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With vaping as a form of recreational or medical activity being on the rise in the global market, a lot of people have forgotten the sizeable amount of waste that are being produce by vape products every single day. Convenience and ease of use are the main drivers of why vaping has seen explosive growth in user adoption (an estimated 55 million adults will be vaping by 2021), but this is also why a lot of vaping-related waste like vape pens, cartridges, and batteries are piling up.

These things are usually disposed of after a short period of use, lost, or even broken and thrown away. And the worst part is, most if not all of them are non-recyclable or extremely difficult to recycle. The Question is, 5 to 10 years from now, how bad will this situation be? As these vape devices and their accessories are so dispensable and easy to replace, we are now seeing what could be a global vape byproduct pollution crisis.

This is where the Zeus Arc/Arc GT and its Zeus ArcPods come in. 

Environmental Benefits of the Zeus ArcPod

Zeus Arc/Arc GT

The Zeus Arc GT vaporizer is a lightweight, peak-performance cannabis vaporizers that is made from high quality materials and designed with customer feedback in Stuttgart, Germany. ZEUS Arsenal just won the coveted O’Cannabiz ‘Cannabis Product of the Year’ Award for the ZEUS Arc GT. Unlike many other vaporizers, it is ideal for those that value a quality experience for medical and recreational use. It is also built to last due to its German engineering and high quality materials used. The stainless steel vapor path (Gold for the Arc GT), powerful 3500mAh battery, and durable construction of these devices makes either of them an ideal long term companion for your vaping needs.

Zeus ArcPods

The Zeus ArcPods bring cutting-edge single-serve cannabis technology to the market by offering precisely-measured doses of the finest dry herb cannabis flowers that is perfect for medical patients that rely on consistency or recreational users who want a dependable experience.  It has been designed to work seamlessly with the Zeus Arc or Arc GT. Think of it as one of those Nespresso capsules which single-serve cups of coffee through the use of their proprietary machines. It caught on because it was convenient and consistent in delivering the taste that their customers were looking for.

The Zeus ArcPods are made from high-grade recyclable aluminum and uniquely engineered to regulate the airflow, effectively dropping the temperature of vaporization within the pod to produce more vapor with less heat. The result is a quicker more efficient extraction of your raw flower and a consistent session every time. Also, these pods would be the equivalent of less than a fraction of a Coke can to recycle. Now, compare that to the plastic pod containers and toxic batteries from vape pens in the market that are piling up in our garbage disposals. Our world already has a big problem with managing its waste, are we really going to add to it because of using these vape pens?

The combination of either the Zeus Arc or the Zeus Arc GT with the ArcPods is the solution for this global vaporizer waste issue that we are experiencing. The Zeus ArcPod is a holistic approach to medical and recreational vaping that is offered in an extremely convenient and portable package.

Environmental Benefits of the Zeus ArcPod

Why Turn to Vaporizing?

People turn to vape pens because they are easy to use and convenient: ArcPods are extremely easy to use and convenient, so people will not have to worry about grinding, measuring, rolling, loading, spilling, and stirring – just pop the ArcPods into your Zeus Arc or Arc GT and you are on your way to a premium and satisfying vaping experience. Best of all, the ArcPods offer a consistent vaping experience and dosage without additives for medical patients, unlike black market vapes.

With both the main device and pods being recyclable, there is no doubt to the long-term sustainability of these devices. Why would you settle for some cheap vape pen in the market when you have the choice of using Zeus’s cutting-edge vaporizers and experiencing consistent premium dry herb cannabis flowers through the ArcPods?

Another big issue that’s been causing worldwide doubts against vaping devices are the associated injuries and health risks that are making headlines across the globe. A recent article about the CDC making breakthrough findings in their investigation of lung injury associated with vaping points out that vitamin E acetate may be a primary contributor to these cases. That’s just one thing though, there may be other factors at play in this issue. Thing is, you never know what chemicals are mixed in with cannabis oils that are sold in the market (or the black market for that matter). A lot of harmful ingredients could be making their way into the vapor that you are inhaling just because of what it takes to achieve artificial flavours and terpene additives.

Nima Noori, Founder and CEO of TVAPE, comments “there are more than 50 different solvents that can be added to these different liquids. From the solvents in e-liquids to cannabis oils, there’s a vast amount of different particles”. Some of the ingredients used in vape liquids and cannabis oils are deemed as “food safe” but as Noori and numerous other doctors have noted, there is a difference between what can be processed by our digestive system and what can safely go into our lungs.

Environmental Benefits of the Zeus ArcPod

Some of the terminology used in the vaping industry needs to be changed so that users can have a better idea of how certain technologies affect them. Many people in the government, media, and public confuse dry herb vaporizers with vapes. That’s where the confusion lies. When you read a lot of news reports, they don’t really distinguish between the words vape and vaporizer.”

But what is the difference between a vape and a vaporizer? Nima put it in simple terms and said that “a vape will use a coil or heating element to heat up liquid or oil to a temperature that creates vapor which is then inhaled. But a vaporizer will use solid dried cannabis flower and heat it up to a degree where it releases the active chemicals without combusting the material itself.” This process makes it clear that there are no additives involved to the material being inhaled when it comes to vaporizers, the same can’t be said for vapes. You can think of vape liquids and cannabis oils as kind of like the food that you get from fast food joints; processed derivatives of actual food. Now, imagine inhaling that to your lungs on a regular basis. Doesn’t sound so inviting now does it?
Nima Noori believes that vaporizers like the Zeus Arc / Arc GT and their ArcPods will be able to modernize the cannabis industry so that we can reduce the use of the more traditional cannabis consumption methods like joints and bongs which will be very good for society since it will displace smoking even further.

Understanding the solution

Environmental Benefits of the Zeus
People now understand that using processed oils, comes at a risk. That risk exists with all oils that are put in a vape pen, absent federal legalization, and appropriate regulation, which thankfully Canada is spearheading and other countries should consider. This tragedy, will put pressure on world government to legalize cannabis, as it is the only viable solution. It will put pressure on the industry to return to the basics as well and avoid adventurism in putting flavours meant for your mouth, into your lungs.

With these looming risks associated with cannabis oil vaping, it may be time for you to look for better alternatives. This is where dry herb vaporization comes into play; dry cannabis has been used for medical and recreational purposes for thousands of years, and there has never been issues with lung injuries like what we are seeing now. With the Zeus Arc / Arc GT loaded with the ArcPods, you will get a consistent dry herb cannabis vaping experience that will leave you satisfied in fewer takes compared to
regular vape pens. All these advantages are a clear sign that dry herb vaporization is the cannabis] consumption method of the future.

What Keurig and Nespresso did to the coffee industry, with single-serve coffee pods, will happen to cannabis with products like the Zeus Arc, Arc GT, and the ArcPods. That is were the market is headed; the birth of a new category in cannabis, legalization, and regulation.

Here’s hoping that after reading this, you will have gained additional insight on why vaporizers like the Zeus Arc / Arc GT and the single-serve dry herb cannabis flower pod like the Zeus ArcPod are one of the most sound solutions in making sure that we will not have a problem with vape waste pollution in the future since they are highly recyclable compared to standard vape pens. And that vaporizing dry herb is causes less harm than vaping liquids or cannabis oil because of the fact that there are no additives in the
substance that you are vaping.