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Prologue: Hurricane Vapor, a premium eLiquid that we here at Spinfuel eMagazine feels a certain connection with because we were the first to recognize the true artistry of Christian Vargas months before Hurricane Vapor launched, and then when they did launch we offered ourselves in order to see to it that our readers were properly introduced to this new, talented, mixologist. So it is with real joy that we bring you an eLiquid review by John Castle on a brand new flavor coming from Hurricane Vapor, Twilight Cavendish.

Twilight Cavendish cements Hurricane Vapor as a premier “tobacco house” eLiquid brand. They have seldom missed the mark on whatever flavor they’ve introduced, and this one reviewed today is no exception. It is a great tobacco eLiquid, but I’ll let Mr Castle tell you about it.


I was recently surprised to discover unexpected vapemail waiting for me in my mailbox, in the form of a thick envelope from Hurricane Vapor. I was completely taken by surprise; I hadn’t been expecting anything in the mail, neither via the regular Spinfuel review process nor by having ordered anything for my personal consumption.

Nevertheless, there it was. Eager as a teenager, I tore into the envelope, having no idea what to expect inside. What I found inside the envelope… was another envelope. Well, that was very “Russian Matryoshka Doll”…

But it was what I found inside the second envelope that I want to share with you today: Twilight Cavendish.Hurricane Vapor Twilight Cavensih - Spinfuel Choice Award

Hurricane Vapor describes Twilight Cavendish as: “Imagine a finely cured cavendish treated tobacco, soaked in luscious honey with hints of french vanilla, aged, then sun dried and smoked in charred oak chips, delivering a distinctly smooth and elegant flavor for the true tobacco connoisseur searching for a delicate and unique tobacco that is not overly sweet. Sit back, relax, and taste the artistry and care that has been put into this blend. “ 


It’s the bottling of Hurricane Vapor’s “Storm Juice” that has always struck me as being “out of the box”… because, in a manner of speaking, it’s in a “box” — in a squared bottle rather than a round one.

And I don’t know what it is — there’s no logical reason for me to think so — but it seems to me that something about the shape of the bottle itself leads the liquid inside to mature more quickly than it might otherwise do in a standard, round bottle.

I know it prevents it from fitting into my mod stand, that’s for certain.

With that said, the clear glass bottling allows more direct light to interact with the liquid, which accelerates the oxidation/steeping process. As with all of Hurricane Vapor’s bottlings, the labeling is professional but not what I, personally, think of as “premium” — not “artsy” in the way The Plume Room’s or The Vapor Chef’s labels are. Very much a “workhorse” feel, though absolutely complete, even taking the (somewhat unusual) step of listing the liquid’s PG/VG ratio, marking a very welcome exception to the rule.


In hue, Twilight Cavendish is a deep amber edging toward rust. You will have no trouble filling a clearomizer with this liquid. The rotational test was somewhat hampered by the bottle’s square shape, but performed with the liquid in an X.Jet Vivi Nova, the liquid showed a very even line, denoting perfect consistency, and a moderate ripple pattern, speaking well of its 50/50 PG/VG ratio.


The nose on Twilight Cavendish is practically a battleground between two notes: First is a very dry, very robust pipe tobacco, a Cavendish-treated burley, if I don’t miss my guess. Second is a deep, dark maple syrup or molasses note with a hint of French vanilla. The nose here is very dark and faintly sweet.


Visual vapor production from Twilight Cavendish, as vaped in the X.Jet Spider, is just ridiculous. I know I’ve made a great big noise about the atomizer heads common to the X.Jet and Aspire BDC clearomizers, but even I was put on my heels by the vapor output of this liquid.

In short: It’s nuts. Vape this liquid in public company, particularly in an X.Jet or in an Aspire clearomizer, and you really ought to brace yourself for questions. I took an X.Jet Spider full of this stuff to my nearby watering hole, and my Old Fashioned had to wait on my for a good half hour while I answered questions about what I was “smoking” and “Ohhhh, that really smells good!”

Which brings me to the next point about the vapor output from this liquid: Yes, it absolutely carries the flavor/scent of the vape, and yes, it absolutely does convey the tobacco flavor. And yet, in my personal experience, it doesn’t engender complaints from the nonsmoking public — the sweetness of maple and vanilla married to the robust pipe tobacco notes seem to please even nonsmokers. So, vape this with confidence.

Throat Hit

I’ve come into the belief that the flavor of an eliquid has a marked impact on its throat hit, and Twilight Cavendish is yet another liquid that reinforces that impression. My experience of the throat hit with this liquid is that it is… and it’s hard to put this in terms that are going to be relatable… it’s upholstered. It’s like getting smacked with a chair cushion.

It’s forceful, yet comfortable. There’s absolutely not a ‘thump’ sensation about it, but you definitely feel it, all the way down to the bottom of the lungs depending on what you vape this out of.


The flavor of this vape is almost beyond description, but I’m going to give it my best college try anyway. There’s a lot happening here, and it’s all very, very good.

The very first thing I get, on the inhale, is that Cavendish, a deeply robust tobacco that just gets right in my face with its unrelenting, dry, strength. The next thing that comes in, right on its heels, is a sweetness that, to me, is very reminiscent of maple syrup or brown sugar. On the exhale, it turns out that French vanilla slipped in behind them and is giving me a stern look on the way out.

Hurricane Vapor Twilight Cavensih - Spinfuel Choice AwardOverall, the flavor experience is that of a very serious tobacco that’s on a mission to let you know just what tobacco is and what it’s all about. This is absolutely a bravura tobacco vape from a company that demonstrated early on with flavors like Sunshine Cured that it knows tobacco flavors. Had somebody told me a big, wild story about an amazing Naturally Extracted Tobacco flavor, and then handed me Twilight Cavendish, I’d have believed every single word of that story, because this vapes like a NET, it tastes like a NET, and it satisfies like a NET — without actually being a NET.

This is tobacco done right.

Recommendation and Conclusion

Is Twilight Cavendish for you?

If you like tobacco vapes…

If you like them with sweetness to balance some very, very authentic dryness…

If you like the flavor of whatever you’re vaping to get right up in your face, grab you by the lapels, and shake you until you understand that the flavor is in charge…

Then yes, absolutely this vape is for you. On every single attribute that matters to a vaper, I give this liquid a hearty 5 Stars.

John Castle