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Chocolate Truffles Vape Juice

Chocolate Truffles Line From Johnson Creek

Johnson Creek has released three new smoke juice flavors today during what they’re calling the “Chocopalooza” holiday. Our eLiquid team was invited to celebrate early and for the past weeks we’ve been indulging in some of the best chocolate flavored eliquids we’ve ever enjoyed. Beginning today, you can to.

However, before you rush over to you might want to read our impressions on these new flavor creations…or you can simply splurge and order all three. (Johnson Creek is offering 10% discounts on 3 or more smoke juice products, in addition to announcing that just about every smoke juice is now available in .6% nicotine, including the 5ml sampler bottles).

Why Truffles?

The first thought that entered my head was why truffle? What is it about ‘truffles’ that makes the product manager at Johnson Creek think it applies here? Searching out ‘chocolate truffles’ on Wikipedia I came up with this rather clinical definition.

“A chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache centre coated in chocolate, icing sugar, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts (typically hazelnuts, almonds or coconut), usually in a spherical, conical, or curved shape.

The name derives from the usual shape they take as the word ‘truffle’ derives from the Latin word tuber, meaning “swelling” or “lump”, which later became tufer.”

This unromantic definition doesn’t fit the description of any eliquid I’ve ever heard of, and certainly not these three chocolaty eliquids.

WWJCD and Chocolate Truffles

That said, whenever I read or hear the words ‘chocolate truffle’ I can’t help but imagine deeply rich, melt in your mouth, chocolate flavor that makes women swoon and men weep. Well, okay, a little much I know, but you get the picture. Johnson Creek hasn’t spent all this time and research into perfecting chocolate smoke juice that would remind vapers of other chocolate eliquids roaming Vapelandia, so perhaps using the word ‘truffle’ was meant to express a truffle-like vaping experience. If that’s the case, they have.

The JC Chocolate Truffles Triumvirate

When it comes to producing chocolate truffles in eliquid form there are choices that must be made. For Johnson Creek Enterprises that meant the choosing of a triumvirate of chocolate confections that will work exceedingly well with personal vaporizers. Confections that we, as vapers, could truly experience the ‘Truffe au chocolat’ that was meant to be experienced by the hands of Johnson Creek’s artistic eliquid team of mixologists.

In so doing Johnson Creek chose Mint Truffle, Golden Truffle, and Royal Truffle… not just as names for their new eliquids, but also their flavor profile. The level of accomplishment, the authentic vape experience they delivered will, I believe, become known as not only a “confectioners dream in vapor form”, but also a new level in flavor deliverance that eliquid creators have sought long and hard to achieve.

Yea, I’m impressed…

 Chocopalooza Come To Spinfuel eMagazine

Johnson Creek secretly delivered a package containing their new treasures to the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team in nicotine strengths of 1.1% and 0.6%. As a team we decided that the only way to fully experience the range of flavor offered by this trio of truffles was to vape them conventionally (Clearomizers, glassomizers, tanks) and in more ‘advanced’ methods offered by sophisticated rebuildables and dripping atomizers.

The team devoted two hours a day for vaping the three chocolate truffle smoke juices. In the time allotted all four members were able to experience the three flavors in several different configurations of vape gear.

By the time we set about writing our thoughts down and sharing them among ourselves we had a deep understanding of what it was Johnson Creek set out to do, and whether or not they achieved it. Below are the impressions of the four members for the triumvirate of truffle goodness.

Particulars and Commonalities of the Chocolate Truffles

All three chocolate truffle flavors were created with a PG/VG blends. The ratios of PG/VG however are unknown to everyone but Johnson Creek. They are strong in flavor, with deep chocolate undertones, with complex layers of additional flavors experienced in various ways. For instance, Mint Truffle delivers a true minty flavor and chocolate simultaneously, while Royal Truffle delivers the chocolate base first with vanilla and cream notes on the exhale.

It was decided amongst the team that while the three eliquids were introduced together, and that each of them carried the ‘truffle’ moniker, that in reality they were developed to maximize their individual identities. The three carry some characteristics across, but they are individual eliquids first and foremost.

In other words, you may love all three, or you may enjoy one and dislike another. They can be enjoyed or dismissed individually, not collectively, though they all have an authentic eliquid presence that justifies the ‘truffle’ in their name.

