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A Great Ju-Ju Vapor e-Juice Review of 2014Ju-Ju Vapor – A Spinfuel eLiquid Review

With more than fifty retail shops selling Ju-Ju Vapor, as well as direct online sales on the Ju-Ju Vapor website, this once DIY eLiquid vendor is climbing quickly up the popularity ladder among vapers looking for deeply flavored ejuice with potent vapor production. Hailing out of the Seattle Tacoma area of Washington, Ju-Ju Vapor launched a couple of years ago with 20 flavors and now offers more than 60 eliquids in a variety of categories.

For this review we are will look at just twelve eliquids, but these twelve all represent at least one sampling from each of the categories. The twelve flavors are:


  • Buddha’s Dream – “Lemon Cake”
  • Green Gorilla – “Banana and Spearmint”
  • Smooth Operator – “Strawberry Custard”
  • Nuts 4 Tobacco – “Hazelnut & Tobacco”
  • Tobacco – “Tobacco”
  • Caramel Apple – “Apple & Caramel”
  • Good Ju-Ju – “Kiwi & Watermelon”
  • Blueberry Pie – “Blueberry Pie”
  • Root Beer – “Root Beer”
  • Pear Brandy – “Pear Brandy”
  • Perry Dew – “Pear, Strawberry & Honey Dew”
  • Cherry Limeade – “Cherry, Lemon & Lime”

Spinfuel Protocols – Click Here

If this is your first time reading a Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team review we suggest you take a look at the protocols we’ve set up for each of the reviews we do. You’ll need to know how long we vape the ejuice, in what manner, what we look for when we score them, and how an eliquid can earn a Spinfuel Choice Award in order to understand the scores and our comments about each one. Rather than reprint them with each review we’ve recently created a page so that once you know what the protocols are you can skip straight to the good stuff.

Ju-Ju Vapor Particulars

Currently on the Ju-Ju Vapor Website you can purchase 17.5ML bottles, glass bottles, for $13.00 each. Soon you’ll have the opportunity to purchase 30ML bottles (no word on the pricing of 30ML bottles just yet)

Ju-Ju Vapors offers a single PG/VG ratio, which is 30% PG and 70% VG. Ju-Ju Vapor tells us that their ingredients are all super high quality, and once you taste their juice you’ll notice that each one has a clear, clean taste flavor with no artificial aftertastes or other giveaways that might indicate a shortcut to the final product. Did we enjoy vaping Ju-Ju Vapor? Well, unlike some reviews, there wasn’t a drop left from any of the 30ML bottles we used during the review period, always a good sign.

Poetry in Motion

The Ju-Ju Vapor website is absent of any poetic descriptions for the eliquids they create. No enticing come-on’s describing an eliquid in words usually reserved for, well, a J. Peterman catalog. Instead, in most cases the name and the official description are one in the same.

One last note on the Ju-Ju Vapor website; expect to click on the 18 year old restriction popup often. It is either a deliberate action on the part of Ju-Ju Vapor or someone needs to alter the ‘sessions’ timing or extend the cookie for your browser. (Geek Talk! – ed)

The Reason We’re Here – The Juice

I’m Tom McBride, and I am the lead writer for this review. I will go first, and the rest of the team will follow. All the information you will read about each of the eliquids was culled from direct conversations, notes, and even a few emails. I have done my best to relay the true feelings of each member of the team, including myself, for each of the twelve eliquids. I hope you enjoy it.

buddha's dream ju-ju vaporBuddha’s Dream – “Lemon Cake” – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Tom: I have really grown into enjoying flavors like this one. Lemon cake, lemon poundcake, or lemon pastry, when they are done well they hit the spot more often than not. Ju-Ju Vapor’s Buddha’s Dream hits the spot easily.

I taste a genuine lemon cake flavor, like something from the Entenmann’s shelf at the supermarket. This is a rich and savory, and definitely a satisfying vape. I wouldn’t say this was a complete original flavor, but it is executed nicely, and certainly worthy of the score I’ve given it.

