argument, makes Poseidon one of the best eLiquids I’ve had in a while. There is just something about it that kept me coming back for more. Plenty of vapor, but a very light throat hit, Poseidon is an eLiquid to be enjoyed for the rush of flavors turning on various lights in your brain, not the throat hit of a tobacco blend. Although I loved Poseidon I would urge you to try a 5ML sampler first to find out which “camp” you’re in, the clove camp or the cinnamon camp, and whether or not you enjoy that weird Fruit Stripe Gum flavor.

Flavor: 3.75 Stars – Vapor: 5 Stars – Throat Hit 3 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesCuppa Jolt – “Nothing gets you going quite like a morning coffee e-Liquid. Our coffee e-liquid features real coffee-infused flavors with generous helping of caramel and cream with just a hint of sweetness. Sweet, strong caramel flavor on inhale, light and creamy coffee exhale.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 4 Stars – The description for Cuppa Jolt is spot on, though the name itself had me thinking it might be a caffeine rich coke flavor instead. If the description sounds appealing to you then you can order it with confidence because you’re going to like it…a lot.

This is definitely a coffee eLiquid, and a great vape with your morning coffee if that’s what you’re looking for. The dominant flavor going in is the crème flavor, a rich cream with a little caramel on the side. After the cream flavor a strong coffee flavor makes itself known, and that mixes nicely with the cream on the exhale. If coffee vapes are what you’re looking for this one will make you a happy camper, except in the throat hit department. Cuppa Jolt has little, if any, throat hit.

Angel: 4 Stars – An excellent coffee vape, with plenty of cream and sugar. I don’t think it’s as complex as Rocket Fuel wants you to believe, but it is a delicious coffee vape nonetheless, as long as you’re not looking for strong black coffee. Cuppa Jolt is loaded with cream and sugar flavors, which is how I drink my morning coffee so for me this was a good vape to start and end the day.

John: 3.5 Stars – I can’t remember how many coffee flavored eLiquids I’ve tried over the past 18 months, and Cuppa Jolt is, sorry to say, just an average coffee eLiquid. I like the fact that Rocket Fuel went with a cream/sweet coffee flavor instead of the stark, black coffee vapes of some others I’ve tried though. Good vapor, though not great, and a very light throat hit, which surprised me.

Stephanie: 3.5 Stars – I would have loved to give Cuppa Jolt a higher score than 3.5 stars because the flavor is pretty good, for a while. As a “coffee with cream and sugar” vape it’s smooth, rich, and sweet. However, vapor production and throat hit scored the lowest of all the eLiquids in this review. The 12MG nicotine level might explain some of the throat hit, but other flavors in this review with the same nicotine level deliver a great throat hit, so why should this one be any different? As far as the vapor production goes, it’s not bad but it’s not as good as the others.

Nicole: 3.5 Stars – Cuppa Jolt is a good coffee eLiquid for Vapers looking for a coffee blend that has plenty of cream and sugar in order to cut the harshness that comes with most black coffee eLiquids. The only problem with it for me was the slight bitterness that I get with some coffee flavors. I don’t have a lot more to add because the coffee bitterness prevented me from spending more than a couple of hours with it, off and on.

Flavor: 3.75 Stars – Vapor: 3.5 Stars – Throat Hit 2 Stars – Complexity 3 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesLimerick Spinfuel Choice Award – “The flavor contains lime

That’s so good it’s a crime.
But the hints are so teeny
But still quite creamy
You’ll wish you could have it all the time.
 And that’s our limerick about key lime!“ – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 5 Stars – Use your imagination for a moment. Think about how incredibly delicious an orange creamsicle is. The kind of ice cream you bought as a kid when the Good Humor man drove through the neighborhood, or the orange creamsicle you can buy at the grocery store even today. Remember that peculiar cream flavor, so unique that you cannot taste it in anything other than that orange creamsicle. Got it?

