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The Gen-X eLiquid Review – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

I first heard about Gen-X Vapor during a broadcast of “Down The Rabbit Hole” on VapeOn.Tv. The hosts on the show were giving away some of Gen-X eLiquids and the participation in the giveaway was unusually active. Following the giveaway there were many good things said about the company and it piqued my interest. “Should we extend an invitation to Gen-X?” I thought. Believe it or not, deciding whom to invite for a full-on Spinfuel eLiquid Review is not as easy as going through the phonebook and picking out names. So I slept on it and decided to take a look at there website and browse around the net to get an idea of who Gen-X was and what their reputation seemed to be. As you can see, we invited them, they accepted, and the review is now complete and a part of the Spinfuel Archives. Mission accomplished.

Spinfuel Choice Award – Gen-X Vapors is receiving two (2) Choice Awards in this review. They have no idea that this is happening and will not find out until they read the review. Two of their flavors simply impressed the hell out of us with outstanding flavor, a robust throat hit, and plumes of vapor in every drag from our mods. The funniest thing is though, neither flavor were Gen-X’s Leigh and Jennifer’s choice as their own favorites. In fact, one of the flavors is no longer listed on the Gen-X website so we have no idea if they will come back or not.

The Team – This time out Tom McBride, me, as the lead project leader and writer, and the team consisted of Julia Barnes, Jason Little, Keira Hartley, and our newest staff member, Angel. (Her real name, I kid you not).

Review Prep – Gen-X Vapor submitted 12 eLiquid flavors for review. The 30ML bottles were mixed on January 24th, 2013. They were allowed to steep until February 15th. The 72-Hour vaping period ran from the morning of the 15th until the following Monday morning. That afternoon the meeting between the team members was held and all notes were gathered up by me. The final draft was written and sent to Julia up north, and with just a couple of minor tweaks was sent back on February 22nd. There are a couple of paragraphs that were added today, as this piece goes to the publishing stage. This couldn’t be helped.

Team Members and Hardware

– For this review I decided to go with the VAMO and a Vivi Nova, Texas Tuff Tank, various cartomizers, and some Kanger Clearos with the 510-eGo adapter.

Jason used an eVic throughout the review period, along with several cartos and a few Vivi Nova’s.

Keira also used an eVic throughout the review period, along with Kanger EVOD’s. For each flavor reviewed Keira changed out the atty head.

Julia vaped with her red brass ZMAX rev 2 and several Kanger T3’s and MT3’s.

Angel came to us in early February as an assistant to the art department and discovered vaping immediately. As an ex-smoker who always missed the “act” of smoking, Angel was anxious to begin her adventure in vaping. Angel has an uncanny sense of taste and passed our “eLiquid Flavor Test” with a score of 100%, a first for anyone at Spinfuel. She is a natural for this and will certainly offer much to this and future eLiquid reviews. Angel uses a Johnson Creek Vea as well as a Provari mini, in pink. A new Vea cart was used for each flavor, and for use with the ProVari Angel chose mini-Vivi Nova’s with 1.8ohm atty heads.

Scoring and Rating – As always, we used the 5-Star scoring method. Any flavor that earned 5 Stars from every member of the team is awarded the Spinfuel Choice Award. Two such flavors scored Choice Awards in this review.

The Review

Part One – Overall Impressions

The first thing Gen-X tells you on their website is that they use the maximum amount of flavoring in every eLiquid they create. That becomes evident almost immediately. There is no lacking of flavor in Gen-X eLiquids, except for a couple that we will get to. Gen-X offers 36 flavors of eLiquids.

Every member agreed that the needle-nose tips on the plastic 30ML bottles performed excellently and there was little use for syringes this time around. Being able to fill a tank, Clearo, or cartomizer quickly by using the needle-nose tips saved time and resulted in nice, clean fills and refills. For Vapers that prefer to fill from the bottle the needle-nose tips are wonderful.

The eLiquids poured easily, Gen-X eLiquids are not as thin as some others, but they would not be classified as thick eJuice. The liquids were colorful and aromatic.

