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Two All Day Vapes From Mountain Oak Vapors

After weeks of steadily vaping only a couple of different eLiquid flavors, mainly Chai Tea Latte from MOV, I decided it was time to try and find some new all-day vapes. Naturally, being a huge fan of Mountain Oak Vapors I popped over their website first to have a look-see at some eLiquids I’ve never sampled. Surprisingly there are quite a few flavors we had never gotten around to reviewing, or vaping for that matter. So I browsed for a while can chose the following three flavors…

  • Independence
  • Tranquili Tea
  • Strawberry Breeze

I chose Independence because this is a seasonal eLiquid for the summer months and if it disappeared I might not have the chance to try it again. I chose Tranquil Tea because it reminded me of Chai Tea Latte, and Strawberry Smoothie because I had been enjoying some strawberry flavors on occasion from Ginger’s eJuice. I wanted to compare the awesome strawberry flavor that Ginger offers to a strawberry MOV uses.  Since this was basically an experiment, or adventure, I bought 15ML bottles, taking advantage of the 3-pack special price plus the 10% off Mountain Oak Vapors has each month. I ordered in July so the 10% coupon code was JULYSAVER. I made off with 3x 15ML bottles for a little more than twenty bucks.

What is an All-Day Vape?

Besides the obvious, that being an all day vape is an eLiquid you can vape all day, there are certain characteristics that an all-day vape has to have for me to want to vape it all day long. Your idea of an all-day vape could be very different from mine, but mine begins with a flavor that is strong enough to enjoy but not too strong that it wears on your throat. As much as I love Chai Tea Latte after 6 or 7 hours of steady vaping my throat is irritated. Not sore, not swollen, but rather a bit scratchy. If I didn’t love the flavor of Chai Tea as much as I do there is no way I would call it an all-day vape, it’s simply too strong of a flavor.

An all-day vape also has to be a big vapor producer otherwise I would get bored. Let’s face it; the attraction to vaping is both flavor and vapor. The thicker the vapor the better the whole thing feels, mentally as well as physically. I enjoy blowing smoke rings, sending the vapor from my mouth into my nose, or simply billowing out the vapor like a steam engine on a train. Vapor, and plenty of it, is a requirement every bit as much as a sustainable flavor.

Finally, the third element of an all-day vape is a flavor that doesn’t allow your taste buds to adapt. I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself; you take an eLiquid that has a great flavor, awesome vapor, and a decent throat hit and you vape it for hours. After a while you can longer taste the flavor, it becomes neutral, and all you taste is the ghost of the flavor, an echo maybe. A real all-day vape won’t do that, it won’t adapt.

This ‘adaptation’ is part eLiquid flavor and part brainpower. A flavor that disappears after a while might not do so for you, and vice versa. An example of that is FanceeJuice’s MeeseTracks. MeeseTracks is one of my all-time favorite eLiquids, but I can’t vape it for more than 2 or 3 hours or that unique flavor turns gray. That amazing hazelnut/chocolate combination begins to taste more like stale chocolate that has lost 99% of its flavor and left me with a very dull, ‘thud’ of a flavor. Back when I was vaping MeeseTracks every day I would have to put it down for a few hours and go back to it in order for me to get that wonderful flavor back.

Finding an all-day vape is critical if your vaping budget doesn’t allow for 20-30 different eLiquids in your personal stock. It’s also a fantastic way to vape on those days where cleaning an atomizer, rebuilding a coil, or setting up a new carto-tank with a new cartomizer is the last thing you want to do. There are plenty of days where I don’t even have time to fill a tank, much less clean one and set it back up. An all-day vape lets me fill a 5ML tank or a few clearomizers in the morning and not think about again for a day or so.

Mountain Oak Vapors – Independence – Well, believe it or not, Independence is no longer available. No need to tell you about it. Let’s wait and see if it pops up next July

Mountain Oak Vapors – Tranquili Tea

Tranquili-Tea™ is one of the newest additions to our Natural VG Line. This flavor contains a high level of Vegetable Glycerin (over 60%) and also contains natural flavors. Tranquili-Tea™, as the name implies, is a relaxing and soothing vape that joins an all-natural green tea flavor with sweet raspberry and a bright all-natural pomegranate flavor. Tranquil-Tea™ has an unmistakable green tea finish, and should please those Vapers looking for an authentic experience.” – MOV

Well, that description tells you a little about the actual eLiquid, but not much. I know a lot of people that look at the words “Green Tea” and are automatically turned off to it. Seems green tea isn’t as appealing as one would think, in vapor form.

Tranquili Tea is a perfect all-day vape because the flavors, the raspberry, the tea, and even the pomegranate is very light, clean, and definitely relaxing. More importantly, none of the flavors are overwhelming, they blend perfectly and they last all day long. The flavors you taste in the beginning of the day are the same at the end of the day. The high VG produces huge amounts of vapor, thick, slightly aromatic, and perfect for smoke rings and such. A fantastic throat hit, solid but not harsh, round Tranquil Tea out as a great choice for Vapers looking for an all-day vape of the light fruity kind.

All-day vapes from Mountain Oak Vapors by Spinfuel eMagazine

Mountain Oak Vapors – Strawberry Breeze

Strawberry Breeze™ is another addition to our Natural VG line up. This flavor contains a high percentage of Vegetable Glycerin (over 60%) and also contains Natural Flavors. A medley of sweet and delicious natural and artificial Strawberry flavors come together to create a very enjoyable vape. Smooth to the last drop this flavor can easily be your next go to! This E-juice is crystal clear, and a bit thicker than our traditional High PG Blends.” – MOV

I really like this new line of eLiquids from Mountain Oak Vapors, the High VG line. The Strawberry Breeze is an excellent all-day vape for any strawberry fan. Yes, it is a sweet vape as the description says, but the strawberry flavor is also slightly creamy, luxurious, and yet clean tasting as well. The flavor profile is definitely sweet strawberry but it doesn’t hit you over the head with it. I like how the same strawberry flavor that you taste in the beginning of the day lasts all the way till bedtime.

Strawberry Breeze has a light throat hit but more than makes up for that by producing a ton of vapor. This one begs to be vaped long and deep, and then slowly release the vapor so as to allow you to absorb all the strawberry goodness as it leaves. Many strawberry eLiquids are heavy and feel too sweet, too dessert like. You’ll find Strawberry Breeze much easier to vape, and you won’t feel like you’ve overdone it in the sweets department.

The only caveat worth mentioning about these high VG liquids is that they are indeed a little thicker than most other MOV eLiquids, and although it can be dripped, drop by drop, in to a cartomizer, I found it easier to fill my cartomizers will a 1ML blunt needle, the same method I use when filling a carto-tank. Both Strawberry Breeze and Tranquil Tea are high VG juice, and both are a bit thicker than MOV’s normal PG/VG juice, but neither one is thick enough to cause any issues with cartos and clearomizers, though if you choose to drip them into an dripping atomizer you’re going to need to keep an eye out.  (Surprisingly, Chai Tea Latte, another High VG, is not thick at all and falls freely from the eyedropper into cartomizers and clearomizers.)

So, these are my latest all-day vape discoveries. I’m about done with all three bottles and I’m not sure if I will reorder them or try three new ones.

What are your all-day vapes, and why?

John Manzione