Ecto Fusion & Grape Onya

It has been quite a while since we’ve enjoyed (officially enjoyed) Mountain Oak Vapors. Sure, there are still several MOV flavors in our various eLiquid collections, including the every-delicious Chai Tea Latte and Caramela, but today we have two “new” flavors from Tennessee Mountains, two High VG blends that we’ve been vaping for the past few days, a sweet grape blend called Grape Onya and a unique blend of orange, peach, and pineapple called Ecto Fusion.

Mountain Oak Vapors is one of the top eLiquid brands in the country. MOV launched just under two years ago, and in that time they have grown exponentially in both size and sales, by practicing rigorous standards and using state-of-the-art equipment.

High VG eLiquids

Mountain Oaks Vapor’s reduced PG E-Liquid flavors contain natural & organic flavorings in addition to artificial flavorings. MOV does not disclose the exact PG/VG ratio however, but all the eJuice recipes contain 60% Vegetable Glycerin, or higher, and although some recipes may contain artificial flavors they all contain natural flavors as well. The eLiquids that are 100% Natural/Organic are labeled so, and the eLiquids that contain natural flavors and artificial flavors are designated as well. Whew! Did you get all that?

About Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquids

The eLiquids reviewed today are available in 15ML and 30ML glass bottles, with glass eyedroppers, and are $7.99 and $13.99, excellent prices for these premium quality flavors. (Usual prices are $9.99 and $15.99, still lower than many premium brands). Nicotine strengths are 9mg, 18mg, and 24mg. A non-nicotine option is also available. Each flavor also has the option to have several “hits” of menthol added to the recipe.

Ingredients for all Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquids are 100% USA sourced, using the finest quality USP Food Grade Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Nicotine, Natural and Artificial flavors, Distilled Water, and Citric Acid (as a natural preservative).

Labels for Mountain Oak Vapors bottles have always been one of the best in the business. Each label contains the ingredients, nicotine strength, standard warnings, and the date of birth.

This Review

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little, and myself are the team members for this review. Members used various batteries, cartomizers, clearomizers, and tanks to vape the eJuice for 72-hours. No other flavors or brands were vaped during this period (except one, see below).

We paid close attention to how these flavors held up at various points of the day; morning, afternoons, evening, before and after meals, while working and playing, and anything else we, or you, might do on typical days. The idea is to discover whether or not a particular eLiquid is a viable choice for particular times. Just because an eLiquid tastes like it could be an “all day vape”, it really needs to go through the paces of an “all day” ‘day’ before we can say for certain that it is. Confused?

Once everyone on the team has spent the full 72-hour vaping period we meet to discuss our thoughts about each one. Notes are written and gathered up at the end of the discussion period. The head writer, me in this situation, writes the review and passes it around to the other members via email. Any member can add to, to subtract from, their portion of the review. Once that happens they are returned to me, finalized, and then sent on the Dave Foster who then creates the graphics and publishes the review.

And now… Grape Onya and Ecto Fusion

 Ecto Fusion: Born September 6th 2013 – “Ecto Fusion is here! Seeking an authentic orange drink experience with a punch. Ecto Citrus Orange flavor is paired with Peach & Pineapple for a delicious all day vape. We think we’ve bested our best with this one, and we hope you enjoy it too!” – Mountain Oak Vapors


Julia: Ecto Fusion is not the best Mountain Oak Vapors has to offer, it’s not even in my personal ‘MOV Top 10’. It’s a good vape though, and the flavors are authentic. I get an accurate taste of orange soda, probably my least liked soda flavor (MOV says orange drink), along with hints of punch. The peach and pineapple flavor totally eludes me however, though that peculiar ‘punch’ taste makes itself known. Ecto Fusion cannot be called a “sweet” flavor, though there is a natural sweetness to it. It’s not unsweetened, what sweetness Ecto Fusion has is natural, not artificial.

I taste a high citrus flavor, and it makes me wonder if plastic tanks would hold up over time. Spending 72 hours switching back and forth between Ecto Fusion and Grape Onya didn’t cause any hardware issues for me, but I can’t say it wouldn’t after a week or two. The citrus flavor is somewhat acidic, and I could feel it in the back of my throat, almost as though I had heartburn or something.

Vapor production was, as I expected, super. For many Vapers who like High VG eJuice, and likes the taste of orange, Ecto Fusion is going to be a great choice for them. 3 Stars

Keira: In order to enjoy Ecto Fusion you have to enjoy the flavor of orange, and not an overly sweet orange at that. In my opinion, Ecto Fusion is something very different from Mountain Oak Vapors usual fare. We, the team, all like to say that the flavor signature from MOV is instantly recognizable, something we could identity in a blind taste test. Ecto Fusion is a flavor I can honestly say doesn’t fit the MOV flavor profile I’m so used to. That in itself isn’t a bad thing, it’s just unexpected.

