Four Exciting New eLiquids From The Plume Room

Introduction by John Manzione, Publisher

It has certainly been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to vape some new e-liquids from master mixologist Andrea Ramaglia, owner and mastermind behind The Plume Room.  When not one, but four new ‘flavors’ arrived unexpectedly a couple of weeks back we were beyond thrilled.

What was The Plume Room doing all this time? As it turns out, they were creating some wonderful new eliquids for the vape community.

The TPL eLiquids

Pina Colada – Yes, The Plume Room went and did their first Pina Colada and let me tell you it is really something. Just wait till the team tells you their impressions.

Citrus Crèma – This is where The Plume Room really shines. This all-day-vape will definitely become on of your favorites if you’re the type of vaper that enjoys a genuine all-day-vape flavor.

Dutch Coco Tobacco – Deep, rich Dutch chocolate that is so rich, so wonderful that you’ll think you’ve died and gone to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

Pistachio Pudding – Another magnificent all-day-vape with a delicate touch of real pistachios wrapped in a creamy pudding shell. Unbelievable.

If, like so many of us, you have been thinking that it’s been far too long since The Plume Room TPR released unto the vape community new and delicious eliquids you’re right, it has been too long. But, after spending time with these ‘sure to be huge sellers’ I can attest that the wait has been worth it.

I am vaping the last of the Citrus Crèma, and while I wait for more to arrive, as it surely must, I am so happy that Spinfuel eMagazine has been chosen to be the first vaping publication to comment, and introduce, these liquid works of art. – John Manzione, November 6th, 2014

The Plume Room Review by The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team

Wow, some introduction, huh? John does have a soft spot when it comes to his top ten eliquid labels, and it’s not secret that The Plume Room has always held a special place in his heart.

But, I have to tell you, John is not exaggerating about these four new flavors, they are all wonderful. How they can they not be though? These four have been painstakingly created as a sort of “Hey, The Plume Room is back!” message to the community and as you will soon see, if you order one or all four, Andrea Ramaglia is still a force to be reckoned with.

Off Protocol

Our standard protocol for a Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review is to spend 72 hours vaping nothing but the eliquid label we are reviewing, and we tried hard to make it to that 72 hour mark. We fell short of the mark and by the end of hour 36 we had drained the last drop from the bottles we received.

I suppose we could blame the fact that there was only four flavors, and that does happen on occasion. But the truth this time is twofold; one was John’s insistence on being part of the review (as his introduction above represents). And that as a team our vaping of the e-liquids was kicked into overdrive.

We just ripped through them with abandon and that is a rare thing for us to do. It does happen, especially with labels that are among our favorites, but we were still able to vape these four flavors at various times of the day.

Spinfuel Choice Award

Spinfuel Choice AwardAs we have explained before, the Spinfuel Choice Award is earned by an eLiquid, not the brand. Any eliquid that scores our highest accolades from all members of the team is awarded the Choice Award. On occasions like this we like to remind our readers that the team does not share their “score” with each other.

Only the head writer, once the notes are handed in and all the discussions are over, tabulates the scores and the Choice Awards are then designated to the eliquid(s) that earned them. Our team learns of the Choice Awards only when the review is finished, edited, and ready for publication.

As I move this review into the individual flavors and team comments, I want to tell you ahead of time that three out of four rightfully earned the Spinfuel Choice Award, and the fourth just barely missed it. To deny these eliquids their due just because it would look “funny” would be to taint the process, and I would rather risk the ire of some of the cynical minded then to deny the truth of our review process.

Alright then, lets talk ejuice!

The Basics

The Plume Room offers their eLiquids in 5ML (sampler), 10ML, 30ML, and 60ML sizes. A 5ML sampler bottle is $3.99, 10ML is $6.99, 30ML $16.99 (PET Plastic) and $18.25 (Cobalt Glass), and their 60ML is $33.00 and sold in Amber Glass only. With the 60ML being the best value we order that size when we buy eliquid for ourselves. The Plume Room is certainly a super-premium label, and when you can buy their juice for 55 cents per ML it makes sense to do so.

