The Kind Juice Elements Line

Have you noticed how popular ‘dripping’ has become this year? Seems like all the top brands are reformulating some of their best sellers into a non-PG or High VG and low nicotine (3mg or 6mg) recipes and promoting the High Performance of these reformulations when vaped with RDA’s, or “rebuildable dripping atomizers”.


Dripping is certainly catching on, though it will never be a method of vaping for everyone. Because of the ability of these devices and coils therein can produce truly intense flavors and massive amount of clouds, it is an appealing way to vape nonetheless. If it weren’t for the labor-intensive coil building and oft-repeated task of saturating the wicking while vaping many more vapers would try it, love it, and adopt it.

As it is, Tom is our main go-to ‘coil builder’ and when it was time to review Kind Juice “Elements” Line it was up to Tom to build and furnish the team with a couple of dozen coils. Of the four members of the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team only Tom drips on a regular basis. For this review however, we all spent 72 hours dripping these remarkable eliquids and nothing else. When it was time to go back to our usual, more mainstream devices the difference in taste, vapor, and even nicotine absorption, was very noticeable.

The Kind Juice [Sub] Element Drip Collection

Kind Juice has developed 5 eliquids, or e-nectars, as they refer to call them, for the purpose of dripping. Each of the five is made with organic vegetable glycerin, and organic flavor ‘extracts’, and that’s it. Two ingredients, both certified organic, and offered in 3mg and 6mg nicotine and zero-nic for those looking for nothing more than pure flavor and intense clouds of vapor.

Admittedly our experience with eliquids that are specifically designed for dripping is limited somewhat, but at this point in our vaping lives we can say with confidence that we barely ever drip this kind of quality, or flavor, and certainly seldom this amount of thick, flavorful vapor. The 72-hour adventure in organic dripping will be something we will remember always.

The eLiquids, or e-nectars, or eGels, reviewed today are:

Harmony – “A walk through a botanical labyrinth filled with the delicate aroma of springtime.”

Karma – “Roasted espresso beans covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crystalized orange peel.”

Lucidity – “Lime, mint, and coconut cream keep your senses aware and remind you to ask, “Am I Dreaming?”

Radiance – “An attractively bright gelato beaming with essences of Honey Dew and Crenshaw melons topped with a cucumber syrup.”

Virtuous – “Tucked away in a French Chateau, a Grand Crew vineyard reveals a pink Moscato Champagne rich in fig, white chocolate, and red grapes.”

Bottles, Labels, Price

The Collections are sold individually in bottles of 30ML and 50ML for $26.99 and $39.99. Despite the purity and quality of the ingredients used in these e-nectars the cost still falls below the $1 per ML threshold, making them only slightly more expensive than VG/PG ‘flavor concentrate’ eliquids that are the mainstream eliquids sold today.

The bottles are glass, shrink-wrapped at the neck, with glass droppers and secure caps. All the information you could ever want to know about the e-nectars inside are on the label, easy to see and easy to read. Kind Juice wants to make sure that everyone that buys their line of eliquid knows exactly what they are vaping.


While the flavors are all very different the five eliquids do share some characteristics. Among them are the following:

Intense flavor – There isn’t a weak flavored eliquid in the five.

Vast Vapor – The highest quality ‘organic’ VG makes a difference when it comes to producing the thickest vapor we’ve seen in a very long time, if ever. Tom declared the Kind Juice Element Collection to be a “competition level” eliquid. By that Tom means that in any cloud chasing competition (which is very real and very serious), this collection would be what he would use as a competitor. High praise indeed.

Non-Irritants – During our discussion period it was agreed that the Kind Juice Element Collection are eliquids that could be vaped constantly without producing a single cough, a dry throat, or the slightest headache. If you drip, especially if you are also a ‘pacifier’ vaper, Kind Juice’s Element Collection will allow you to do so without any ill effects.