Because of the 70% VG the vapor production is downright amazing. I vaped this with a couple of different setups but it was most enjoyed while sitting in an Aerotank v2 with my Sigelei 30W. – 5 Stars

Julia: Buddha’s Dream is shown in both the Fruity category and the Savory category, and I think that’s where it should be. The lemon flavor is certainly part of the mix, while the cake flavor creates a marvelous savory experience. If you like a lemon cake type of vape then this is one you should try. No matter what device I used the flavor came through clean and with true fidelity. Because I got great vapor from my usual devices I filled a 2.4-ohm 510 cartomizer and slapped it onto a simple 3.7v mechanical, just to see what would happen, and the vapor was still intense, thick, aromatic, and wonderful. The flavor was still terrific. This is truly savory experience, my Buddha’s Dream, so it is my pleasure to award it 5 Stars.

Keira: Choosing my #1 ejuice from the 12 presented in this review wasn’t an easy task. There is another flavor that fought tooth and nail for my ultimate attention. In the end there can be only one victor, and Buddha’s Dream turned out to be the #2 eLiquid for me. (You’ll see which one won the battle).

This lemon cake vape is described simply as “lemon cake”, and true to its word, that is exactly what you will taste, every time. Buddha’s Dream could easily be an all-day-vape for a lot of vapers, despite its lemony/savory flavor. You might think that this type of vape wouldn’t hold up for hours on end, but it does. Thick vapor clouds, a deep, rich flavor, and very satisfying, Buddha’s Dream is worthy of the 5 Stars.

Jason: Buddha’s Dream turned out to be my 3rd favorite eliquid from the twelve. What I liked about it was that it is exactly what it portends to be… lemon cake in vapor form. Although very satisfying with enormous vapor production, the vape experience is not overwhelming, so this could very will work for you as a smooth, creamy, all-day-vape. Not an easy task, but it works for this one. 5 Stars

green gorilla ju-ju vaporGreen Gorilla – “Banana and Spearmint”

Tom: Green Gorilla is an eliquid I thought I would despise. Banana and Spearmint, really? How do you pull that off without a gag reflex? Apparently it’s easy, when you get the mix just right.

Ju-Ju Vapor spends about a month on each of their flavor creations, a month tweaking recipes until they get the best mix they can. Whoever thought bravely enough that a rich banana flavor could ever work with a spearmint flavor had to be tripping.

As it turns out though, there is a pleasant, and original flavor that just works even though you think it won’t. While the spearmint dominates (How can it not?), the banana adds a layer of smooth notes that taste like a banana at its peak flavor. You may not want to make this an all-day-vape, but if you like spearmint this is an inspiring choice. Great vapor too, which is what you would expect. 4.5 Stars

Julia: Banana and spearmint. Spearmint and banana. I mean, really, who would think of that? How do you mix an authentic banana flavoring with a true spearmint flavoring and come up with something enjoyable to vape?

Well, apparently Ju-Ju Vapor can. I don’t know how, or why, but I enjoyed this kind of crazy mashup. I don’t know if you will enjoy it too, but if you are the adventurous type I think you should at least try it.

It is a flavor combination that is much better than it sounds. Wicked vapor, and a good throat hit too at higher voltage.

The one aspect of the vape that I can’t decide on is whether it’s better as a warm vapor experience or a lukewarm vape. The warm vapor pulls the banana out in front while a lukewarm vape accents the spearmint, so it depends on what you’re looking for. Oh, and the spearmint is what you’ll taste on the inhale, and on the backend the banana makes a worthy appearance. A little weird, but a very good vape. 4.5 Stars

Keira: While Tom and Julia praised the originality of Green Gorilla, and apparently enjoyed vaping it for hours I just couldn’t find a balance with it. Imagine chewing a piece of spearmint gum and taking a bite out of a banana, that’s what I experienced with Green Gorilla. This is definitively one of those eliquid flavors that can divide the family. 3.25 Stars

Jason: Taking my first pull from Green Gorilla my taste buds freaked out, confused about what they were trying to process. Spearmint was the overwhelming flavor going in, and coming out was this crazy and creamy banana flavor, with spearmint coming tagging along for the ride.