All 12 flavors were better when pushed into the higher voltages or higher wattage levels. Something about their ingredients or recipes that allow you to get to a whole new level of flavor at higher powers. Most of the flavors were pushed past 4.6v or 9-watts, without any problem. The only times we could not take them that high was when we were vaping in normal cartomizers. Unfortunately we did not have any low resistance cartomizers, which might have delivered yet another surprise in the flavor area.

The packaging was fine, but there are also several vendors that spend a great deal more energy and money with glass bottles and foil labels, cardboard tubes, shrink-wrap bottlenecks, and so forth, whereas Gen-X uses plastic bottles and labels that are printed “on site”. Some of the labels came loose over time, though none fell off. There is a lot of room for improvement in presentation but this shouldn’t hold anyone back from trying the product.

Particular Points of Interest of Gen-X Vapor: Gen-X offers only 1 size; 30ML/1 ounce. Each 30ML bottle is priced at only $10.99. Under the description for each flavor Gen-X Vapor includes the following:

Please note* Due to the high concentration of flavorings used in our e-Liquids we can only accommodate 50% VG in e-liquids with 18mg nicotine or less.

Of Special Note – It has to be said that Gen-X eLiquids improve greatly with some home steeping, but even then a few flavors just didn’t meet our expectations. Gen-X mixes your order right before shipping it out to you, in the bottle that you will receive, so there is no steeping before you receive it, other than the time spent in transit.
Some eLiquid companies mix their eLiquids in batches, and steep them at their facility, while others do as Gen-X does and mix them in the bottle and ship them out. You should find out ahead of time which method your eLiquid vendor uses. It is vital that any eLiquid gets the amount of steeping that it needs which can be anywhere from a week to a month. Vaping a barely-steeped eLiquid is not going to allow you to taste the full flavor, not even close.

Lastly, several of the graphics are missing from the Gen-X website. It seemed to me that Gen-X was or is in a state of flux. Missing graphics, wildly eratic flavors, and more gives the impression that they are either growing too fast or are just naturally unorganized. In any case, we can only report on what we experience.

The 12 flavors being reviewed today are:

1. Caramel Moccachino – 12MG
2. Very Berry- 12MG
3. Savannah Strawberry Cake- 12MG
4. XYZinger- 12MG
5. Peanut Butter Cup- 12MG
6. Lemon Delight- 12MG
7. Pineapple Upside Down Cake- 12MG
8. Vanilla Spice- 12MG
9. Lemon Berry Muffin- 12MG
10. Mudslide- 12MG
11. Melonballs of fire- 12MG

eLiquid Flavor Reviews – Comments and Scores

The eLiquids reviewed are listed below in random order. All the names were thrown into a bucket and pulled out one at a time and discussed. Not every word spoken or written by the team members were used in this review, but the important points are. They are truly representative of the thoughts of the team members about each flavor.

Gen-X Vapor provides ample descriptions for each flavor of eLiquid, a practice all eLiquid vendors should have.

And…. Let’s begin…

Caramel Moccachino – “Gen. X Vapor’s Caramel Moccachino E-Liquid a rich coffee e-juice, draped in thick, sweet caramel & cream.
Thanks to this eLiquid, now you won’t have to break the bank at your local coffee house!” – Gen-X

Tom: 3.75 Stars – I found Caramel Moccachino to be an above-average coffee/caramel/cream flavor. Smoother and sweeter than similar flavors I’ve tried. It has a very pleasant aroma and just a slight aftertaste, which is common with most coffee vapes. The vapor production was not all that great but well above average, so for me it was acceptable.

Keira: 4.0 Stars – Caramel Moccachino is getting 4 stars for being a rich, yet smooth eJuice. I might have taken it even higher had I enjoyed the caramel flavor more. I thought it had a very good throat hit. This is a sweet coffee/caramel blend and for vapers that enjoy sweet blends like this it will be a good selection. Let’s face it, $10.99 for 30ML is pretty good.

Jason: 3.0 Stars – I thought Caramel Mocchachino was an average eLiquid. It’s really nothing special other than being a ‘sweeter’ vape than most others in the same category. I wouldn’t add this flavor to my own selection of eLiquids, but I wouldn’t turn it down either. It’s, okay.