Chocolate Truffles – The PG Presence

Lastly, we do not recommend that PG-sensitive vapers attempt to experience this ultimate chocolate lineup. While we do not know the exact amount of PG in the three, we do know that it is not insignificant. We also believe that PG is used more for its ability to power ‘flavor’, than its ability to assist in a throat hit delivery.

A Truffle Must

The team voted unanimously to include this next paragraph before discussing the three individual eliquids…

As with a few other Johnson Creek smoke juices, as well as with most eliquids, we strongly advise all vapers to allow the Truffle line to breathe before vaping.

By ‘breathe’, we mean that in order to get the full flavor dynamic of each one they need to mix with the air, to have their molecules messed with, to not only be well-shaken but to then live outside the bottle for at least a couple of hours after breaking the shrink-wrap seal. To do otherwise is to deny yourself the full experience these flavors are capable of delivering.

Once you’ve broken the seal, shaken and stirred, and allowed to breathe for a few hours you won’t need to do it again. You may like, love, or despise these new flavors straight out of a newly opened bottle, but once a little time passes the flavor profile is going to change. It will set loose any hint of artificial flavor. It will both mellow and embolden the complexities in each one.

Chocolate Truffles – The Review

Royal Truffle – “Royal Truffle is a PG/VG blend and is unbeatably smooth and creamy. This flavor is fit for Chocopalooza royalty. We started with a robust chocolate and sweetened it with hints of cream and vanilla. Complex enough for a discerning palate and approachable enough to be an all-day vape. Whether your throne is gilded or upholstered, you deserve this royal treat.”

Julia: Johnson Creek speaks to all three truffles as candidates for an all-day-vape. While that is for the most part true enough, I have to warn against trying Royal Truffle as an all day drip. Royal Truffle is a strong, yet smooth chocolate truffles flavor that lays the groundwork for a creamy vanilla finish, but in a dripper at .6% nicotine it was too powerful for extended vaping. I preferred Royal Truffle in an Aerotank with dual bottom coil 1.6-ohm head sitting atop my ZMAX at 3.9v.

Because of the PG/VG mix you won’t experience the same level of vapor production as you might in a Johnson Creek Red Oak line, but vaping in a rebuildable tank or dripper you’ll drown in flavor and ‘nearly’ lose yourself in clouds.

Chocolate truffles in the Royal smoke juice is a unique flavor, but one you shouldn’t miss. – 4.75 Stars

Tom: It was Royal Truffle, my first choice of the truffle line to begin the review that alerted me to the dramatic change in flavor when given a chance to breathe. Breaking the seal of the .6% bottle I added several drops to an HH.357 510 atomizer and took a deep drag…and nearly fell over.

A powerful hit for sure, but one that provided a surreal flavor combination. In any case, after setting my throat afire I put the atomizer down and switched out to my normal vape gear and another eliquid from another brand and decided to try it again in the morning.


That next morning I took a much more reserved approach with the atomizer and took a tentative drag, fearing for another kick in the head. Overnight the magic of eliquid spirits removed all the mean-spiritedness from Royal Truffle and replaced with a luscious, sweet chocolate experience on the inhale with a genuine ‘cream’ and ‘vanilla’ component that I had not tasted the day before. Not ‘creamy vanilla’, but rather ‘cream’ AND ‘vanilla’… an amazing difference. Vapor and flavor were outstanding. Royal Truffle, properly ‘aged’ is a 5 Star vape.

Keira: I’m so glad Tom, as the lead writer for this review, was first to approach the truffle lineup. His insight into allowing the eliquids to breathe led to a much better experience for all three eliquids. I chose the 1.1% nicotine strength, a Nautilus Mini with a 1.6ohm coil, and my eVic Supreme…

Royal Truffle is a very different flavor combination. It’s not the first to blend chocolate, vanilla, and cream (I don’t think), but the chocolate component is unlike any other chocolate I’ve experienced as a vaper. It is far from a usual chocolate flavor, there seems to be multi-dimensions to it. Royal Truffle has a chocolate bottom layer with a slather of real cream.