All five of the eliquids are thick, really thick, and should not be used in normal (modern) clearomizers. Keira tried it and was somewhat successful, but she had to allow almost an hour for the X.Jet Spider to become saturated with this thick juice. Even if your normal eliquid is 3mg or 6mg nicotine, these thick high performance eliquids are not designed for use in simple clearomizers or, heaven forbid, cartomizers.

The Five

Harmony eGel Kind Juice Harmony – “A walk through a botanical labyrinth filled with the delicate aroma of springtime.”


Julia – 4 Stars – In a way all five eliquids could score five stars based on quality, flavor, vapor, and any other criteria you might consider. These are works of love for the art of eliquid creation, of that there is no doubt. That being the case each of them could be awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award legitimately. But the human element must play a part in the scoring as well. This subjective element; the part of you that declares some things “the best” and other things “really good” must figure in.

I am giving Harmony 4 stars because this is an indescribable floral vape. I’m no botanist, and I don’t vape florals often enough to acquire a taste for them. Harmony doesn’t overwhelm you with floral flavors that might cause you to think there is a handful of flower petals in you mouth, but the floral component is all there is to Harmony. A perfect choice for floral vapers, but if you’re on the fence about florals, or dislike floral ejuice, Harmony is not for you.

Tom – 4.5 Stars – I dislike floral vapes to the point that it would be impossible for me to vape Harmony for more than a few minutes at a time. I did manage to vape it during most situations… upon awakening, mid-morning, afternoon, dinnertime, late night, and so on, but never more than ‘just enough’. Harmony is like picking the most aromatic flowers in the garden and melting them into a liquid and heating this liquid to the point that vapor arises from it and you breathe it in.

As someone who has trained his senses in order to evaluate the myriad eliquid landscape I can tell you that if you vape florals, and you drip, you won’t want to put Harmony down.

Keira – 5 Stars – During our discussion period Tom gave a perfect analogy about the flavor profile of Harmony.

He said that Harmony tasted like freshly picked flowers from the garden wrapped into thick aromatic clouds of vapor. I think he got it just right. I love my flower garden, all 3 feet by 3 feet of it on the back balcony of our apartment in Boston, and the one thing I love most about it is the fragrance of those flowers.

Harmony is exactly like whipping these marvelous smells and tastes found in delicate flowers into a thick vapor that envelopes all my senses and whisks me away to a magical meadow where the flowers bloom at their peak, and the air is crisp and clean, and the morning dew clings to the petals while the sun reflects its light back at me as I breathe in the fragrance of a dozen different flowers.

The delicate flavor and fragrance of sweet florals and thick vapor that form the largest of clouds, and a ‘purity’ found only in organic ‘extracts’… this is Harmony, and it is spectacular.

Jason – 4 Stars – Some people really love their floral eliquids and for the life of me I’ll never figure out why. Maybe vapers that grew up around flowers, or fill their homes with fresh picked flowers, just identify with that unmistakable floral aroma and the opportunity to fill their lungs with thick vapor made from these flowers is their idea of nirvana. But as someone that vapes tobacco, coffee, custards, and even bakery flavors, I just cannot understand the allure of vaping flowers. Harmony receives 4 stars for its pure flavor and immense vapor clouds. But, truthfully, it will never find a home in my collection…no floral eliquid will.

Karma-KarmaA Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Roasted espresso beans covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crystalized orange peel.”

Julia – 5 Stars – Wow, this eliquid gives me the cleanest, purist espresso flavor I’ve vaped in forever. The dark chocolate is firm, but not bitter, and that hint of orange on the exhale is sublime. Not an all-day vape for me because the flavor is super intense, but as a morning vape there’s nothing like it. It is flavor like this that gives me hope that someday mainstream eliquid delivery systems (clearos, glassos,) will provide RDA level flavor. If you like coffee flavors this one will knock you off your feet.Kind Juice Choice Award


Tom – 5 Stars – Now this is an eliquid I will treasure forever. I cannot believe the amount of flavor in this one. Karma is the perfect blend of deep espresso and dark chocolate, with a nicely toned orange ‘flick’ at the end. This incredible formula is what makes dripping so damn good.


