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JetCigs eLiquid By The Bottle. Off To A Great Start

An eLiquid special by John Manzione

Through March 31st JetCigs is offering Spinfuel readers a huge 30% off the eLiquid bottles. You are going to want to try these, so remember the coupon code: ‘SPINFUEL’.

By now tens of thousands of mini-eCig Vapers have tried JetCigs ‘prefilled cartomizers’ and discovered some delicious new flavors, American-Made flavors I might add. More than that, they became real fans of the brand. From the wonderfully rich Perique Tobacco to the deep and flavorful Clove Ecstasy, JetCigs lineup of nine (9) flavors have won over droves of new fans because of their superior flavors and the company’s commitment to quality.

Blu Refugees

JetCigs sells 510-compatible prefilled cartomizers so many of their regular customers have come over from Blu Cigs. I’ll admit that when it comes to Blu there are still a couple of flavors I love to vape, and do in fact vape, like Pina Colada and their version of Classic Tobacco. That said JetCigs brings prefilled cartomizer flavors to a whole different level. Sometimes I think it’s not exactly fair to compare the two.

As a refresher on what Spinfuel thinks of the JetCigs line of cartomizers I urge you to take a look at the review we did the day of their launch.

I have to be careful how I say this. I’ve rewritten this section a dozen times in the past 12 hours. Just about every prefilled cartomizer has an identity of being a ‘prefilled cartomizer’. That is to say that even good flavors like Pina Colada from Blu Cigs have the taste of an artificial flavor. It’s not bad, not at all, its just not very authentic. For that reason I could never vape Blu’s Pina Colada every day. With JetCigs that would never be an issue.

For some reason I can’t explain JetCigs has always managed to create flavors that you would get if you took a blank cartomizer and filled it yourself. Do you know what I mean? Other prefilled cartos taste like they were destined to be a prefilled cartomizer and JetCigs has always tasted fresher than that, more like an eLiquid in a bottle that you’ve completely saturated your blank cartomizers with. Their Perique Tobacco is one of my all-time favorite tobacco blends, and it’s like that down the line (except for clove, I just don’t get clove). Yet, because they were only available as a prefilled cartomizer my enjoyment of them has been limited. JetCigs are more authentic, flavorful, and satisfying than anything Blu offers today. If you know what I mean by this let me know below. I understand how confusing it can sound.

Where was I? Oh yea, tens of thousands of vapers have been vaping JetCigs cartomizers for months now… and the company is well on the way to becoming a major player in the eCigarette industry. Paying attention to quality and real flavor has paid off in spades. Now, they have embarked on something new; selling their custom blended eLiquid in 10ML bottles, something most prefilled cartomizer brands would never attempt.

I understand that there are many thousands of people that are completely satisfied with buying 5-packs of prefilled cartomizers, and I certainly don’t find fault in that. But, at the same time, when you fill your own cartomizer you have more control over the amount of flavor you experience. Being able to top off my cartomizer with a bottle of eLiquid is important to me. With JetCigs launching their custom blended flavors as eLiquids allows their current fan base the opportunity to get more life from their cartomizers, and to maintain the level of flavor from that cartomizer.

They are also able to reach the rest of the vaping community now.

Two To Begin With…

JetCigs, never a company wanting to stop moving forward, decided to launch two of their flavors as stand-alone eLiquids and hold back on the launch of the others until the FDA releases its proposals on how they want to proceed with the regulation of electronic cigarettes, with particular interest in the regulations on eLiquids. This is a smart move by a smart company. Testing the waters with the vaping community and limiting financial exposure until the Feds decide what to do is smart business and it is what I would expect from the people behind JetCigs.

Apple Medley and Mojito Mint

Last week we received JetCigs first two flavors in 10ML bottles and I’ve had the pleasure to spend some time vaping them with my Johnson Creek Vea and in a 3ML tank atop my ProVari. Below are my thoughts about JetCigs first foray into the eLiquid vendor business and the two flavors specifically.

Apple Medley

The JetCigs description for Apple Medley reads; “A splendid mix of apple cultivars which balances the sweetness of a Fuji against the tartness of a Granny Smith, with notes of Virginia fire-cured tobacco and honey to round out the bouquet. The result is miles above any other apple-flavored e-juice you’ve ever tried, and a perfect alternative to trying to finish a double apple hookah by yourself.

My description would not be as flowery as the one above. Instead, it would read; “Damn!!”

If you’ve had the pleasure of vaping JetCigs Apple Medley in their prefilled cartomizer form you will find that the bottled eLiquid tastes exactly the same…only more so.

It is a brilliant, crisp, clean, apple flavor that delivers more flavor in each drag than most Apple eLiquids could only dream of doing. I know that the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team like to talk about complexity and nuance when they discuss various brands and the eLiquid flavors of that brand. I think they would have had a field day talking about Apple Medley and Mojito Mint as eLiquids. Both are complex as hell, and how JetCigs manages to pull that off is far beyond my pay grade.

The Down N Dirty

Here’s the real test for me when it comes to vaping a new flavor. I was sent the eLiquid to try, no review was necessary or called for and I don’t think they actually expect to see a review published. So, being under no obligation to actually vape the stuff and write about it, what if I did wind up vaping it longer than a few minutes, especially when I am surrounded with my favorite eLiquids, what then? Wouldn’t that be a real test? Wouldn’t that be worth writing about?