Julia: 3.25 Stars – There are a couple of flavors in this review that are fantastic, but this is not one of them. It’s okay, but just okay. I think if you like a moccachino eLiquid you’ll probably like it, though it is a tad sweeter than others I’ve tried. A nice throat hit and good vapor production, this flavor lets you know you’ve been vaping, which is kind of nice.

Angel: 3.5 Stars – A caramel flavor needs sweetness to it as well as boldness. Caramel Moccachino delivers on the sweetness but its not as bold as it should be. Others call it smoothness, but to me it’s a lack of a hard hitting coffee mix. But, there are very few blends in this category that get it right, so I’m okay with it. Throat hit is above average for 12MG of nicotine, and the vapor production was just right. For an $11/30ML eLiquid there is nothing to complain about.

Very Berry Pie: Spinfuel Choice Award – “Gen. X Vapor’s delicious triple berry pie eLiquid tastes just like the pie mom used to make. Red raspberries, fresh blueberries, and luscious strawberries with the perfect touch of tart make this ejuice a triple yummy winner!” – Gen-X

Tom: 5 Stars – By far one of the best ‘berry’ blends I’ve ever vaped. Very strong berry flavor, wicked vapor production, and a great throat hit. Complex as all get-out, you can pick and choose which berry you want to taste, which is kinda weird. If I want to taste more blueberry, or raspberry, or strawberry all I have to do is think about the dominant flavor and there it is, with hints of the other berries in the background. If you’ve been following my reviews you know I’m not a fruity Vaper but in this case, I’ll add this to my usual rotation immediately. An award winner! Bravo!

Keira: 5 Stars – Talk about piling on the flavor, Very Berry Pie is packed with flavor! I don’t think I’ve every vaped any fruity flavored eLiquid with this much flavoring before. In addition to tremendous flavor there is a ton of vapor and very nice throat hit. This was the 4th flavor for me in this review and the first three had very little complex flavoring. Very Berry is a complicated flavor. Hard to discern the individual berries, but they are there. Definitely a 5 Star winner!

Jason: “Wow”, that was the first thing I uttered after taking in a long steady drag of Very Berry. This puppy is packed with flavor! A most impressive fruit-based eLiquid with more than its share of vapor and throat hit as well. As for being complex? Yes, very much so. When you can identify each berry in blend like this it is a complex flavor for sure. I loved it.

Julia: 5 Stars – To be totally honest, I’ve been looking for a fruit flavored vape that could pack in as much flavor as something like this. Very Berry Pie’s strongest feature is its flavor; with so much complexity in the way the 3 berries are hidden and then just pops up when you need it to. That is the definition of a complex eLiquid. Complex because the flavors are not lost into each other, and nuanced because you can tell your taste buds what to taste and it does the job, with bits of the other two berries sort of tapping your tongue, going “Psst! Over here! Look, it’s me, Raspberry!” … I love this one and have waited for this kind of eLiquid for a long time. Welcome home!

Angel: 5 Stars – 5 star eLiquids don’t have to be perfect, not in my mind, but it does have to deliver a vaping experience that you really want to repeat time and again. Very Berry Pie does just that. So flavorful as to stand alone among most of the fruit flavored eLiquids I’ve ever had. I enjoyed everything about this blend. Is it my all-time world’s favorite eLiquid? No, but its in the top 5 and that’s a hard place to be. Excellent recipe. Makes me wonder why all of Gen-X’s flavors can’t be this good.

Savannah Strawberry Cake – “This e-liquid was inspired by the Savannah Strawberry Tall Cake recipe created by that southern cooking icon that we dessert lovers know so well. We have this southern style strawberry cake, with a golden cake, heavy creamy notes and fresh, ripe strawberries this eLiquid will have y’all begging for more!” – Gen-X

Tom: 4 Stars – Gen-X makes note on the page for this eLiquid that says its one of their top sellers. I’m sure it is, but to me there are others they offer that are much better. I will give it the benefit of the doubt for one reason; timing. This particular flavor was one of three that I sampled as soon as they arrived here at the office. It wasn’t even a week old yet, and there was very little flavor to it at all and almost no sweetness to it. Then, was it was time to vape them for this review there was nearly 4 times the amount of flavor (not that I did any math, it’s a best-guess thing). The flavor was beginning to come into its own big time. I filled a 510 blank cartomizer and stashed it for later, and the night before I began to build the narrative for this review I vaped it one more time. Just about a month old, it was delicious! I’m giving it 4 stars because it deserves 4 stars. Had I not stashed the carto it would have come in at no more than 3 stars.