What Size Should I order?

Unless you’ve never vaped an eliquid from TPR, or you cannot decide on a particular flavor from a review or from TPR’s description you should avoid the 5ML sampler bottle.

For one thing it’s 80 cents per ML, and for another the chances that you’re going to love it is very high, and honestly, how fast will you go through 5ML of eliquid? A day? Maybe? Then what?

No, no, when it comes to labels like The Plume Room the smallest acceptable size to us is 30ML. Sadly, not every label we cherish and happily spend our money with offers a 60ML bottle, but The Plume Room does and chances are that after vaping a 30ML bottle the next time you order it will be the biggest, and most economical size…60ML. Now, where’s the 120ML?


The Plume Room offers nicotine strengths of 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg, and of course a zero-nic option. Our review bottles were 12mg. When we order from TPR we order 18mg, which provides a super throat hit, but after spending 36 hours with 12mg we just may have to rethink our nicotine strength for all future reviews.

PG/VG Options

The Plume Room “House Blend” is a 50:50 blend, but you do have the option to go with a high VG of 70:30. The clouds of vapor produced by the House Blend of 50:50, which is what our review bottles were provided more than ample vapor clouds for us, but if you have a mind to drip then a 6mg 70:30 certainly seems appropriate.

Special Hardware

For this review we approached the hardware from that of a mainstream vaper. That means the batteries ranged from a Joyetech eGrip and eLeaf iStick, to the iTaste SVD2 from Innokin and simple Spinner batteries and even a Joyetech eCom-Mega, along with various glassomizers for devices that did not have built in eliquid delivery devices. Surprisingly, performance, meaning flavor and vapor, were virtually identical no matter what hardware was used. A good sign to be sure.


Citrus Crema The Plume RoomCitrus Crema – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner –

This sweet & creamy eliquid has notes of citrus beautifully layered with notes of cream. A sweet treat reminiscent of those push up pops that we all knew and loved as kids.” –

Julia – 5 Stars

Oh my God, this eliquid is the perfect all-day-vape. There is a definite sweet-ish citrus combination of various fruits folded into a creamy base of heaven. Full flavored, but just enough to warrant the all-day-vape moniker.

The beautiful combination of flavors float slowly past your taste buds with the inhale and as you exhale. The vapor production is outstanding for a 50:50 blend, and the throat hit is just what you want for an all day affair.

I found myself taking huge drags and then slowly inhaling the vapor after letting it sit ever-so-briefly on my tongue. Sensual, flavorful, and it never quits. A must have addition to any Vaper’s rotation.Spinfuel Choice Award

Tom – 5 Stars

It’s rare that the team will vape eliquids in the same order, so after hearing some comments from Keira about Citrus Crema I knew people, for the most part, would enjoy this one, but I wasn’t really sure that I would.

I’m not crazy about citrus flavors, and some all-day-vapes are too light for me, but this masterwork from Andrea is that atypical gem that fires off every pleasure neuron in my brain making it impossible not to love it. Citrus Crema is a fantastic blend of sweet citrus flavors in a soft creamy envelope. Citrus Crema produces an all-day-vape experience that has since become a permanent member of my vape rotation.

Keira – 5 Stars

How do you describe the indescribable? To say that Citrus Crema is a blend of citrus flavors, orange, lemon, lime, with a creamy ‘soul’ just doesn’t do it justice.

Citrus Crèma is bigger than its individual flavors. Irreducible complexity, that’s what it is. Remove a single part of this exquisite recipe and the change would be profound. A vape experience that cannot be missed, Citrus Crema is a must have eliquid.

Jason – 5 Stars

When the team met up on FaceTime to discuss the eliquids in this review Keira mentioned that Citrus Crema reminded her of the term ‘irreducible complexity’. That’s a scientific way of describing a system that could not survive if even one part of the whole was missing.

I think that fits this incredible blend of slightly sweet citrus magic presented in a sweet creamy delivery vessel. The combination of citrus fruits and cream and massively thick vapor is the perfect storm for an all-day-vape. A masterful production in the art of eliquid creation.