The vanilla component shows itself on the exhale, and in a light, wispy fashion. The strangest part of the Royal Truffle experience is that it is an honest to goodness all-day-vape. 5 Stars

Jason: Royal Truffle in the Chocolate truffles line was not my favorite truffle eliquid. In fact, I guess I’m not really a fan of chocolate that much. I think vapers that enjoy desserts like ‘molten chocolate cake’ or other rich multiple chocolate desserts would love it, but those of us that enjoy a simpler chocolate might find it too much of a good thing. I’m also not a real chocolate vaper, finding them too distracting, too artificial to my liking.

While Royal Truffle may not light up my pleasure centers like it has the others, I could tell immediately that the quality and the desired flavor profile was definitely on the mark. For that reason I give it 4.75 Stars

Golden TruffleSpinfuel Choice Award Winner – “Golden Truffle, with ribbons of soft caramel braided with swaths of traditional chocolate truffle, is delectable sweetness from start to finish. Perfect for a sophisticated after-dinner or all-day treat. This is a PG/VG blend. 

Julia: Golden Truffle is such a magnificent blend of pure caramel and deep chocolate that I couldn’t believe it. After giving it a night in my Aerotank to relax and fully mature the flavor was so vivid, so vibrant, that I truly could not get enough. If you like caramel and chocolate you’ll wait in line like you’re waiting for toilet paper in the old Soviet Union for a chance to vape this. An intense all-day-vape, Golden Truffle is to die for. 5 Stars

Tom: I didn’t drip Golden Truffle at first because Julia was boasting about the intense flavor in a mainstream Aerotank, so I thought I would see if I thought the same thing. I suppose I do because this juice is amazing. The caramel is really intense, the bottom layer of chocolate truffles is both sweet and bold, and together they blend so well that it is sure to be a JC Classic.

Dripping Golden Truffle is even more intense than vaping it in a tank or glassomizer. That’s to be expected I suppose, though the vapor, throat and flavor was penetrating through each toke off a wide mouth drip tip sitting on a Vicious Ant Gold Cyclone AFC (with airflow control).

If you can find a way to experience Golden Truffle with a dripper you should, you’ve never experienced anything like it. I don’t want to sound overly enthusiastic, but Golden Truffle just might be the best smoke juice Johnson Creek as ever made.

Keira: During the past couple of years I guess I’ve tried about 20 to 25 different eliquids with a caramel component. Some were incredible, some were good, and a handful missed the mark completely. A real caramel flavor can make or break an eliquid, and the caramel in Golden Truffle is as real as it gets. This is an intense smoke juice that just won’t quit, giving up a deep caramel flavor layered on top of a deep chocolate flavor until it combines into a storm of never-ending pleasure.

Of the three truffles this one has the biggest throat hit and least amount of vapor production, but the intensity of the flavor makes up for it. In the beginning I never thought this could be an all-day-vape simply because it is so enormously flavored, but before I knew it I was vaping it for an entire day…and then another. In addition to allowing the juice to mix with the air, vape it warm for the best flavor. 5 Stars

Jason: Golden Truffle is more caramel than it is chocolate, and for me that was the best news I could get. If you want an intense caramel vape, with an ass-kicking throat hit this is your ejuice.

I vaped Golden Truffle with a Nautilus fitted with a 1.8ohm coil on a Sigelei 30w, and using a new Gauntlet by Grand Vapor (black, with airflow control) dual coil .5-ohm on top of my Innokin MX-M (Chinese version). If you can drip it, do so, but if you can’t this incredible juice will give you such an mind-blowing vape you’ll wonder why it’s taken this long to be invented. Golden Truffle is definitely a 5 Star smoke juice

Mint Truffle – “Mint Truffle pairs savory semi-dark chocolate truffles with bright peppermint in a well-rounded dessert vape. The warm chocolate notes wrap around your senses while the peppermint lifts your spirits. Perfect for cool autumn nights or warm summer days. This is also a PG/VG blend.”

Julia: When I cracked open my bottle of ‘Mint Truffle’ for the first time the liquid inside has a very light green tint to it. But, after it was vigorously shaken, stirred, and left to air overnight the smoke juice became crystal clear. To me, that proved beyond a doubt that the truffle line needs to be aged at home for at least a day.

Mint Truffle uses an authentic peppermint flavoring and the truffle-ized chocolate flavoring found in the others. The nicotine strength of my bottle was 1.1%, yet it hit every bit as hard as an 18mg (1.8%) or 24mg (2.4%) nicotine eliquid. While all three can be said to hit harder than the usual 1.2% nicotine eliquids, they hit more like most 18mg (1.8%) eliquids we usually vape.