Keira: 4.50 Stars – Before I get into the flavor of this blend I’ll say that for vapor and throat hit this strawberry vape delivered well. Lots of vapor and a stronger than I thought throat hit made it a decent eLiquid. I only wish the flavor was stronger than it was. I could taste the cake part but the strawberry flavors wasn’t nearly as strong as it needed to be to win me over. Still, it is a good eLiquid and the flavor of strawberries is very nice indeed.

Jason: 4.0 Stars – I’ve vaped strawberry cake, cheesecake, and other strawberry + something vapes, but this one seems to be in a ‘taste of its own’ category. Maybe there really is a difference between normal strawberry flavor and a “savannah” flavor. I usually discount wording like that as just marketing, but maybe it counts here. This strawberry flavor wasn’t as sweet as other strawberry eLiquids, but it was pretty good nonetheless.

Julia: 4.25 Stars – I liked this flavor, but you could tell it needed more steep time than we gave it. We did wait until it was 3 weeks old, but I’m thinking another week would have given it a stronger strawberry flavor. This score is based on the fact that at 3 weeks old it was “good”, and that at 4 weeks old it would have probably been “great”. A good amount of vapor, a decent throat hit, but not very complex. Certainly no “nuances”, nor would you expect there to be with a simple flavor combination.

Angel: 4.75 Stars – This eLiquid was about a week away from turning into a wonderful Strawberry Cake vape. Everything was coming together. Tremendous vapor, a really good throat hit, and a great strawberry were barreling toward the finish line. Unbeknownst to anyone else, since I knew it needed a bit more time I tucked a carto full of this eJuice and hid it until the very last moment, the night before this review was to be wrapped up. I was right; it turned into an awesome vape. It loses .25 points for having a very light aftertaste of the ‘cake’ flavor. If you are looking for a strawberry cake vape this could very well be it. Let it vape for a while though. If you receive any eLiquid from Gen-X and it is less than a week old hide it from yourself for another 3 weeks. You won’t be sorry.

XYZinger – “X-YZinger E-Juice is our take on those super tasty berry covered, cream filled cakes, topped with a sprinkle of coconut that you used to love so much as a kid. Now you can have all that yummy-ness in an e-liquid, instead of a lunch pail.” – Gen-X

Tom: 4.75 Stars – I’m not sure what’s preventing me from giving this a full 5 Star rating. I do know there is an initial taste that is somewhat “off”, so maybe that’s it. But, having said that I have to tell you that there is this awesome taste of coconut, a nice sweet coconut, that definitely delivers on the exhale, and it makes the Gen-X description about as accurate as you can get.

Keira: 3.5 Stars – There is something a little off with XYZinger, as Tom says. Although I love that “sprinkle of coconut” taste coming out of the drag I don’t taste much raspberry. I know exactly what they are going for with this flavor because I still love the raspberry cream cakes you can get at the grocery store, particularly the Publix brand one. You get that cream filling taste initially, followed by the hints of coconut, but the raspberry needs work. I’m wondering if more time steeping would do it, or an extra shot of raspberry. (they already max out the flavoring kiddo- ed)

Jason: 5 Stars – Oh man, this is such a great eLiquid! I understand that sometimes knowing what an eLiquid is supposed to taste like can influence your own taste, but I swear even if I had had no idea what this was supposed to taste like I would have guessed it after a few minutes of vaping. It’s not a dead giveaway, but it does come to you if you’ve eaten these raspberry cream cakes before. Great vapor and throat hit, wonderful coconut aftertaste, this is delicious! Excellent work!

Julia: 4.5 Stars – XYZinger is one of those eLiquids that really swells up with flavor at high voltage. If you vape this in a normal standard resistance cartomizer in a mini-ecig battery, which I did just to test my theory, it delivered an okay vape. Very average in everything except vapor, the vapor output was still pretty good. But vape this eLiquid in a tank, crank it up to 4.5+ and watch it blast off. It’s no wonder this is a big seller for Gen-X. It’s a damn fine eLiquid.