Dutch Coco TobaccoDutch Choco Tobacco –

Another original from The Plume Room!  This decadent NET tobacco blend is a true luxury blend of Virginia notes and deep, Dutch cocoa. An excellent, rich, full flavored vape with a delicious room-note.

Julia – 4.75 Stars

NET Tobacco means ‘Naturally Extracted Tobacco”, and it is a key ingredient to the success of this very deep coco blend. However, this is an eliquid that will need just a few minutes of understanding as you begin to vape it.

While the NET component is key, the overwhelming flavor coming at you is the deep, yet smooth (an achievement in its own right), chocolate. The first couple of drags have your brain and taste receptors sorting through the rich chocolate looking for any signs of tobacco.

If you have decent taste buds you’ll work through it and the tobacco will reveal itself in the exhale, and it will be glorious. But, if you have a tendency to allow strong flavors to bury evidence of ‘less strong’ flavors you might never discover the tobacco element.

But so what? Even if you wind up losing the tobacco flavor in this decadent coco blend you won’t be disappointed… if you like the rich flavor of Dutch chocolate. The only reason I’m giving this one 4.75 Stars instead of 5 is that the coco is so overwhelming that TPR might have been better off calling this a decadent Dutch coco and be done with it.

I’ve added this one to my rotation for the chocolate flavor, which is so smooth yet so full flavored that its like taking a huge piece of Dutch Chocolate and letting it melt in your mouth.

Tom – 4 Stars

You can’t promise me an NET tobacco and then hide it among the richest chocolate flavor I think I’ve ever tasted in vapor form, you just can’t. Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the finest chocolate eliquids I’ve had in a very long time, and it is so satisfying on that chocolate level that I have no doubt I’ll buy more.

But as far as tobacco goes, I cannot taste it, at all. And maybe that’s for the better, as chocolate vapes go, this is damn good stuff.

Keira – 4.75 Stars

Of all people who should have been able to discern the tobacco in this indelible Dutch Coco and NET Tobacco it would have been Tom. Why I can clearly taste a smooth, distinct tobacco flavor and he can’t is bewildering to me. As Julia says, the first flavor to make itself known is a powerful, rich, decadent chocolate that any woman would kill for (well, you know what I mean), and on the exhale comes this smooth genuine tobacco component.

If you don’t like your chocolate deep rich and plentiful then don’t even try this one, but if you do then it’s a must try ejuice. Personally, I love it and have added it to my rotation for my moments of chocolate addiction.

Jason – 4 Stars –

This Dutch Coco Tobacco is way too chocolaty for me. Very overpowering, but definitely smooth, the ‘Dutch coco’ is everywhere in this eliquid. How anyone can get through it to the tobacco underneath is something I can’t understand.

For chocolate lovers only, this rich eliquid puts out a massive amount of vapor that also gives off a powerful chocolate aroma. I will admit that as a chocolate eliquid goes I don’t think any other label as every gotten it this deep before. If I liked chocolate more, like really liked chocolate, than I think I’d be all over this one. A Chocolate Lovers Dream Come True

Pistachio PuddingPistachio Pudding –

Another original from The Plume Room!  This Limited Edition juice is a dead ringer for Pistachio Pudding. (Come on, admit it! You know you love it!) Light, creamy and teeming with yumminess. This may be your next All-Day -Vape!”

Julia – 5 Stars

I’ve never had pistachio pudding before so I had very little reference to go on with this marvelous all-day-vape. Does it taste like pistachios that you can buy from the store? No, it doesn’t. Well, wait, that’s not entirely accurate. There is the ‘essence’ of the pistachio flavor of this eliquid, but it is very delicate.

It doesn’t taste much like any pudding I’ve had either (for some reason when I think of pudding I think of vanilla pudding.) So, what was I to do? Was enjoying it as something totally new enough for me? Could I tell you that this is a delicious and satisfying ejuice without knowing if the description fit?

