Amsterdam is a place full of culture. And hotspots There are many museums along with art galleries here. Apart from this there are numerous cafes and restaurants, canals, and historic buildings. Amsterdam is however famous for weed and sex. Weed is available in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam as well. Sex and weed are things which are often bought and soft in Amsterdam. You need to be careful as shady elements can be present behind some of it. Many tourists come to the city for fun. 

The following are some hotspots that you should not miss when in Amsterdam:

The Exciting Nine Streets is such a hotspot

The 9 Streets

If you want to go to a place that you can show off with on Instagram, visit the 9 Streets. It is known as De Negen Straatjies to the locals. It consists of a series of nine streets which are breathtaking. You will find boutique shops, quaint cafes along with grand canals here. 

This tree-lined place of Jordaan is picturesque. Those who want to shop should visit it. You can enjoy some coffee or go window shopping. 

The Floating Flower Market Bloemenmarkt

This is a sweet smelling place in Amsterdam. Enjoy a cruise on a boat upon the Singel canal. Embrace yourself for a flora explosion with exciting colors. 

This is a unique floating flower market which is open daily. It is an excellent place to purchase tulips within the city. 

The Mata Hari Hotspots

If you are looking for a place to eat, enjoy a scrumptious lunch or dinner at the Mata Hari. It is found in the city’s Red Light District. This café mostly uses local and seasonal items. Everything including the ice cream tends to be home-made. 

Those wanting to have a drink will find many wines here. There are local and specialty beers, cocktails, teas as well as coffees. Seat yourself outdoors overlooking a historic canal in Amsterdam. You can even relax in the beautiful Art Deco décor present inside. 

Vondelpark Hotspots

Amsterdam Vondelpark

This is said to be the largest along with the most visited park in the city. It is present on 120 acres and has fun stuff for all. You will experience expanses of green area that have peaceful ponds along with traversed ample paths. The park also has a beautiful rose garden.

There are different sculptures and statues here. Kids will enjoy the playgrounds. There are even other recreational facilities such as rollerblade rental. The Vondelpark Open Air Theater is here as well. It is a venue for entertaining musicals as well as stage productions present from May through September. 

There are many cafes here where one can eat a snack or have a full meal. 

If you want to relax you can visit places like a coffeeshop Amsterdam. There are different kinds of Weed and Hash here. When visiting Amsterdam you will definitely want to see as much of the city as possible. Apart from the above, there are many other amazing places to visit here. You will not regret your trip to Amsterdam.