Angel: 4.0 Stars – First off, the coconut on the way out is enormously satisfying. The hint of raspberry is okay, and the cream filling is okay. Put them all together and you have something that is at once an all-day vape and a desert vape, depending on what you want or need. I have to admit that Gen-X got the cream cake down pat, and it is one I would definitely recommend. I don’t know if Gen-X offers extra shots of flavoring but if they did I’d ask them to bump up the raspberry, that was the only thing holding it back from a 5 star eLiquid. Throat hit, vapor, and complexity were outstanding. (no, it’s maxed out in flavor – ed)

Gen-X Peanut Butter Cup – “Rich milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter make this ejuice undeniably tasty. We love it; we think you’ll love it! But don’t take our word for it, check out the videos and see what others think about it…”-Gen-X

Tom: 4.5 Stars – I did not expect to like this one at all. The last time I had a peanut butter flavored eLiquid I couldn’t stand it. I’ve had some that they were “eh”, or “okay”, but for the most part I just don’t care for them. So imagine my surprise when I vaped Peanut Butter Cup and liked it. I really liked it. Here’s why; Just about every peanut butter flavor I’ve vaped in the past had the taste of just that; peanut butter. Gen-X delivers a real, authentic peanut butter cup, like a Reese’s cup. That made all the difference in the world. This was the first peanut butter flavor I was able to vape for the entire length of time I was supposed to spend with it.

Keira: 3.0 Stars – I don’t much care for peanut butter anything, so I didn’t particularly care for this eLiquid. Still, after listening to the others I’ve come to the conclusion that for vapers out there that do enjoy a peanut butter vape this one is probably excellent. And honestly, out of the 3 or 4 peanut butter flavors I’ve had this one is by far the least offensive.

Jason: 4.0 Stars – Up until this peanut butter eLiquid I had no desire to get involved with any peanut butter eLiquid. There are only so many ways you can do peanut butter, but I’ll be damned if Gen-X wasn’t able to create an honest to god peanut butter cup. This version is very good, and the best way to vape it is in a tank or Clearo because it can handle a lot of heat. Although I can’t see myself buying this flavor I would definitely enjoy it if I were offered some. Trust me, that’s saying a lot.

Julia: 3.5 Stars – Gen-X gets it right with the description, it does taste like a peanut butter cup, and no one would deny that. But the question is; would you spend money on it? That depends on how much you like peanut butter eLiquids and if you do buy peanut butter flavors than by all means buy one of these. $10.99 for 30ML, and a special discount for Spinfuel readers, you can try it on the cheap. Good vapor and throat hit, and a smooth peanut butter taste, this one will make peanut butter fans very very happy.

Angel: 4.0 Stars– I’ve always wondered what people saw in peanut butter eLiquids. First, there are only so many hours in a day that you can vape, and so many awesome flavors out there why would you waste your time with peanut butter? Now I understand a little better. Gen-X peanut butter cup tastes a lot like a real peanut butter cup and I could actually see myself loading up a Kanger T3 and vaping it on a Friday night, at home, watching a zombie movie. Live and learn.

Lemon Deelight – “Are you looking for a mouth-watering, rich lemon drenched cake with an extra special twist? If so you will be deelighted to try this buttery, lemony very yummy e-juice.
We think you’ll be begging for more!”-Gen-X

Tom: 4.75 Stars – One of the top 5 lemon eLiquids I’ve had to pleasure to vape. Sweet, lemony, with a real cake twist, I totally enjoyed every minute. So, why not 5 Stars? There is a small difference between excellent and great, and Lemon Deelight is excellent, but not great. Almost great, with one helluva throat hit, lots of vapor, and a sweet lemon flavor. If lemon is your thing, this is an excellent way to enjoy it.

Keira – 5 Stars – I’m not positive but I don’t think I’ve ever given 5 stars to a lemon eLiquid. Not sure why that is, but it is. Lemon Deelight is a sweet lemon cake that delivers everything you want in a lemon vape; sweetness, a nice lemon flavor without that lemon tartness, a nice cake finish to wind it out. A lot of vapor, and the strongest throat hit of the bunch, this is a true winner. Lemon lovers cannot go wrong.