The thing is, once the brain and the taste buds work it out it becomes a very good vape. Not for everybody, surely, but a lot better than it sounds. Don’t let the idea of banana and spearmint in one eliquid scare you away from this one, try a small bottle first, and see if this isn’t one of most original, and pleasant tasting eliquids out there. 4.5 Stars

ju-ju vapor smooth operatorSmooth Operator – “Strawberry Custard”

Tom: This is another different combination, but with a really nice flavor. I don’t think I can remember a time where strawberry was combined with real custard flavors. It’s not strawberry/vanilla, it’s strawberry/custard. I don’t think I can say which flavor hits first, its such a well blended mix that you sense it’s actually “strawberry custard” instead of “strawberry” and “custard”. Lots and lots of vapor and a very decent throat hit. I like this one. 4.5 Stars

Julia: I’ve had some very good strawberry eliquids this year; I’m thinking there must be big improvements being made in the flavorings from flavor extract manufacturers. Anyway, I enjoyed vaping this strawberry custard ejuice quite a bit. The strawberry is dominant of course, but the creamy rich flavor of custard is right there as well. I would recommend this to anyone that likes strawberry ejuice but is interested in getting a velvety custard-y layer as well. This one works. Excellent vapor too. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Is this the best strawberry ever? No, it’s not. But its not supposed to be anyway. The general custard (get it?) flavor blends nicely with a sweet strawberry jam flavor making for a great combination. I can see this as a good all-day-vape IF you’re interested in another all day custard. The strawberry flavor gives and gives, so the only thing that would stop it from being an all-day-vape is if you would get tired of a custard flavor after a few hours. 4.5 Stars

Jason: Smooth Operator is bumping up against the sweetness wall, but thankfully not crashing through it. While I think the strawberry and custard combo is excellent, I’m concerned about it being called an all-day-vape by other team members because of the amount of sweetness in it. Strawberry is sweet on its own, adding a creamy sweet custard to the mix is concerning. I didn’t try to make this an all-day-vape, but while I was vaping it I enjoyed it a lot. Ju-Ju Vapor comes up with some “different” flavor combinations, and they DO work. 4.5 Stars

Nuts 4 Tobacco – “Hazelnut & Tobacco” A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Tom: I LOVE this nutty tobacco blend. However, you should know that this is first and foremost a Hazelnut vape, with tobacco notes tagging along. The Hazelnut is strong, rich, deeply nutty, and very delicious, if you like Hazelnuts that is.

The tobacco comes in as a secondary flavor, to give it more depth, as if it needed it, and together they form a combination of a tobacco blend that I cannot recall every vaping before. Rich, aromatic hazelnut vapor, with no aftertaste. A completely enjoyable and satisfying vape. My kind of ejuice, hands down. 5 Stars

Julia: Nuts 4 Tobacco vapes as a solid woody and nutty flavor, with hints of tobacco. I passed this one around at a party and not a single vaper was unhappy with it. Of all the times I have vaped a hazelnut blend the authentic flavor of “hazelnut” was always hit and miss, some solidly hazelnut, some not. This one is very, very true to the hazelnut flavor, and with just the right amount of tobacco. It produces a deep, nutty vape with a tobacco accent. Among tobacco and nutty vapers, this will be a major hit. 5 Stars

Keira: I wish I loved Nuts 4 Tobacco as much as Julia does, but for me this is a little too nutty. However, in short vaping durations, say about 5-10 minutes each, it is wickedly delicious. My problem is that it’s just so deep, so nutty, that I have to back away too soon. Tons of vapor, and very aromatic, Nuts 4 Tobacco should be a big winner with nutty/tobacco vapers. 5 Stars

Jason: Nuts 4 Tobacco made me challenge my own conception of a 5 star vape. The only problem with this flavor is how involved you can get with it. By that I mean that the flavor, that real hazelnut flavor, is so nutty that it overshadows the tobacco, so you are left with this pleasurable hazelnut vape, one that you want to give 5 Stars too, but because the tobacco is buried in the nutty flavor it isn’t easy. I loved the heavy vapor production, and the throat hit with high watts is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone that loves hazelnut; just don’t expect the usual hazelnut and chocolate or hazelnut and coffee. This is hazelnut…with a pinch of tobacco. When it came down to it, I decided that it should be scored as 5 Stars

Tobacco – “Tobacco”

Tom: There are hundreds of tobacco eliquids on the market, and some are literally works of art. While I enjoyed this tobacco blend it wasn’t nearly as special as any of the tobacco vapes I have in my collection, so for me this was an average tobacco flavor with good vapor production. It lacks character, originality, and that special something that seems to come easy to Ju-Ju Vapor. It makes me wonder if this wasn’t created to fill a spot on the menu, rather than being an inspired desire to create a worthy tobacco blend. 3 Stars.