Okay. Now, switch that orange flavor out and put lime in its place. It might take a minute, but once you have it in you mind you have the flavor profile of Limerick, a fantastic eLiquid from Rocket Fuel Vapers that I will love forever.

I know, I’m excited about this one in particular because it is so utterly unique yet utterly amazing. A lime creamsicle, perfectly executed. What a find! This one is on my daily rotation, and it will be yours as well as soon as you get some.

Angel: 5 Stars – A few months ago we began talking about how few lime flavors were passing through the office, and now it seems like every brand we review has at least one lime flavor. That is a good thing.

Lime makes for a great eLiquid flavor and its been used in some very creative ways. Now, with Rocket Fuel Vapes we have Limerick, a lime-infused eLiquid that takes the prize. I mean it. You’ve never tasted anything quite like Limerick. I think Tom’s description mostly fits, except there is also the briefest moment of coolness in this flavor. To put is as simply as I can, if you like lime eLiquids you will fall in love with Limerick.

John: 5 Stars – I do enjoy lime eLiquids, some more than others, but I’ve never been able to enjoy a lime eLiquid as an all-day vape. There is something about a citrus flavor that doesn’t sit well with me after a couple of hours. That is until Limerick. This incredible creamy Lime is my first all-day lime flavor. The ‘creamy’ factor added to the lime cuts down on the citrus tartness, making it more palatable for me. A delicious and creamy lime, Limerick is not to be missed.

Stephanie: 5 Stars – Rocket Fuel Vapes did something really amazing with Limerick. I’ve tasted a few Key Lime Pie eLiquids that came close to this and were pretty awesome too, but Limerick seems to really nail it. This is Key Lime Pie that you get down here in Florida, at the finer marinas and resorts, or down in the Keys at dumpy (tourist) places that sell great Key Lime Pies. I can see where Tom and Angel are coming from, but I don’t think they are very familiar with Key Lime Pie. Like lime? You will love Limerick.

Nicole: 5 Stars – There are several ways to present lime in an eLiquid. You can shoot straight for the citrus tartness of limes or bury it in sweeteners, or blend it with other flavors. Rocket Fuel Vapes chose to create a creamy lime concoction and they hit a homerun. This is a very creamy, smooth and silky lime vape that is so satisfying you’ll want to vape it all day long.

It is difficult to choose the best eLiquid from what we’ve reviewed today, but Limerick has to be in the top 3, if not the top spot. Try Limerick, you won’t want to miss it.

Flavor: 5 Stars – Vapor: 5 Stars – Throat Hit 3 Stars – Complexity 5 Stars

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews Rocket Fuel VapesRocket Blend – “This is our signature blend. It’s a nice, mellow vape with a creamy nutty flavor and a little hint of spice.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Tom: 4.5 Stars – Rocket Blend is a sweet vape that is certainly creamy and nutty, but there is also something else at work here. A flavor I can’t quite identify, but familiar at the same time. Maybe a hint of lime or something, I’m not quite sure. I do know I enjoyed it a lot, and was sorry to see it all go. It is a most definitely an all-day vape but not one with much personality. That’s not exactly a negative; it is what it is. A pleasant, sweet, creamy all-day vape.

Angel Marie: 4.5 Stars – Rocket Blend is an eLiquid that blends in so well you can easily forget which flavor you’re vaping. It’s sweet, produces a lot of vapor, and it has a decent throat hit, but at the same time it’s a background flavor. I liked it, but I found myself vaping it a lot faster than any of the others. Maybe I vaped it so fast because there was little work for the brain to do, you know what I mean? An eLiquid that is simple and complex; simple because you aren’t trying to figure out what it is, yet complex because it IS something you can’t figure out.

John: 5 Stars – Rocket Blend is what I refer to as a “perfect all-day vape” because it tastes good, but in a way that you don’t tire of. It’s not distinct enough to wear thin its welcome, and creamy-sweet enough to make you want to continue vaping it. What I remember most about Rocket Blend is filling a 3ML Texas Tuff Tank and vaping it dry before I knew what was happening. Delicious flavor, sweet and creamy, with just a bear hint of nuttiness, Rocket Blend is a very nice vape.