Jason: 4 Stars – If you are into lemon-flavored eLiquids than Lemon Deelight is one you should definitely try. A full 30ML for $10.99 plus a discount from Spinfuel or the first-time buyers discount gets you this eLiquid for even less. Lemon lovers will want to stock up on it too. A very powerful throat hit and ample vapor round this out to be an excellent lemon eLiquid. If you are sure of two things; the love of lemon, and a throat hit that will hit you hard, then you simply will not be unhappy, no matter how much of it you buy. If you’re not sure about lemon but you’re interested in feeling a throat hit as strong as this, try a bottle, but no more until you know exactly what you’re getting.

Julia: 4.0 Stars – I’ll be upfront and tell you that the throat hit in Lemon Deelight is stronger than you think it is. Leaving out all the exotic, hard hitting eLiquids that are made for a wicked throat hit, think back to the strongest hit from a normal eLiquid flavor and then double it. That’s just too much for me.

On the flavor front however, the sweet lemon flavor works well, along with a nice cake finish, it tastes wonderful. If only that could tone down the throat hit.

Angel: 5 Stars – An excellent sweet lemon cake vape. Powerful throat hit (almost too powerful), a full flavored lemon with soft sweetness to it, and a nicely done cake flavor on the exhale and you got yourself an amazing eLiquid. A crowd pleaser, for lemon lovers.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake – “If you take a rich buttery cake, and top it with a sweet golden caramelized sugary pineapple transform that into an e-juice, you would have Gen. X Vapor’s Pineapple Upside-down Cake E-Liquid! 110% decadence, and your waistline won’t hate you tomorrow!

Tom: 2 Stars – Pineapple Upside Down Cake was the biggest disappointment from Gen-X Vapor. Either something was very wrong with the bottle we received or this is just completely off the mark. I can taste no pineapple, no cake, no anything, other than a perfumy flavor reminiscent of the really bad eLiquids of my early vaping days. A complete breakdown from what was turning out to be a great adventure in vaping.

Keira: 1 Star – How do you go some making some of the best eLiquids around and then totally mess it up with a seriously bad one? I would love the story on the creation of this flavor. I’ve had a few other pineapple upside down cake eLiquids before that were wonderful, and this just fails on a major scale.

Jason: 1 Star – Such a huge disappoint for my Gen-X adventure. There is nothing in this eLiquid that even hints at pineapple. This must be a mistake. Has to be. No other possibility.

Julia: 0 Stars – Pineapple upside down cake is my least liked flavor of the bunch, and I don’t understand how that could happen. I agree with everyone else, there has to be something amiss here. Maybe someone new mixed this, or something was mislabeled. All I do know is that this is just awful.

Angel: Watching you guys do these reviews over the past few months it has crossed my mind that one day one of these brands are going to test you like this. Just to see if you are really spending the time you say you do on all these flavors. When I first met the team I wondered about it too, until I saw you guys in action. This is so mislabeled, so poorly done that it has to either be a mistake or a deliberate sabotage to see if you are really on the up and up. Either way, this bottle of pineapple upside down cake is so bad I couldn’t take any more than 3 drags.

Vanilla Spice: Spinfuel Choice Award winner – “This silky smooth e-Liquid is a creamy complex blend of Vanillas and cream with the perfect touch of cinnamon for a lightly spiced finish.”-Gen-X

Tom: 5 Stars – This is an award-winning flavor, but there are two things that bother me about it. One, this flavor is not listed on Gen-X’s website today, yet I was able to find the page on the Gen-X site going a Google search, and two; how come no one else has ever blended together a great vanilla flavor and cinnamon? What an awesome pair they make!

Vanilla Spice offers up a very smooth, very vanilla flavor with a real kick of cinnamon afterward. You do, thankfully, taste the vanilla going in and the cinnamon going out, and my goodness they blend together in a way that is so obvious, yet so not, that you are left bewildered. Ask Gen-X before ordering, but if you can still get this flavor, do so.