Julia: I’m not sure about this one. There are lots you can do with tobacco flavoring, or the components of tobacco flavoring, and to attempt to do a tobacco that isn’t complex, yet isn’t a cigarette or cigar or a pipe tobacco flavor leaves me puzzled. It is, well, eliquid tobacco…. but not a great one. 3.5 Stars

Keira: I think we were all in agreement about Ju-Ju’s Tobacco. This is a nothing-fancy tobacco. Like a black cup of generic coffee, one that you recognize as coffee but it does nothing for you flavor-wise, this is a Tobacco juice that is recognized as tobacco, but nothing else, or even a super deluxe, hand crafted tobacco.

That said, if you had a bottle of this and no other tobacco eliquids to judge it by you would be happy with it, I suppose, if you liked tobacco flavors. But, because we’ve had dozens and dozens of super complex tobacco flavors and consider ourselves to be true tobacco aficionados this one is just “there”. Totally average. 3.25 Stars

Jason: I thought the team was being a bit unfair at the roundtable discussion. Claiming that this is just a plain old generic tobacco flavor isn’t accurate, and it’s not fair. Sure, there are plenty of tobacco flavors that have gone under months and months of tweaking and blending and resulted in super complex, nuanced and layered tobacco bliss, but as far as I am concerned, this is an above average, solid tobacco vape that I found satisfying and complete. 4 Stars

caramel apple ju-ju vaporCaramel Apple – “Apple & Caramel” – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Tom: Caramel Apple won a choice award not for being the greatest Caramel Apple ejuice in the world, but because it was, A: Authentic caramel and apple flavors, B: Enormous clouds of vapor are possible with the right device, C: A very good throat hit, and D: very satisfying. It is, by any definition, an excellent eliquid, but its still not going into my rotation. 5 Stars

Julia: I don’t think I’ve ever awarded a caramel apple eliquid 5 Stars before. I think, or at least I thought, that creating a caramel apple that was truly like a caramel apple in vapor form was nearly impossible. But this Caramel Apple is very much like vaping an apple covered in caramel. Add to that the terrific vapor and you have one pleasing, satisfying, and delicious vape. 5 Stars

Keira: This is a very sweet, very caramel-y flavor that delivers the delicious caramel flavor on the inhale and a sweet apple flavor on the exhale. Caramel Apple produces a lot of vapor and produces a really satisfying vape. It might sound simple, but when does simple ever hurt an eliquid? Sometimes all it takes to be an excellent eliquid is just to be executed well. Caramel Apple makes a great all-day-vape too. 5 Stars

Jason: Caramel Apple was not an instant hit with me, yet in the end I gave it the maximum score. At first I was content to say that it was a nice, sweet, caramel apple eliquid that provided a good amount of vapor and was a satisfying vape. A real 4.5 eliquid. But, as the day wore on I kept vaping it and the flavor never got tired, never changed, and it kept on satisfying, as an excellent eliquid should do. That to me is excellence. 5 Stars

good ju-ju ju-ju vaporGood Ju-Ju – “Kiwi & Watermelon”

Tom: You guys might already know that Kiwi and I just don’t get along. There is just something about the taste of Kiwi that rubs me the wrong way. But here, in Good Ju-Ju, this is almost a good flavor. LOL, well you know what I mean. As with all Ju-Ju Vapor ejuice, Kiwi & Watermelon has a nice clean flavor, with no aftertaste and no artificiality going on. If you like Kiwi you are going to love this one. The watermelon is ripe and sweet, giving the Kiwi just the right amount of depth (yes, depth, really). I won’t vape it any longer, but it is a good ejuice. 4 Stars

Julia: The first few minutes I spent vaping Kiwi and Watermelon were spent getting to know the Kiwi flavor. Once I did the sweet, delicious watermelon (how many times have you heard me describe watermelon as sweet and delicious?) shown right through and blended so nicely with the Kiwi that I actually started enjoying it less than 10 minutes in. Certainly not the best juice from Ju-Ju, but it’s certainly no slouch. Kiwi Lovers, this one is for you. 4.25 Stars