Keira – 5 Stars – I’m awarding 5 stars to Karma because Kind Juice has managed to create a deep espresso flavor that isn’t bitter in the slightest, blended expertly with a smooth dark chocolate that melts on your tongue, all nicely capped with a tinge of orange on the exhale. Too much flavor for me as an every day vape, but on those occasions where I want to practically drown in the flavor of espresso coffee and dark chocolate, this is the one I’ll pick…as long as Tom keeps winding coils for me.

Jason – 5 Stars – Karma is a great example of what can be done with pure organic VG and flavor “extracts” rather than concentrates. An unbelievably intense flavor that is also smooth at the same time, dark espresso and dark chocolate on ‘the inhale’, all flavor and no distractions, with a slightly orange tease at the end. This is what dripping eliquids can do when they are done right. Bravo Kind Juice!

eGel Kind Juice Lucidity – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Lime, mint, and coconut cream keep your senses aware and remind you to ask, “Am I Dreaming?”

Julia – 5 Stars – When I read the description I thought that the mint component would ruin an otherwise delicious combination. How wrong I was. Sweet lime, creamy coconut, with just enough mint to give you a bit of a blast of fresh and cool vapor, Lucidity is splendidly intoxicating.

On the inhale you’ll taste the immediacy of lime, then your taste sensations will flood with creamy coconut which then mixes with the lime and creates something akin to a “lime meringue” flavor. Only on the exhale will you feel a breath of mint, just enough to provide a clean, clear-cut exit. Spectacular!

Tom – 5 Stars – I’ve grown to love lime flavors in several eliquids so I was looking forward to do some dripping with a lime eliquid. But, Lucidity is much more than a simple lime eliquid. The addition of a sweet coconut, in exacting proportions, was inspired.

When vaping for the first time you should expect lime to make an entrance first, a clean deep lime, followed by creamy sweet coconut. The huge flavor is only surpassed by the huge clouds of vapor, and that mint at the end will tell you that you’re vaping something very special indeed. Lucidity makes me want to drip more.Kind Juice Choice Award

Keira – 5 Stars – I would love to try Lucidity in an Aspire Atlantis. From what I’m hearing about the Atlantis, about it being close to the experience of an RDA, gives me hope that I might be able to add Lucidity to my everyday vaping.

Lime and coconut have been done before, but not like this. Kind Juice did not cut back on the flavor of any of the eliquids, but especially this one. The lime flavor is so pure, so “lime”, but without any tartness…just a clean, deep lime flavor found in the best key lime pies. The sweet coconut milk, thick, delicious and incredibly satisfying, blend with the lime to create a mixture of the Gods. Rounding it out is a nice minty freshness that brings it home. The two main flavors, lime and coconut, are enough, but the mint is a pleasant surprise.

Jason – 5 Stars – I’ll get to the flavor in a minute, but I have to say upfront that Lucidity is one of the biggest vapor producers in this set of heavy vapor makers. This is the one I would use in a cloud competition. Thick, heavy, and flavorful. Now, about that flavor… this is an eliquid that presents with a true lime flavor, but lacking in the area of tarty components. That is the first flavor you’ll taste, the lime, and afterwards a big rush of creamy coconut will have your spinning in the delights of the flavor Gods. I was not a big fan of the mint finish, but it certainly didn’t take away from the award winning flavor or vapor of this astonishing juice.

Harmony eGel Kind Juice Radiance – “An attractively bright gelato beaming with essences of Honey Dew and Crenshaw melons topped with a cucumber syrup.”