I guess I could, but I wanted to know more. So, off to Hannaford supermarket I went in search of pistachio pudding. Hoping to find some in the large deli section I came up empty and had to settle for buying a box of pistachio pudding, which required me to go home and make it. I did that, and discovered a new and delicious dessert item for Keira and I.Spinfuel Choice Award

Anyway, this delicious all-day-vape is a one-of-a-kind vape that actually does taste almost exactly like the pistachio pudding I made. Lots and lots of thick vapor, combined with a flavor that won’t lead to vapers tongue even after several hours of pacify vaping, this is a wonderful and bold eliquid that has to be tried.

Expect the unexpected though, and prepare to vape it longer than you might think.

Tom – 5 Stars

The pistachio is a member of the cashew family, other than that, the flavor is completely unique and should therefore be easy to recognize. And it is, if you know the flavor of pistachio pudding. I don’t know what kind of alchemy was involved to produce such a unique and accurate flavor profile of a very difficult and tantalizing flavor, but the masters’ power is beyond us mere mortals. Pistachio Pudding is an all day vape that will please the pistachio lover in all of us. Added to my all-day-vape collection.

Keira – 5 Stars

I recently discovered a vanilla custard eliquid that we will soon go before the team in a new review, and I’ve been vaping it on my own time for a week or so (Had to order an extra bottle for the review!). For some reason, when I filled a glassomizer with Pistachio Pudding I half-expected to get hit with the same level of heavy flavor that this soon-to-be-a-Choice-Award vanilla custard provided.

Thankfully, that didn’t happed and instead I was greeted by a much more ‘soft’ flavor. Not a lighter flavor, or a lesser flavor, but a more delicate flavor. Pistachio Pudding doesn’t slam you with a strong pistachio flavor, what it does is deliver an instantly recognizable pistachio flavor formulated as an all-day-vape.

Full flavor doled out in an even-keeled fashion so that it conveys the same intensity, or lack thereof, all day long. (With tons of thick vapor) You won’t tire of the flavor, nor will it change your taste buds while you vape it.

Jason – 5 Stars

I vape much stronger flavors most of the time, and there are only a few eliquids in my rotation that are boni-fide all-day-vapes because of it. But somehow, after a few hours with this subtle pistachio pudding vape I became a big fan of it.

The day after the review period was over I discovered that I had an extra X.Jet Spider filled with it (1.6ML) and with all the choices I have to choose from I chose the Pistachio Pudding in the Spider and vaped it until clearomizer was empty.

If you like Pistachio pudding you’ll love this eliquid, just don’t expect it to taste as ‘big’ as a handful of real pistachios. This one is for the vaper than enjoys nuanced flavors.

Pina ColadaPina Colada

It’s been done before, but never by TPR! (Our testers swear it’s the best Pina Colada juice they’ve EVER had!) Notes of coconut, pineapple and a light cream team up to make this a luscious vape”.

Julia – 5 Stars

How many times has John talked about the ultimate Pina Colada? I remember about a year ago or so he had Dave order almost 20 different Pina Colada eliquids from various brands looking for just the right one.

But each time he decided that the balance was off; too much pineapple, too much this, too little that, over and over again. So I was both excited and apprehensive about The Plume Room’s first attempt at a Pina Colada.

Sometimes I wonder if Andrea sold her soul to the devil in exchange for this supernatural ability to create the most incredible e-liquids. (just kidding!) I swear this is the one that we all, including John, found to have the best balance of Pina Colada flavor components we’ve ever tried.

I have had, and still have, a few Pina Colada eliquids that I love to vape. When it comes to a combination of pineapple and coconut, and a light touch of rum there are many variations on the theme that are pleasing and fun to vape. That said, I have to agree with John, TPR’s version is so exquisitely balanced, with a perfectly tamed pineapple that it has moved to the top of the list of the various Pina Coladas in my collection.Spinfuel Choice Award

Tom – 5 Stars –

If you’re a fan of the drink ‘Pina Colada’ you can probably tell us the name of the bar or club that served the best Pina Colada you’ve ever had. But, I bet that doesn’t stop you from ordering it elsewhere because going to that place that serves the best isn’t feasible. That’s how it is for those of us that like vaping a good Pina Colada.