Keira: Kiwi and Watermelon are a strange combination for me. What ‘s the strangest part is that the Kiwi comes on really strong on the inhale and then almost disappears on the exhale, leaving just the sweet taste of watermelon. Tons of vapor with this juice too, and I would bet that Kiwi vapers would love this one. 4 Stars

Jason: Kiwi and Watermelon was the eliquid I waited till last to try out. Like others on the team, I think Kiwi has a strange, foreign and exotic flavor to it. I’ve never eaten a Kiwi so I imagine that’s why it seems so different. Still, I loved the watermelon aspect of it, and the vapor clouds were worth writing home about. 4 Stars

ju-ju vapor blueberryBlueberry Pie – “Blueberry Pie” – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Tom: Now here’s my #1 ejuice from Ju-Ju Vapor. I literally could not get enough of Blueberry Pie. I begged the others to turn over their precious milliliters so that I could continue vaping it. An all-day-vape with a deep, sweet blueberry flavor and the perfect piecrust. Combine this delicious flavor with an abundance of vapor and you have the perfect ejuice. I will add this to my rotation ASAP, and if it were sold in 120ml bottles I’d be the first in line. 5 Stars

Julia: Blueberry Pie tastes exactly like blueberry pie. I have had many great blueberry flavors as a vaper, but I’ve never had this great of a blueberry mix with one of the best piecrust flavors I’ve tasted. This hits you where you live, as a vaper. Pure sweet blueberries, thick sweet piecrust, and more vapor that you can shake a stick at. Award winning? Indeed! 5 Stars

Keira: I couldn’t believe the flavor of Blueberry Pie. Let’s face it, blueberry is a popular flavor for vapers, and its been combined with a lot of cake/pie/pastry flavors with excellent results. Still, I will say without a doubt that I have never tasted a better blueberry pie anywhere. I love it dearly. I want more, I want it everyday. This is the best of the twelve, it is perfect! 5 Stars

Jason: Even if you wanted to hate it, you would find it impossible. Blueberry Pie has never tasted so good before. This incredible blend has a sweet, deep flavor of blueberries and the creamiest piecrust I’ve ever tasted. This is an ejuice you give to someone who says they can’t find a good “fruity” eliquid. This is the one you add to your rotation and never look back. Flavor and vapor, in an awesome blend. 5 Stars

ju-ju vapor root beerRoot Beer – “Root Beer”

Tom: If you’ve ever tasted a Root Beer eliquid before you know how the flavor of root beer and burn your mouth after a while with its intense root beer/sarsaparilla flavoring. Well, I expected that to happen with Ju-Ju’s Root Beer too. But it didn’t happen.

These excellent juice makers took the sting out of root beer but left the sweet root beer flavor. Add to that a huge amount of vapor and a decent throat hit and you have a root beer ejuice that can be vaped far longer than any root beer I’ve tried before. There are many root beer eliquids out there that are delicious, but not many that can be vaped for long periods of time. For root beer fans, this is a must try flavor. 4.75 Stars

Julia: I’ve never had a great time with any root beer eliquid, and I admit that this one was pretty much the same. It’s the actual flavor of root beer that has me on the run, not this particular eliquid. Like the others from Ju-Ju, Root Beer has a clean taste, with no aftertaste, and a huge amount of vapor from the 70% VG blend. It is an excellent eliquid, but it’s just not my flavor. 4.5 Stars

Keira: If you don’t love root beer there’s something wrong with you. LOL, just kidding Julia. But really, few people dislike root beer, the beverage. When it comes to eliquid and vaping root beer, that’s a different story. I suppose a lot of people would rather vape something else. And to me, that’s the thing about developing a great tasting eliquid that only calls out to you on occasion. I would happily vape Ju-Ju’s Root Beer, but only about once a month. For root beer lovers, this is a great choice. 4 Stars

Jason: Root Beer, as you probably already know, is a strong flavor. If you like root beer than you probably love root beer, and if you don’t like it you won’t like this eliquid either. I happen to love root beer so I was all kinds of excited when I when vaping it. This is a smooth root beer too, one that would almost make it as an all-day-vape. Sweet, rich, with lots of vapor, Ju-Ju Root Beer is an eliquid that will be a winner with vapers looking for a great root beer vape. 4.75 Stars

pear brandyPear Brandy – “Pear Brandy”

Tom: I thought I was going to hate this one. Pear Brandy? What in the world could this taste like? I couldn’t imagine an alcohol flavor with strong pear flavor. But boy was I wrong!