My first vape with Apple Medley was with a Johnson Creek Vea cartomizer and a fully charged Vea battery. After half an hour of vaping I topped off the cartomizer. Half hour after that I topped it off again. Then I reached for my larger battery and filled a 3ML tank. I spent the rest of that night, and into the next day, vaping the heck out of Apple Medley. Yea, it was really that good. I’m definitely a little bummed out that I have about half of bottle left. 10ML can go pretty quick, but at only $5.99 a bottle I don’t mind.

What happened with my vaping of Apple Medley was that the flavor never gave out, the constant vapor production was just outstanding, and the throat hit maintained its intensity all the way through. I never felt like switching to my nightly favorite. I completely and utterly enjoyed vaping Apple Medley.

Mojito Mint

JetCigs describes their Mojito Mint like this; “The iconic, century-old Cuban cocktail is finally available in e-liquid form. We concocted a masterful mix of spearmint, wintergreen, and peppermint, and then infused it with lime and rum notes to mimic the classic recipe. The result is icy cold, yet warm and tangy – pure magic. You’ll think we did some voodoo to come up with something so wonderful.”

I remember Tom really loved this flavor and said as much in the original review of JetCigs so I invited him in for his own cartomizer full of Mojito Mint and asked him to tell me what he thought about it. But before I get to that, here’s what I think about Mojito Mint…

I’ve never had a Mojito until a year ago or so. I’m don’t drink, but I heard a lot about Mojitos while being here in Florida so I decided to try one.

I ordered one at a restaurant in Ft Lauderdale. It was a fantastic concoction. If Mojitos had been around in my younger days I might have had a drinking problem. In any case I know what they taste like, or should taste like. I wondered if JetCigs could actually replicate the taste of a Mojito in an eLiquid. I don’t know how, but they certainly did it. And they’ve carried over that fantastic flavor into the eLiquid bottles.

Vaping The Mojito eLiquid

The prefilled cartomizer of Mojito Mint is a favorite among many JetCigs fans, so the eLiquid had to live up to the cartomizer taste. Tom and I believe that it goes beyond the taste of the prefilled cartomizer, especially when its vaped in a tank.

After I had filled a Vea Cartomizer and vaped that for a while I did the 3ML tank thing again and it really shined. So much flavor, vapor and a great throat hit!

Naturally Tom loved the Mojito Mint as well, even more than I did. He’s a fanboi. If you’re looking for a genuine Mojito flavor in a vapor there is nothing better than this.

The Details

JetCigs eLiquids are made a little differently than most of the eLiquids I read about (in Spinfuel). Their magical mixture is a 60%/25%/15% blend of glycerin/PG/water and flavoring. I say whatever works, you know? This blend seems to deliver on all three major factors, vapor, flavor, and throat hit.

Right now JetCigs offers Apple Medley and Mojito Mint in 10ML bottles only. There is also just one nicotine level right now, 22MG (2.2%). A little high for me to vape all the time, but for most people this seems to be the level they want. The 10ML bottles are $5.99, making them very competitive with most other premium brands. And JetCigs is definitely a premium brand.

Both flavors are available now. JetCigs has set up a special Coupon Code for Spinfuel readers through March 31st. Using the code ‘SPINFUEL’ will get you 30% off the eLiquids, which turns out to be $4.19 a bottle!

Personal Notes

I am really happy for JetCigs for both professional and personal reasons. One of the founders of JetCigs and I developed a twitter relationship months before JetCigs launched. I remember when he asked me if Spinfuel would be interested in doing a review. Although we were “virtual friends” by then I told him that we would be interested as long as he understood that our review would be honest, and no matter how we felt about it and once we committed to doing the review it would be published and the results would stand. He was so confident in the product that he said he wouldn’t have it any other way. As it turned out, the review was very favorable. (Review)

JetCigs has grown a lot since those days, and they have the respect of the vaping community because they care about quality more than anything else, and when they offer something new they offer something that has been tested and tested and tested, and released only when the entire team is satisfied that they had delivered the best product possible. I believe in these guys.

The Quandary

Because these eLiquids were sent to me as a gift, as a “Hey, this is what we’re up to” I could have chosen to say nothing about it. Had the eLiquids been anything less than their prefilled cartomizer experience I think I would have found myself in a real quandary. There are many fans of JetCigs out there and I imagine the majority of them would have ordered the eLiquids if only to have something to top off their prefilled cartomizers, so it would have weighed heavily on me to speak up and alert them that the eLiquids just didn’t live up to the cartomizers. I hope I would have had the balls to do that. Thankfully, I’ll never have to find out.

If you’re a fan of JetCigs this is a no-brainer. Order the eLiquids and get more life out of your cartomizers, or use them as the catalyst to move up to a larger battery and tanks or eGo’s and clearomizers.

If you’ve never experienced JetCigs flavors, which are as unique to the eLiquid marketplace as anything you’ll ever taste, and you enjoy an Apple and/or a Mojito flavor eLiquid you will love them. If you’re just looking to try something new, a 10ML bottle for $5.99 is a great way to discover it, and with the Spinfuel coupon code of 30% Off it makes it even more a great deal.

I’m hoping it won’t be long before JetCigs starts shipping the rest of their flavors as eLiquids. Their Perique Tobacco is to die for, as is their Sweet Passion and Swiss Chocolate and Tiramisu.

Lastly, I think it is very cool that this once ‘prefilled cartomizer brand’ is now in the eLiquid business. You and I can enjoy a JetCigs flavor no matter what we’re using to vape. That is very good news indeed.

John Manzione

UPDATE: JetCigs also offers an inexpensive but high quality Starter Kit (510-threads), disposables in Classic Tobacco and Menthol as well. We will have a review of the disposables up in the next 2 or 3 weeks, maybe sooner.