There is a most definite orange flavor in Ecto Fusion, a sort of bubbly orange soda, as Julia points out. The peach and pineapple notes are there for me in the early morning hours, as my first vape of the day. It does get kind of lost during the day after you have several hours of vaping under your belt. But the orange is always there, and it’s always a great flavor.

Vapor production, throat hit, and a consistent orange flavor make Ecto Fusion a solid choice for an all-day vape…. If you like a naturally sweet (read: not overly sweet) citrus orange vape, then this is one you’re going to like a lot. I sure did. 4.75 Stars

Jason: Ecto Fusion is not easily categorized. The dominant orange flavor, a far less sweet orange then I’ve ever tasted, is not a desert vape, candy vape, drink vape, and certainly not a tobacco vape…it’s different. But the more I vaped it the more I wanted it. Before long I was vaping Ecto Fusion like there was no tomorrow.

I agree with Keira that this is a flavor very different from the usual MOV fare I have vaped for almost 2 years. What starts out being a flavor you can’t quite wrap your head around, it ends up being a flavor you can’t wait to load into a clearomizer and screw it into a freshly charged battery, crank the voltage up to 4.2-4.3v and vape away. Delicious in a serious way, not some sugary sweet flavor you vape when you have a sweet tooth, rather a flavor that you load up in the morning and carry with you throughout the day.

Vapor production is, like all the High VG from MOV, momentous, thick, flavorful, and aromatic. Ecto Fusion is a welcome addition to the MOV High VG line. 5 Stars

Tom (me): You do have to like the flavor of a naturally sweet orange to enjoy Ecto Fusion. And by ‘naturally sweet’ I mean a lot less sweet than you would usually associate with an orange vape. This is a flavor that is citrusy, edgy, and direct. The peach and pineapple that MOV talks about are just hinted at here. I enjoyed Ecto Fusion in each device I used, but where it really shined was in the new iClear 30s, where not only was the vapor was gigantic, thick, and aromatic, as Jason says, but the flavor was very intense. The iClear 30s brought out the orange flavor like nothing else could.

Like the others, I also agree that Ecto Fusion is nowhere near the ‘sweetness’ level you might associate with orange flavoring, and it does have a high citrusy characteristic, but man does it ever make a great all-day vape. Warning: If you’re not into citrus orange flavors you’re not going to like Ecto Fusion. 4.75 Stars

Grape Onya Born: October 11th– A Spinfuel Choice Award eLiquid “Grape Onya™ is a delicious blend of sugary sweet grape flavors. Reminiscent of our favorite pixie stix flavor with the right amount of sour. You’ll really enjoy our all new take on a traditional grape flavor.” – Mountain Oak Vapors

There is such an exciting feeling vaping a flavor that hits on every point you want an eLiquid to hit on. From an extraordinary flavor profile to huge vapor production to a solid throat hit, Grape Onya is not only fun to vape, it’s a flavor you can vape all day and never tire of it.
Julia: I don’t think anyone could describe this flavor better than MOV did. This IS grape pixie stix, and I should know since I was once addicted to them when I was a very young teenager going to the movies every Saturday night. How an eLiquid can be both super sweet and delightfully sour at the same time is remarkable.

I am giving Grape Onya the highest score possible, but with one warning. Do not expect a sugary sweet grape alone; the sour ‘kick’ is a big part of the flavor profile so if you hate those sweet and sour pixie sticks then there is no reason to think you would like Grape Onya. But if you do like pixie sticks then this is an eLiquid you have to try, as soon as you can. 5 Stars

Keira: I guess one of my character flaws is the pride I have with my teeth. Never once had a cavity, I go to the dentist twice a year for a cleaning, and they are always as white as veneers. I say this only because when it comes to eating ‘sweets’ as a young girl, I never would unless I could floss and brush immediately after. So, pixie sticks were off bounds for me, as was every piece of candy if I was away from home without a toothbrush. I have no idea if Grape Onya replicates pixie stix or not. But I can say this; Grape Onya is a delicious, grape-y flavor with a tad of sour to it that gives it all the qualities of a premium all-day vape.

From the first drag to the last, your mouth is flooded with the sweet taste of delicious “concord” grape jelly. There is more grape flavor in a single drag than most grape flavors have in their entire bottles. After that first massive hit of grape you’re rewarded with a delightful tick of sour grape in just the right amount to make your mouth feel as though there was a party going on in there. (A little too much hyperbole?)