Keira: 5 Stars – I was blown out of the water with Vanilla Spice. I didn’t expect the cinnamon at all and when I first tasted it on the exhale I freaked out a little. I agree with the team, this is a dynamite flavor that is sure to please vanilla lovers and cinnamon lovers. How strangely wonderful!

Jason: 5 Stars – Vanilla Spice is an original eLiquid in a world where there are very few original’s left. Sure, there are vendors out there tossing together different flavor extracts to find new and delicious combinations but it rarely works anymore, most of them have been discovered. But vanilla spice is that rare instance where everything just works. One of the best original flavors I’ve had. Wonderful!

Julia: 5 Stars – When Tom informed me that Vanilla Spice was no longer listed on the Gen-X site I wondered if they had deleted it from their offerings or were simply out of the concentrates needed to make it. But then I thought that vanilla and cinnamon are general use flavors, certainly not hard to get. Well, whatever it is, we’re still going with it because as we all seem to agree, this is an amazing combo flavor. If its discontinued maybe some of our readers can ask them to bring it back.

Angel: 5 Stars – Tom is exactly right; it is such an obviously good combination that no one has thought about, at least I don’t know of any others taking advantage of vanilla and cinnamon. (But maybe there are). This is a superb eLiquid and if it is still available it would certainly be on my list, or as you say, in my rotation.

Lemon Berry Muffin – “Gen. X Vapor’s very delicious Lemonberry Muffins e-juice, is the perfect blend of fresh summer blueberries glazed with a touch of lemon. We think there must be a reason so many people keep coming back for this juice… maybe because it tastes so amazing!!”- Gen-X

Tom: 3.0 Stars – After delighting in Lemon Deelight I was rather surprised by Lemon Berry Muffin. The overall flavor was very weak, barely detectable actually. There was a slight lemon flavor, a very slight muffin-like flavor and very little else. Although it did produce a nice amount of vapor and a more than decent throat hit, I would like to see a lot more flavor in it.

Keira: 3.0 Stars – Lemon Berry Muffin is a lot more “low key” than Gen-X’s other lemon liquid, Lemon Deelight. I found that rather disappointing. It was okay, more like some of the prefilled cartomizer lemon-ey flavors you can get from China. Gen-X can get it right and when they do its pretty amazing, but they can also get it wrong. This one, well, its just “meh”.

Jason: 3.0 Stars – There is much to be desired in Lemon Berry Muffin. Where is the berry flavor? There really not much to say about a flavor that leaves you wanting, other than the vapor was pretty good, the throat hit was there, so where did the flavor go?

Julia: 3.0 Stars – Why such wild swings in these eLiquids? I don’t understand how they can get something so right with Very Berry or Vanilla Spice and then miss so badly like they did in Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and even this one, a weak flavored lemon vape. I’m beginning to wonder about the consistency of Gen-X eLiquids.
Angel: 3.0 Stars – I think Julia nailed this one. Where is the consistency with Gen-X? How does an eLiquid vendor create great eJuice on the one hand and then with the other produce something completely awful and something mediocre? I don’t understand, and like everyone else I was disappointed. Clearly they have the talent, so why these swings? Lemon Berry Muffin is a below-average, weak flavored vape.

Mudslide – “This yummy cocktail e-juice has the perfect blend of Kahlua and chocolate. It’s the perfect e-liquid for a night on the town!”-Gen-X

Tom: 2.5 Stars – When I read the description for mudslide I thought to myself that this was going to be good. This was after vaping Very Berry, and was impressed with the intense level of flavor. So I expected a lot of Kahlua and chocolate. But what did I get? 2-day-old coffee left in the pot at the local diner.

Keira – 2.75 Stars – I cannot taste any chocolate or Kahlua in this Mudslide. What I do taste in coffee, black coffee. As a coffee flavor its not nearly as bad as other coffee flavors I’ve experienced, but as a mudslide it doesn’t come anywhere near what a mudslide should taste like.

Julia: 3.0 Stars – As a coffee flavored eLiquid Mudslide isn’t all that bad. But this isn’t coffee is it? It’s a mudslide, a flavor that is a delicate balance of Kahlua, a coffee-flavored liquor, and chocolate. The problem is the chocolate got lost in the shuffle. I think the other team members that are calling this a coffee vape may not be familiar with Kahlua, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Gen-X needs to pump up the chocolate in order for their mudslide to compete.