Stephanie: 4.5 Stars – I almost went with the whole 5 Stars because I don’t think this is a simple eLiquid at all. After spending a couple of hours with Rocket Blend I taste all kinds of flavors; cream, nuts, lime, etc., the only thing I can’t detect in it is vanilla. I’ll tell you what though, you really do want to pull on it hard, fill your lungs as much as possible and then let it slow and let your taste buds try to figure out what’s going on. I think there is a lot going on with Rocket Blend, and it tastes great too.

Nicole: 4 Stars – Rocket Blend would make an ideal eLiquid for someone just starting out vaping. It has a really nice flavor, all creamy and sweet, with plenty of vapor and a nice throat hit. You can taste all kinds of things in it, and maybe your imagination can create a few that aren’t really there. But it is so agreeable that someone just making the switch from tobacco to vaping Rocket Blend is the opposite of tobacco, and can show the Vaper that the satisfaction for nicotine is there, but in a sweet and creamy flavor that makes tobacco even more ugly. I’m going to keep a bottle of this one around for occasions when I want pure enjoyment of a good vape and nothing more. Excellent.

Afterthoughts and Other Things

Rocket Fuel Vapes made a helluva impression on this Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team. Considering the number of months they’ve been in business there is no doubt that they will become a force to be reckoned with in no time, if they can keep up with their orders and maintain a consistent flavor profile, which isn’t so easy to do when the moment comes that the orders come rushing in unexpectedly. Rocket Fuel Vapes is off to a very good start with some great tasting flavors. Let’s hope they stick around a while.

Best eLiquid: TIE – Limerick & Ol’ River

Least Like eLiquid: Cuppa Jolt 

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Spinfuel Choice Awards

  • Limerick
  • Ol’ River
  • Calamity Jane
  • Blueberry Hill Tobacco
  • Harley’s Blend
  • Peachy Keen
  • Love Potion No 9

Buying Advice

Anything we awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award is a safe bet, but only if you already enjoy the flavors in the eLiquid. If you don’t like lime eJuice don’t bother ordering Limerick in a 30ML bottle. If you like tobacco flavors then any of the above tobacco blends will suit you just fine. If you were looking for unusual flavors Poseidon would be ideal.

Rocket Fuel Vapes offers only two sizes right now, 10ML and 30ML plastic bottles. I imagine most people will want to play it safe and buy 10ML bottles to start with, and most of the time that’s the smart play. It only becomes a problem when you vape it and find out its going to be one of your new favorites, you will go through that 10ML bottle quickly.  You could also order 1 or 2 5x-packs, but on a per-ML basis that is an expensive option, but not exactly a waste of money though. The bottom line, if you’re going to take our comments about these flavors to heart, would be to buy 1 or 2 30ML bottles of the top-rated flavors, 1 or 2 of the flavors that appeal to you more than they did to us, and maybe a 5x pack of some of the others just to get a proper sense of Rocket Fuel Vapes flavor profile.

The eLiquids we plan to restock immediately are the tobacco flavors, Limerick, Peachy Keen, and Love Potion No 9, and Calamity Jane. In addition, we plan on keeping Ol’River and Blueberry Hill Tobacco on hand.

If you have any experience with Rocket Fuel Vapes please share them with us in the comments below. If you order any of these flavors we hope you will come back and add your own comments to our review so that others that come later can see how well you liked them, as well as how much we did. In time every eLiquid review in Spinfuel becomes more and more relevant when readers add their own impressions. – Tom McBride

This has been a Team A eLiquid Review – Tom McBride, Angel Marie, John Manzione, Stephanie Sanders, and Nicole Henderson – Copyright 2013 Spinfuel eMagazine – August 14th, 2013