Julia – 4.25 Stars – gelato is Italian ice cream, so what you have here is a base flavor of creamy goodness with layers of honeydew and cantaloupe. A ton of vapor, mostly aroma-free, provides a heavenly vape for vapers that want a full honeydew experience. If you don’t like honeydew you will not like Radiance. Here’s how the flavors come at you:

On the inhale you’ll taste honeydew on a bed of fresh sweet creamy, well, ice cream. Once the honeydew registers you’ll notice the cantaloupe and here is where the decision kicks in. Honeydew and cantaloupe are both melons, yes, but the flavor is very different. Some people like honeydew and don’t like cantaloupe, and vice versa. If you dislike cantaloupe that delicious honeydew flavor will disappear and you’ll be disappointed. If you do like cantaloupe, and honeydew, they simply swap out, leaving hints of honeydew behind. But, on the exhale there is a surprising component that I thought would leave me cold…cucumber syrup.

Think about these two words strung together: cucumber syrup. How do you deal with that? Well, my best advice is not to think about it and just vape away. You won’t taste cucumber, at least I don’t taste it, instead there is this exhale component that somehow wraps up the honeydew and cantaloupe and puts a ribbon on it. An unusual bit of inspiration, but what would you expect from a true artist?

Tom – 4 Stars – For flavor intensity and vapor production Radiance is amazing. However, I’m not a huge fan of honeydew with cantaloupe. Honeydew is unlike any other melon. The flavor could be described as non-fruit-like, I don’t know, it’s hard to describe honeydew… either you love it or you don’t. My melon issue lies with cantaloupe, a fruit flavor that just doesn’t sit well with me. An actual cantaloupe can smell spoiled, overly ripe, and unattractive. As a flavor extract cantaloupe is awfully close to tasting exactly the same way. Finally, that cucumber syrup tastes like the eliquid is wrapped in a light non-flavor flavor.

Can you sense my bewilderment over Radiance? It’s a fantastic vape for some, and for others it will be, well, strange.

Keira – 4.5 Stars – I loved Radiance, every layer of flavor, every wisp of vapor, even the cucumber syrup. However, not everyone will. Of course, that can be said for every eliquid ever made, some people will love and some won’t. But Radiance is a different story because even if you love honeydew and/or cantaloupe, there is one very special element to the flavor profile that may, and I stipulate ‘may’ put some people off. Again, it’s the cucumber syrup.

Cucumber syrup kind of tastes exactly how the words describe it… a thick cucumber taste that sort of wraps all the gelato/honeydew/Crenshaw melon experience in a non-sweet, non-fruit flavor that I found to be inconceivably delicious, almost alien.

I will say that if you like honeydew and/or cantaloupe you have to try this one, well, if you drip too. I think you will be pleasantly surprised over what this combination of ‘tastes’ can feel like.

Jason – 5 Stars – I know, a score of 5 Stars from this vaper that loves his tobacco, coffee, and other hard flavors, for a honeydew/melon/ice cream eliquid. It is an unusual decision because I’m not normally gaga over flavors like this. But, I’m telling you, as a dripping flavor this is unbelievably awesome. It’s so different, in an excellent way that I just did not want to stop dripping it. It will probably never happen again, it’s a perfect alignment of the stars or something, but whether this recipe was an accident, an experiment, or carefully crafted, it is something every dripper needs to try.

VirtuousVirtuous – “Tucked away in a French Chateau, a Grand Crew vineyard reveals a pink Moscato Champagne rich in fig, white chocolate, and red grapes.”

Julia – 4.5 Stars – Virtuous sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And I’ll admit, there are many vapers that would love it, but for me its way too complicated.

During my time with Virtuous I found I liked it best as a late night vape. At other times, especially on the first day, I tried, in vain, to take the flavors apart, to try and find that champagne, the fig, the white chocolate, and the grapes. As a whole it creates a totally new taste sensation. Unwilling or unable to allow the individual components to reveal themselves, Virtuous must be vaped as an ‘experience’, without regard for the extracts that make up the recipe.