First, the brandy is sweet with no alcohol hit to it, which was ideal. Second, the brandy tamed the pear flavor so it became sweeter, friendlier, delicious even. Put it all together and this was a very enjoyable vape. Not an all-day-vape for me, but for some I would bet on it. Don’t be afraid of the brandy, it provides a nice sweet texture. Lots of vapor, naturally, and a satisfying vape makes this a splendid choice for vapers looking for a sweet pear vape. 4.5 Stars

Julia: If you like pear flavors in your eliquid this is one you will need to try. The brandy flavor really sweetens this blend, and giving it more depth. Pear Brandy has a richer pear flavor than we are used to, making it a real delight to vape. A cloud maker, this sweet pear and brandy blend will be a welcome addition to any vaper looking for just the right pear flavor. 4.5 Stars

Keira: I don’t vape pear flavors unless I am reviewing them, so right there this juice is at a disadvantage. Pear flavors are, to me, an exotic flavor, very different from your sweet strawberries, blueberries, and such. So I was pleasantly surprised by Pear Brandy because it turned out to be sweeter than I imagined it would be, and that is a good thing. In fact, I enjoyed my time with it, which was longer than I ever thought it would be. If you like pear eliquids this one has your name on it. (If your name is Brandy) 4.5 Stars

Jason: I wish I could tell you that these kinds of eliquids are in my rotation or even in my collection…but they are not. I just can’t find my way around this kind of flavor. But, the brandy in this ejuice was a great idea. I won’t tell you that I’m going to buy this one, or even vape it again, but what I will say is that if pears are on your list of flavors that you like in an eliquid then you need to try Pear Brandy. As far as pear flavors go, this is one definitely better than most. 4.25 Stars

perry dewPerry Dew – “Pear, Strawberry & Honey Dew”

Tom: Perry Dew is a truly strange mix of flavors. Complex as hell, you can taste each and every flavor at different times. In the morning this was a pear vape for me, with hint of strawberry and honeydew. In the afternoon I tasted more of the honeydew, and after dinner it was a toss up between strawberry with honeydew notes, or honeydew with strawberry notes. Perry Dew kept me on my toes, that’s for sure. I haven’t decided whether this is a great eliquid or just a good one. But with the big clouds of vapor you can get with a dual coil, lo-ohm tank like Joyetech’s Delta, it’s worth experimenting with. 4.25 Stars

Julia: Well, the best I can say about Perry Dew is what I’ve said about all of Ju-Ju’s juice. It’s a clean taste, there is no artificiality to it, but the flavor is just wrong for me. To be completely honest, which I hope I always am, I hated the flavor of this one. I didn’t like the honeydew mixed with pear, and man, let me tell you, you can definitely taste each of the ingredients except for the strawberry. This just doesn’t do it for me. 3.75 Stars

Keira: If you don’t like pears you won’t like Perry Dew. If you don’t like Honey Dew you won’t like Perry Dew, and if you like strawberry, you won’t find it here. That’s about it. Honey Dew comes on heavy on the exhale while pear begins the battle on the inhale. Together they combine to form a real mess of flavor interactions that doesn’t sit well with me. Other than that, you’ll find the ejuice just as pure as the others. No aftertastes, no chemical taste, just honeydew and pear. 3.5 Stars

Jason: I think we are all on the same page with Perry Dew. You have to like pear and honeydew, and you have to like them together in order to appreciate this eliquid flavor. I just don’t like them, so I didn’t enjoy this vape. Lots of vapor, as usual for Ju-Ju, but I couldn’t get over the weird taste of pear and honeydew. 3 Stars

cherry limeaideCherry Limeade – “Cherry, Lemon & Lime”