Angel: 3.0 Stars – A Kahlua flavored eLiquid is just Kahlua, and if you want to create a mudslide you need a good chocolate blended in with it. In fact most Kahlua concentrates are so strong that I would suggest a milk chocolate, a sweet milk chocolate, to counter the strong black coffee that Kahlua concentrate can mimic quite well. Not the worst mudslide I’ve had, but not a very good either.

Great Melonballs of Fire: “We’ve taken the bold fruity flavor of Watermelon and other fruit flavors and set them ablaze! This spicy-hot, fruity, blast is not for the faint!”-Gen-X

Tom: 2.75 Stars – Many eLiquid vendors try to come up with their own version of something very spicy, very cinnamon-y that you can hardly vape until you get yourself used to it. I get that. I don’t happen to like them very much, but they are good to have around when you need something wicked strong. But, to take that heavy cinnamon blast and combine it with honeydew melon, or watermelon, or cantaloupe, you have to ask yourself “why?” Just to be different? This would have been a better eLiquid if they had just gone for their version of “cinnamon insanity” or something and left out the melons.

Keira: 2.75 Stars – I happen to love these hard-hitting cinnamon vapes. They are a novelty most of the time but I love them. You bring them out when you want to show someone how spicy vaping can get, or when you need something strong yourself. But, I’m afraid getting my cinnamon kick with the taste of melon just doesn’t make much sense to me. I know this sounds harsh and I apologize for that, but it just misses the mark. Take the melon out and then we’ll talk.

Jason: 2.75 Stars – This is just silly. Melon and cinnamon blast? Why? Because it can be done? I suppose I can recommend this to anyone out there that loves their super hot cinnamon vapes with a touch of cantaloupe.

Julia: 3.25 Stars – I’m a fan of these super hot super spicy vapes, I’m just not sure about adding the flavor of melons to it. It kinda ruined it for me.

Angel: 2.0 Stars – I can’t add much to what has already been said. This is a super spicy cinnamon with melon. Do you really need to add anything more?

In Conclusion

I have some concerns about Gen-X Vapor. When Julia asked for photos of their production facility they declined, saying that they were not comfortable showing it because it was “very small”. I realize that size has nothing to do with rather or not they run a clean, contamination-free facility, but it doesn’t offer any comfort either. But that’s not all.

The eLiquid flavors jumped around from awesome, incredible award winners to the downright dreadful. Some were in the middle, where many eLiquid vendors roam, but to be this erratic is disturbing. Why are there such wild swings in the flavors?

The bottom line for me is “Am I comfortable vaping eLiquid from Gen-X?” I really hate to say this, but no… no I’m not. Look, John Manzione, in his piece entitled “Do you know where your eLiquids are made?” struck a cord in me. When it is revealed that an eLiquid vendor refuses to take a photo of where the eJuice is made it can’t be good. In the interview with Juli they say that they clean that small area “once a week”. In yesterday’s Interview with another vendor they told us they cleaned their huge facility twice a DAY.

The truth is that the vast majority of eLiquid vendors remain behind closed doors. As soon as John’s article was published every eLiquid vendor that we were talking to decided to shut down the conversations. They no longer want to submit themselves to Spinfuel for review. Why? Because they don’t want to reveal where the eLiquid is made? Obviously. So as we move forward the only vendors that we will review are vendors that are willing to share with our readers photos of their facilities. We’re not looking for trade secrets here; we’ll looking for safety. But anyway, this is about Gen-X.

You, of course, must make up your own mind about any eLiquid vendor you choose to buy from. Some of the flavors reviewed here today were incredibly good. Very Berry, Vanilla Spice, and so forth, are excellent eLiquid flavors. If you can trust that they are free of contamination then by all means try them. We all buy eLiquids from vendors whose facility we’ve never seen before. Well, we don’t, not any longer anyway.

So there you have it. What else can I say?

Tom McBride, with Julia Barnes, Keira Hartley, and Angel St. Marie