Johnson Creek created an excellent peppermint/chocolate smoke juice, but it’s just not an eliquid I would add to my collection. There are a couple of peppermint eliquids in my collection, but they don’t have chocolate in them. For the obviously high quality and exacting execution I give Mint Truffle a 4.5 Star rating. If you are looking for that elusive peppermint and chocolate eliquid this one could very well be the one you want.

Tom: An authentic peppermint and the same chocolate used in Royal Truffle (and maybe Golden Truffle as well), Mint Truffle is a fantastic choice for the upcoming holidays, or anytime you want a minty chocolate vape. Mint Truffle hits me where I live, with a real punch of sweet peppermint, countered by a chocolate that is less sweet than Royal Truffle but just as intense. A wicked throat hit but less vapor than I wanted, this one is still finding a home in my collection.

A warning to vapers that love to drip; be careful with Mint Truffle. In a normal glassomizer Mint Truffle kicks butt, and in a dripper it’s three times as intense in flavor and throat hit. If you can take the hit it’s very much worth it. Mint Truffle is a crave-killer. 5 Stars

Keira: Loved the flavor of Mint Truffle, but I was disappointed with the vapor production. I can’t say for sure, but I would guess that Mint Truffle is more PG than VG. I say that only because the flavor is so intense and the throat hit, even at 1.1% nicotine strength, feels like a 2.4% nic level throat hit. Finally, the vapor production isn’t comparable to the other factors, hence, lots of PG.

But, even with a lighter vapor production the strong peppermint and edgy chocolate flavors makes up for it. I’m adding Mint Truffle to my collection for times when I want something super intense, but super delicious at the same time. 4.75 Stars

Jason: Mint Truffle missed the mark for me. I liked the genuine peppermint flavor, but I think it was a mistake to go with a semi-sweet chocolate. I might have loved it had the chocolate been smoother, creamier, and sweeter. I think I know what they were going for, a sophisticated dark chocolate and peppermint dessert vape. That doesn’t do it for my tastes. I couldn’t wait to get back to my Golden Truffle…my new obsession.

Johnson CreekConclusion

Johnson Creek is really on the move now. After a longer than usual break that saw Johnson Creek laying low while everyone else was busy pushing forward with new vape gear and new eliquids, they are back with a vengeance.

In the past few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing their newest edition to the PG-free line with the 0.6% nic Genuine No 22 tobacco smoke juice, then the awesome glass tank last week, and now a major new smoke juice push with the Chocolate Truffles line.

Where they go next is anyone’s guess, but for now we’re content with having three fantastic new smoke juices to write about.

All three are superb eliquids that will stand among the tallest in the Johnson Creek lineup. As a team we may not have seen eye to eye on all three, but there is no doubt that we all understand the immense talent that went into these creations.

The clear-cut stand out among the three truffles is Golden Truffle, a magical caramel and chocolate smoke juice that has been added to our rotations, the first time this team has unanimously decided to add an eliquid to our weekly vaping. That’s how good Golden Truffle really is.

Risking redundancy I want to once again put forward that we all believe that the three Truffle smoke juices benefitted greatly to being aged a bit. There are several ways to do age an eliquid, but we found the following the best method.

  1. Break the seal, unscrew the cap and screw it back on.
  2. Shake vigorously for at least 30-seconds, 1 minute is better.
  3. Open the bottle again, and let sit open over night.
  4. Screw the top back on and shake again for 30-seconds.
  5. Open the bottle and inject the eliquid in your chosen devices.
  6. Let sit at least a couple of hours, better if overnight.

What you try to do is to oxygenate the smoke juice. Get the molecules moving. These are brand new eliquids and will deliver a much better flavor with a bit of aging.

Buying Advice

Johnson Creek is offering the Truffle line in the same sizes and prices as all the other smoke juice in the their line. You can purchase 5ml sampler bottles, 15ML and 30ML bottles. During Johnson Creek’s Chocopalooza days you can get a 10% discount when you buy three bottles or more.

If you only buy one bottle make it Golden Truffle. But we would also urge you to pick up the other two flavors in 5ml sizes at least, so that you can experience the whole Chocolate Truffle line as we did.

Tom McBride, Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes and Jason Little.

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