We know who makes the best one, but if we’re in the mood to vape Pina Colada and we don’t have a bottle of our favorite label we can be content vaping another label’s version of it.

Let’s face it; nearly every label attempts a Pina Colada at some point. Still, while The Plume Room launched around the same time as Spinfuel, they never attempted one until now.

You have to wonder why…until you vape this one.

This, this is how a Pina Colada eliquid ‘should’ taste. Gentle pineapple with the edges rounded off, a healthy but not overpowering coconut component, and just a feathers touch of rum, with the edginess of the alcohol flavor worn down to nothing, leaving behind a spirit of rum to intermingle with pineapple and coconut. It is the best Pina Colada I’ve had in a very long time.

Keira – 5 Stars –

I have friends that call the Pina Colada the “frou frou umbrella” drink for sissies. They won’t drink one but they sure do like to vape them. There is something about a pineapple and coconut blend that makes for a far better vape than a drink.

I enjoy several different blends from several different labels, but I can also point out a fault with each and every one of them. Too much pineapple, too much coconut, the rum is too strong, whatever. But somehow, I can’t find anything wrong with The Plume Room’s version. Why is that?

How did TPR know just how much pineapple and coconut to use in order to create a Pina Colada that delivers a full flavored vape that doesn’t bite back? What about a soften  blow of pineapple juice? Or find the right coconut formula that delivers the flavor of coconut without throwing off the balance of pineapple?

I don’t think we’ll ever know, but what scares me, a little, is that TPR will someday try to tweak the recipe and this perfect blend will come crashing down. I hope not. This formula is done. Set it in stone and walk away.

Jason – 5 Stars

I’ve had many Pina Colada eliquids over the past 3 years but I can’t possibly say I’ve vaped every one of them, not even close. But, I can also say that I’ve never had a Pina Colada eliquid that I could enjoy all day long before The Plume Room’s Pina Colada.

This flawless blend of just the right amount of pineapple and coconut is the first one I look forward to vaping, and vaping all day. I don’t think a Pina Colada eliquid is an impossible eliquid to get right, but it is rare indeed to get it this right.

If, like many vapers, you too have been searching for just the right balance of pineapple and coconut so that you too could enjoy these basic eliquid flavors then you owe it to yourself to order a bottle of TPR’s Pina Colada and finally discover just how good it can be.

Plume Room Conclusion

So there you have it. Andrea Ramaglia is certainly back. These four flavors, all very different from each other, are no doubt destined to be big crowd pleasers with incredible flavors and massive doses of vapor clouds coming out of even small clearomizers like the Spider.

Each and every one represent some of the best work The Plume Room has ever done and we are so proud to have been the publication trusted to bring you first hand accounts of these amazing eliquids on the day they become available to order.

Honestly, The Plume Room is one of those eliquid labels that are adored by vapers from every walk of life. Their juice is available at their website, and prices are still competitive for many other, lesser labels out there.

Even thinking that some 60ML e-liquids demand a price of $27-$30 blows my mind when I compare them to what The Plume Room offers at half that price.

Winning Formula

It’s this winning formula that has carried The Plume Room to immeasurable success after success. Yet, despite the respect afforded them by all vapers this is a label that has no ego, they do not heap the sizzle on their brand in order to sell their wares, they simply make and sell some of the finest eliquids you will ever vape.

From the first time we reviewed The Plume Room back in 2012, we knew they were special. We knew that somehow they (Andrea and Troop) understood what Vapers want in their e-liquid, and time after time those wants are attended to in ways we will always be grateful for.


We can’t recommend one flavor without recommending them all, so that is exactly what we are going to do. If you don’t head over to The Plume Room right now you are missing a vaping opportunity that someday you’ll kick yourself for. That’s a promise.

Julia, Tom, Keira, and Jason