Sometimes you find an eLiquid that has so much flavor that you can’t help but get a little excited about it. Grape Onya is like that; large columns of vapor, a rock-solid throat hit, and a level of satisfaction that it makes you want to fill the biggest clearomizer you can, crank the battery into the 4.0’s (voltage) and vape hard. What a great eLiquid! 5 Stars

Jason:  First, I’m awarding Grape Onya with 5 Stars because it is an almost perfect rendition of sweet and sour pixie stix. However, I’m not crazy about pixie stix’s sweet and sour flavor profile. Regardless, I’m not going to allow that to sway me from the 5 Star rating.

There is so much sweet and sugary grape loaded into Grape Onya that if you’re a fan of grape you’re going to be surprised and overjoyed at what this eJuice can do. I can imagine that it is easier to create a sweet and sour candy, or sugar crystals, than it is to create a vapable liquid that delivers the same flavor. These guys deserve to be recognized for what they are able to do with the right ingredients and the skill to bring out the identical flavor profiles in a liquid that is vaporized.

By the way, I like a good grape, and I think Mountain Oak Vapors delivers one of the best grape flavors anywhere in an eLiquid called “Grape Medley” (is that still available?), and that same grape flavor is used here. My last bottle of Grape Medley was opened for this review, to compare the grape flavors, and the date on my last bottle is June 25 2013. What makes Grape Onya different is the touch of sour in the recipe, which makes the flavor virtually identical to pixie stix.

Like Grape Medley, Grape Onya delivers big vapor, but unlike Grape Medley the throat hit is better. Definitely a 5 Star flavor.

Tom (me): I am impressed that Jason would break the seal on his last bottle of Grape Medley, and after vaping some of it myself I have to agree with him about the same grape flavoring, but Grape Onya is a better eLiquid flavor than Grape Medley, it’s sophisticated, layered, more complex.

Grape Onya tastes like Grape sweet and sour pixie stix, only better. It has a gentler sour hit to it, and I dare say its healthier then eating flavored sugar crystals. The combination of sweet and sour grape is a good choice for the High VG line, and if you enjoy grape flavors I recommend trying it.

Vapor is thick, aromatic, and full of flavor. The throat hit is milder than Ecto Fusion, but that’s not a big deal. The idea behind a flavor like this, for me anyway, is how huge the vapor clouds are and how hugely flavorful it is. A inordinately delicious all-day vape, Grape Onya is a 5 Star eLiquid.


Both Grape Onya (A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner!) and Ecto Fusion share one major characteristic; the ability to push the voltage higher than you might think. All of us started out in the low to mid 3v range, and all of us were able to push it into the mid-4’s without losing the flavor. At higher voltages you get a big, warm flavor and even bigger and warmer vapor. The throat hits at this level are much bigger as well. We wound up keeping them at the higher voltages once Jason pointed it out.

As the High VG line grows it’s quite an accomplishment that Mountain Oak Vapors has yet to hit to a snag. It makes me wonder if they ever developed a High VG that just didn’t cut it, or if they know the flavor business so well that they instinctively know what will work at High VG and what won’t. I suspect the latter.

Our first must have MOV High VG flavor was Chai Tea Latte, a flavor we were persuaded to try by John, and it’s still one we make sure is always available. (in fact, its time to reorder more today) Of the two we reviewed today, Grape Onya will join Chai Tea Latte, Vanilla Dreams and Tranquil Tea as must-have-on-hand eJuice. Ecto Fusion, a flavor three out of four of us loved, could use a bit sweeter orange flavor and perhaps a bit more peach and pineapple flavoring, but it is still a wonderful vape for everyone but Jules.

Buying Advice

We all believe the price level of Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquids are excellent values. This is a super premium eLiquid brand where the juice is created under laboratory conditions and bottled, stored, and shipped using very high, very professional standards, and yet the price of a 30ML bottle ranges from $13.99 to $15.99, far lower than many brands we’ve reviewed. The two flavors reviewed today are $7.99 and $13.99, so there is no financial reason not to give them a try. Choosing a 3-pack of 15ML for $24.99 or a 3-pack of 30ML bottles for $39.99 make them even more affordable then they already are.

After much discussion we decided to recommend a 3-pack today. If orange flavors sound good to you then the 3-pack should be; Ecto Fusion, Grape Onya and Chai Tea Latte. If, like Jules, orange flavors are not your thing, then swap out the Ecto Fusion for Vanilla Dreams. Only your budget can tell you whether that 3-pack should be a 15ML or 30ML package. We would opt for the 30ML, but that’s because we always split the cost.

We hope you enjoyed this review and we welcome your comments below. Have you tried these flavors yet? If so, what do you think? Will you try them? Which ones, and why? And, what do you think of the High VG lineup from Mountain Oak Vapors?

Tom McBride (head writer), with Julia and Keira Hartley-Barnes, and Jason Little.