Tom: Here’s the order of the flavors as you will taste them… On the inhale a nice, sweet lemon, not tart at all, comes at you, yet that’s followed by a quick jolt of lime. The cherry comes for you on the exhale, and that slightly sweet cherry works some magic on the whole experience. I don’t usually go for flavor combos like this but I have to tell you, this one has just the right amount of sweetness to make it a really good vape. Definitely an all-day-vape with tons of vapor. Recommended highly for vapers that like the lemon lime combo followed by a cherry chaser. 4.5 Stars

Julia: How many lemon/lime flavors are there in the vape world? Hundreds right? So why is this the first time I’m vaping a lemon/lime with a cherry component? I don’t know, but this really works! Of course, lots of vapor with this one, and that lemon/lime blast followed by the mellow sweet cherry make for a great all-day-vape. Not my favorite, but a damn good juice. Excellent choice for lemon/limers. 4.5 Stars

Keira: Oh how I loved this lemon and lime vape with a cherry on top! If you’re a lemon/lime vaper looking for something fresh look no further. The addition of cherries in this blend is inspired. Sweet cherry flavor after a healthy dose of lemon/lime sweet/tartness makes for a great all-day-vape. Loved it! 5 Stars

Jason: I agree with everyone’s assessment that this is a good all-day-vape. However, I think you need to know that as long as you’re vaping it normally you’ve have a nice, sweet and tart vape with that hit of cherry that makes it shine. But long, deep drags brings out a nasty end element that I cannot identify. Handle with care and you’ll love it, if you’re lemon/lime/cherry vaper. 4 Stars


Out of twelve eliquids the team finds four of them to be worthy of the Spinfuel Choice Award. That is an excellent showing for a first time review. With more than 60 flavors on the menu we hope it won’t be long for a sequel to be in the works.

However delicious many of them are, Ju-Ju Vapor eLiquids are not inexpensive. $13 for 17.5ML is close to a dollar per ML, or more accurately stated, 74 cents per ML. That price is on the high end of the price scale, but many of you would certainly not have an issue with the cost once you’ve tried them. Still, if you had not had any experience with Ju-Ju Vapor, why would you spend 74 cents per ML to try them? Well, I can think of a few reasons…

  1. Ju-Ju Vapor has developed a recipe rhythm that allows for authentic flavor delivery without any artificial-tasting ingredients. Knowing that whatever you decide to purchase from Ju-Ju will be true to the flavor and won’t cloud the issue with a slight VG oiliness or a hint of alcohol. This 70% VG mix is clean tasting, with authentic flavor.
  2. The flavoring choices are top-notch. There are a handful of extract manufacturers and many brands opt out for the less expensive flavorings in order to undercut the competition. I would be shocked if Ju-Ju Vapor did something like that. The flavorings used in the twelve we reviewed are as authentic as we’ve ever had.
  3. We can’t speak for every flavor, yet, but the ones that we found to be Spinfuel Choice Award – worthy are eliquids we would gladly pay full boat price.
  4. If flavor is the #1 aspect for your buying decisions than it is worth paying a little more.

It is true that most of us on the team buy our own eJuice for our non-review vaping, and the brands that we choose to buy from are less expensive than 74 cents per ML. But that is not the reason why. There are excellent eliquid vendors that we adore that sell their ejuice for much less, one in particular offers 30ML for just $3 more than Ju-Ju Vapor’s 17.5ML, so it is the individual vendor that all of us choose to buy from, not the price. Our opinion is that a good juice is worth a premium price.

Lastly, it has to be noted that there is a confidence coming from Ju-Ju Vapor that is admirable. While “some” poor eliquid vendors attempt to sell product by writing the prettiest descriptions they can, Ju-Ju Vapors goes to the other extreme, saying very little about the flavor other than “What it tastes like”, and that is pure confidence in what they sell. I like that. The team likes that. Is there anything more annoying that being sold on an eliquid by an awesome description only to vape it and be extremely disappointed?

If you’re not ready to commit to a purchase based on our review then we recommend the Ju-Ju Vapor “Taste Tickler”. This very affordable 5-pack of 3ML bottles is a fantastic way to “test the waters”. Best of all, you get to choose the 5 flavors from their entire menu of flavors. If you do nothing else, try the tickler.

Don’t forget to check out our Interview with the owner of Ju-Ju Vapor!

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Tom McBride, Julia Hartley-Barnes, Jason Little and Keira Hartley-Barnes