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Hurricane Vapor Awarded Spinfuel Choice Award

Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

After Tom’s enticing review of the then-unreleased Belgian Simmered Tobacco e-Liquid from Hurricane Vapor the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team wanted to bring the flavor in to see if it was as good as Tom indicated. We needed to know if it should it carry the Spinfuel Choice Award moniker.

Well, the vaping is done, the talks are over, and scores are tabulated…. And with that Spinfuel is proud to award Belgian Simmered Tobacco the coveted Spinfuel Choice Award for Excellence in eLiquid Artistry.

Here’s the team’s response after spending some quality time with Hurricane Vapors newest Storm Juice.

Julia: 5 Stars – I’m so glad we were able to do this. After hearing Tom talk about Belgian Simmered Tobacco for days it was just too much to put off. I had to try some. I’m thrilled to be able to say that it did live up to Tom’s overwhelming endorsement.

Belgian Simmered Tobacco is a very rich, full flavored, semi-sweet tobacco vape with a strong throat hit and amazing vapor production with very satisfying tobacco notes. With strong hints of fine Belgian chocolate, Belgian Simmered Tobacco’s golden color, delicious aroma, and magnificent presence make it one of the best tobacco eLiquids on the market. The touch of sweet honey really brings it home. Now I have three tobacco flavors to choose from,

Tom: 5 Stars – What can I add that I haven’t already said? I knew this was a 5 Star tobacco blend the first few minutes I spent with it. Belgian Simmered Tobacco had its job cut out for it in order to tie or beat Sunshine Cured of Amber Toasted. And to no one’s surprise Hurricane Vapor has created yet another tobacco flavor with distinct characteristics of its own. Touches of dark Belgian chocolate and smooth honey undertones give this elegant tobacco vape a well-deserved place on the shelf, along with the other Spinfuel Choice Awards already awarded to Hurricane Vapor. Bravo!

John: 5 Stars – Sometimes, just sometimes, I will vape an eLiquid that must be talked about and Belgian Simmered Tobacco is one of them. I didn’t think Hurricane Vapor could do any better with a tobacco blend then its masterful Sunshine Cured or even Toasted Amber, so when Belgian Simmered arrived I believed there was a chance that HV was going to overreach. Still, I wasn’t shocked by how delicious it was.

However, I was surprised that one eLiquid brand could craft such meticulous and rewarding tobacco flavors so quickly. Sunshine Cured, Amber Toasted, and Belgian Simmered are the Paul, George, and Ringo of the Hurricane Vapor Tobacco lineup. Can’t wait to see John’s entrance on the stage.

Jason: 5 Stars – It takes a special eLiquid to get my attention, and when it comes to tobacco eLiquid blends it really has its work cut out for it. I’ve seen too many tobacco eLiquids shoot for the sky and miss, so I was nervous about bringing Belgian Simmered Tobacco before the team. We had already been mightily impressed with HV’s Sunshine Cured and Amber Toasted, so brining yet another tobacco flavor to the team so quickly was a big risk. Thankfully, it was a risk that paid off. After spending time vaping Belgian Simmered it will be difficult to talk about it without sounding like a PR machine.

The delectable combination of flavor characteristics; Belgian chocolate, sweet honey, and a deep rich tobacco created a magical eLiquid that is breathtakingly good. Some tobacco blends are worth taking your time to study each of the delicious elements that create the overall character and Belgian Simmered is absolutely one of them.

Keira: 5 Stars – I cannot remember enjoying a tobacco flavor more. It must be the subtle hints of Belgian chocolate or the sweet touch of honey. Whatever it is, this eLiquid is pure flavor. Masterful strokes of genius creating a recipe so elegant and tasteful, so unbelievably satisfying and soulful it is nearly impossible to take it all in. Belgian Simmered Tobacco deserves to be vaped by the very best tobacco connoisseurs in all of VapeLandia. Oh wait; it is being vaped by connoisseurs of VapeLandia!

Granted, this little girl doesn’t spend a whole lot of time vaping tobacco flavors, but if more tobacco flavors had this kind of deep, rich and delicate notes of wonderful, along with a never-ending sense of fulfillment I would gladly vape tobacco flavors more often. Hurricane Vapor has created such a beautiful tobacco vape that it will be difficult to judge future tobacco flavors without holding them up to this one.

In conclusion… usually we take a break for a few days before gathering our thoughts about what we had just vaped, usually so we don’t sound like over zealous groupies looking for a backstage pass to see the band. But in this case we had to make an exception. Tom has been going on and on about this wonderful new addition to the Hurricane Vapor lineup so we simply had to see what the fuss was about. The bottom line to awarding Belgian Simmered Tobacco a Spinfuel Choice Award is to encourage our fellow Vapers who enjoy tobacco blends to give this one a try. Finding new flavors to share with others is one of the greatest pleasures of reviewing eLiquids. With Belgian Simmered earning 5 Stars across the board we are confident that any Vaper looking for the next great tobacco vape will find it with this one.

Deeply satisfying, luscious Belgian chocolate characteristics, with a hint of sweet honey, give this rich tobacco flavored eLiquid the power of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb. I think the only way to truly experience such a rewarding blend is to experience it first hand. If tobacco eLiquid is something you lust for, Belgian Simmered Tobacco should be your next purchase.

Today Hurricane Vapor has earned its sixth Spinfuel Choice Award. Congratulations Hurricane Vapor! We look forward to your next masterpiece!

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team