If you can imagine what fig, white chocolate, and sweet grapes taste like, and then place those flavors on top of the stark flavor of champagne you might be close, but it will still surprise you. All in all, the most unusual of the five.

Tom – 5 Stars – “Overreaching”. That is what I thought when I read the description. “With all due respect”, I thought, “how can this combination of rarely used flavors create something that you want to vape over and over again?” Then I tried it.

Because of the thickness of these ‘Elements’ I didn’t bother to try and vape them in a glassomizer so I don’t know what Virtuous would be like in any other way than dripping, so as a dripping flavor it creates something so original, and so pleasing, that I guarantee you’ve never tasted anything like it before. It’s sweet, but not sweet, its tangy, but not tangy…see where I’m going with this? It is a contradiction at every turn. But as contradiction goes, I don’t think it could get any better than this.

Keira – 5 Stars – Tom and I had a wonderful conversation about Virtuous. Nobody else seemed to understand how original this flavor is. I can taste a bit of a non-sweet champagne flavor, but the fig, the white chocolate, the grapes, they all kind of blend into a single daunting flavor that defies a category. It is also a competitor level cloud maker. Other than that my advice would be to try it, even its just once, because you’ve never tasted this combination of flavors before, and might never again. I wish I could do a better job describing the flavor, but no matter how hard I try to put it into words it won’t come.

Jason – 4 Stars – Tom and I usually agree on most eliquids. We both enjoy the same basic flavors, so I was shocked that he loved Virtuous as much as he did. He told me and Julia that we are missing the ability to just let the flavor take us on the journey of champagne, figs, white chocolate and grape flavor trails. That we shouldn’t try to dissect the individual flavors and to just let it happen. Maybe that’s true, but still, I have to try.

A pink champagne is sweeter than other champagnes, so we start with the authentic flavor of a tingly champagne with sweet notes found in pink champagne. On the inhale that champagne is a bed upon which the semi-sweet fig flavor and a ‘malt’ type chocolate with sweet red grapes float in and wrap your taste buds with something that tastes like 1964, the Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr era of sharp corners and sharp flavors.

Now sure, I wasn’t born yet (I don’t think my parents were old enough to make babies either), but I’ve seen the movies, I’ve seen the attitudes, and its like nothing was ever really sweet, and nothing was ever bitter… I know it sounds weird, but that’s what I get when I vape it. So maybe Tom’s right.

The last thing I’ll say about Virtuous is that the vapor is thick and plentiful, but in a different way than the rest. While the others felt heavy, aromatic, opaque, the vapor from Virtuous was plenty thick, but lighter, with no aroma, and somewhat purer than the others.

I strongly believe that some drippers will love this one, but most will still manage to wonder what exactly it is they are vaping. “Fly me to the moon….”

Conclusion and Buying Advice

As you can see from above, no one on the team doubts the absolute quality of Kind Juice Elements Line. They are truly organic VG and flavor extracts and they reveal that in the flavor and the vapor.

Two of the five flavors were unanimous winners of the Spinfuel Choice Award, but look at the winners again; one is a deep espresso flavor, the other the familiar flavor of lime. The flavors that departed the train station going off into a direction we don’t often go, are excellent eliquids but too unfamiliar to be totally accepted.

So it depends on how adventurous you are. Do you want to vape the road less vaped, or do you wish to remain in the more familiar territories, where you can find flavors you’d enjoyed time and again, told with some variety but the essence remains true to the flavor.

The Kind Juice Elements line is a true drippers line of eliquids. But they are also sophisticated, creative, and more or less unusual. There are eliquids here that we loved, and some that were liked, but not one was despised, or even disliked.

If you drip, or if you’re even thinking about trying this intense way to vape, Kind Juice Elements has to be a part of that adventure. Choose one, or choose them all, that’s up to you, but these “never seen before” eliquids displays a level of artistry that is reserved for the best eliquid brands.

“They make me want to drip more…however unlikely that is to happen.” – Keira

Julia, Tom, Keira, and Jason