It isn’t new that the bigger online vendors have been selling more and more eliquid. It makes sense because when these vendors buy vape juice to sell to their customers they can offer prices that are much less than local vape shops can. Lost Art Liquids, a premium eliquid company, sells thousands of bottles through Vapor Authority, as well they should. A 60mL bottle of Lost Art juice is just $14.99. In this Spinfuel Eliquid Team Review we’ll take a close look at three (3) flavors in the Lost Art line. (Vapor Authority carries 14 Lost Art Liquids flavors)

The most important aspect of vaping is, without a doubt, the e-juice we use. The type, flavor, nicotine levels, and even the ‘particular’ ingredients in e-liquid that we all fill in our tanks will absolutely determine the vaping experience of every Vaper.

There are still hundreds of e-liquid manufacturers on the market today, with many more coming soon because of the FDA reprieve in August 2017, and choosing the right manufacturer to carry is every online vendor’s most important job. Vapor Authority has done an excellent job of choosing the lines they carry, and Lost Art has become a huge success for them.

Every e-liquid that passes muster with Vapor Authority has been vaped for weeks by the inner core of the Vapor Authority team to ensure that the e-juice is high quality, with excellent flavor. While opinions certainly differ, if an e-juice does not win the hearts of the VA team, it isn’t stocked.

The Lost Art Liquids Brand


For our review, each of the three flavors were sent in 60mL glass bottles. Anything larger is bottled in Unicorn Bottles, and the prices for all the available sizes makes vaping this brand affordable for even the heaviest Vapers. That’s music to many people’s ears, making cloud chasing ultra-low resistance sub-ohm tank Vapers happy indeed.

The following review is based on 4-days of vaping Lost Art exclusively by our entire 4-member team. We used High Wattage Box Mods including the new Aspire Speeder and Athos tank with the A5 penta-coils, and the Vaporesso Revenger and NRG sub-ohm tank with its 0.4-ohm coils. With as little as 48W to as high as 120W, Lost Art e-juice produced thick, massive clouds of vapor, and excellent flavor renditions. Will every Vaper enjoy Lost Art? Probably not, but there isn’t a Eliquid Brand in existence that hits a homerun every single time.

Lost Art Slotter Pop

“An ice cold mixed berry popsicle flavor that will remind you of the hot summer days by the pool!”

(70VG/30PG) – Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg in 30ML, 60ML, and 120ML sizes.

Julia – The words “ice cold mixed berry” was an instant turnoff for me. I still, after more than 6 years, cannot enjoy anything cool, minty, menthol, icy. So, Lost Art Liquids Slotter Pop isn’t making it on any of my lists, or in my rotation. Having said that, my dear friend of mine that loves a cool vape adored this one. The mixed berries were sweet, flavorful, almost candy-like, and the icy cool blast on the exhale was, in her word, exhilarating. While I would give Slotter Pop a 3 stars, my friend insists that I mention her score of 5 stars.

Tom – Loved the sugary berry flavors, and the icy cold was nothing like a menthol taste. For a summer vape, Slotter Pop is a good choice for those Vapers that enjoy sweet flavors. 4 stars

Jason – Slotter Pop is not for me, however, the sweet mixed berry candy flavors delivered on a bed of cool icy vapor was a pleasant experience for a few days. I couldn’t not vape this one for more than 30 minutes at a time, but I blew through the 60mL in 3 days. – 4 Stars

Kiera – Sweet berries, a cool vapor exhale, and lots and lots of clouds, I enjoyed this flavor. Not enough to make it a regular, but for Vapers who love cool vapes, this is affordable enough to at least give it a try. 4 Stars

Lost Art Unicorn Puke


(60VG/40PG) – 30ML, 60ml, or 120ML sizes available

Julia – Oh how I hate the name of this ejuice! Lost Art Liquids Unicorn Puke ? Ew! Until the first lung hit I was biased against it because of the name. After that first hit, I feel for it quite hard. This one has a real, honest-to-goodness rainbow sherbet flavor. A little less voluminous cloud production due to this blend being only 60% VG, but an ideal blend for higher resistance atomizers. 4.5 Stars


Tom – Delightful, sweet, and very much a sherbet flavor profile. I prefer 80/20 blends, so I won’t be adding this one to my rotation. If Lost Art developed a High VG, or MaxVG blend of this, I would buy it as a staple in my rotation. 4 Stars

Jason – I’ve vaped several sherbet flavors in the past, so I knew what to expect. While Lost Art doesn’t break new ground here, it is an excellent flavor. A little thin for the ultra-low resistance coils, but fine for .5-ohm or above. Good flavor, decent vapor, I would suggest trying it out, it is very affordable, and it produces a flavor most people would enjoy any time. 4.5 Stars

Kiera – Unicorn Puke, yea, hate the name, rather childish is you ask me (though you didn’t), but as far as flavor goes this is a 5-star juice. Using an .5-ohm coil in my SMOK TFV8 Big Baby tank, this juice produced more than enough vapor. This is my 5-Star choice.

Lost Art The Grape White

A sweet white grape with a touch of candied apple and citrus undertones. A refreshing flavor for a warm summer afternoon! Your next #AllDayVape! 

(70VG/30PG) – Available in 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

Naked 100 Eliquid Goes Under the Spinfuel Ejuice Review TeamJulia – Grape is a flavor that is evenly divided in the vape community as “loved” or “hated”. Believe it or not, this was the first grape flavored ejuice I’ve ever vaped. I’ve always avoided grape eliquids because I do not like grapes. But “The Grape White” is awesome! Massive clouds of vapor, and a sweet, grape-but-not-grape flavor profile that has made me a big fan. I added this one to my rotation, and give is 5 Stars. A must try!

Tom – Grape flavors in eliquids are not the same flavor profile as actual grapes. I mean, your mind tells you this is a grape flavor, but its sweeter, less tangy, and so good! I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did, but if any of these 3 deserve a 5 Star rating, it’s this one. The Grape White is a must. 5 Stars

Jason – I spent some time with “The Grape White” using a wattage setting of 48W with my Revenger by Vaporesso. It was good, but not a killer flavor. So, I decided to use this flavor to test out the Athos tank from Aspire, and it’s A5 penta-coil at 100W. What a differ it made. Vaped with warm vapor in a good tank that reproduces flavors accurately, “The Grape White” became an instant hit with me. In my rotation now, and will be for a long, long time. 5 Stars!

Kiera – Sweet, flavorful, with loads of vapor clouds, ‘ Lost Art Liquids The Grape White’ is one of those eliquids that someone will love, or hate. I loved it, much to my surprise. Julia and I never vaped a grape eliquid before, so I didn’t know what to expect. This grape flavor is unlike real grapes, or grape juice, or anything else “grape”, except that the flavor send this signal to your brain telling you it is grape, a sweet, full flavored grape, presented in a way I’ve never tasted. Definitely 5 Stars.

The Lost Art Conclusion

Lost Art eliquid has everything you want in a premium brand; good flavors, lots of clouds, and quality ingredients. Best of all, it’s affordable. At Vapor Authority you can pick up any of their e-juice in 60mL bottles for just $14.99. We highly recommend an exploration of this brand.

Spinfuel Eliquid Review Team