The Vapor Girl Delivers 7 new e Liquid Flavors

We have reviewed The Vapor Girl several times over the past two years, and we’ve always had a lot of fun in doing so. Yes, perhaps THE VAPOR GIRL can go a little too far, in our opinion, when it comes to creating flavors like “Mashed Potatoes” or “Squirrel Head Soup”, but the one thing you cannot dismiss is that THE VAPOR GIRL is one of the most creative e Liquid brands in the country, if not the world. They are never satisfied with the status quo.

In addition to their every-growing online e Liquid and eCigarette hardware sales, THE VAPOR GIRL now has two retail locations, both of which are doing fantastic business. To say that Victoria and her husband are out to build an empire in this industry might not be as far-fetched as you think.

The Vapor Girl e Liquids

The options and additions to the e Liquid line have increased quite a bit since our first review some two years ago. Today you can order any Vapor Girl eLiquid in 7ml, 12ml, 30ml and 50ML sizes, either in plastic or glass bottles, and in nicotine strengths of 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. Naturally, a zero-nic option is also available. Most, if not all, Vapor Girl eLiquids have “Add Ins”, like an Icy Blast. As far as PG/VG options go they use a 70-30 mix of PG and VG, and only the purest liquid nicotine extracted from tobacco grown close to their HQ in North Carolina.

The eLiquids being reviewed today were all 18mg nicotine.

Labels and packagingThe Vapor Girl eLiquid Review – May 2014 Spinfuel eMagazine

We’ve never had any problems with THE VAPOR GIRL shipping methods. Each time we’ve reviewed them our eLiquid arrived safely and undamaged.

Their labeling includes a colorful border, and the names of the eLiquid are handwritten on the labels. Also on the label is a list of nicotine strengths, with a hand drawn circle around the strength of your eliquid. A nicotine warning and complete ingredients list is provided on the label as well.

Pricing (Average for Premium eLiquid)

  • 7ML – $3.99 Plastic – $5.49 Glass
  • 12ML – $6.99 Plastic – $8.49 Glass
  • 30ML – $15.99 Plastic – $17.49 Glass
  • 50ML – $24.99 Plastic – $26.49 Glass

Plastic bottles are equipped with a tall thin needle nose tip, and the glass bottles utilize a unique inner cap that allows for safe, clean, needle insertions. Filling a needle with this cap is the easiest and fastest way to start vaping The Vapor Girl eJuice.

Lastly, the Vapor Girl has a 1-2 day shipping lead-time, despite their tremendous success with their two retail stores they still manage to ship quickly.

For this review our team members used a variety of hardware, including Kanger AeroTanks, Aspire Vivi Nova’s, X.Jet Clearomizer, Aspire BDC clearomizers, and of course, the X.Jet Spider.

Spinfuel Choice Awards – An eLiquid that receives 5 Stars from all the team members is awarded a Spinfuel Choice Award for Excellence.

And now… The Review

#1 SW Spritzer

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review – May 2014 Spinfuel eMagazine“S-W Spritzer Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a light refreshing vape that tastes watermelon sparkling water with a strawberry twist.”

Julia: 4.5 Stars – I usually shy away from watermelon flavors. I enjoy them when I review them, sometimes, but never enough to want to add them to my rotations. But somehow, SW Spritzer has used watermelon and strawberry to give it a brand new twist. This is a completely original flavor, and the description by THE VAPOR GIRL gets it exactly right. Tons of vapor, a light to medium throat hit, and a perfect vape for hot days.

Tom: 4.5 Stars – How in the world do you manage to get the flavor of sparkling water to show up in vapor? I swear, it sounds strange, but this is a great refreshing vape because of you can actually taste the sparkling water.

Both the watermelon and the strawberry flavors are light touches, but they make themselves known. I would describe the watermelon as light and fresh, while the strawberry is kind of sweet and delicate. The three flavors blend together so well that during the summer I can see myself vaping it all day.

Jason: 4 Stars – There are all day vapes that can be heavy and completely drenched in tobacco or some other deep dark flavors, and then there are all day vapes that hit lightly so that you vape them all day when its warm outside and you need something satisfying but not overwhelming.

SW Spritzer is that all day vape for the warm days. Satisfying and light at the same time, perfect for times when you want to vape without having to process deep rich flavors.

If you would have asked me beforehand if I thought I would like this one I’d tell you “no way, too spritzy for me”, but after vaping it for a few hours all I can say is that I’m adding to my rotation, especially because the days are getting warmer. What a great job!

Keira: 5 Stars – Sparkling water is the perfect accompaniment to a watermelon flavor, and together they are refreshing as can be. Then, to add in some light, fresh strawberry and you have a summer vape that can deliver all day long. Plenty of vapor, a light to medium throat hit, SW Spritzer is one awesome summertime vape. Loved it!

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review – May 2014 Spinfuel eMagazine#2 Chocolate Moo – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Chocolate Mooooo Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl tastes just like a tall glass of chocolate milk.  Scrumptious! “

Julia: 5 Stars – This is the closest eLiquid I’ve ever had to real, authentic chocolate milk. What a wonderful vape I enjoyed with this creamy, chocolaty concoction. Once I started vaping Chocolate Mooo I just didn’t want to stop.Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Chocolate Moo has an average amount of vapor production and a light throat hit, but when the taste is this good, you just don’t’ care. This is a must try flavor for any chocolate lover!

Tom: 5 Stars – As much as I like strong, virile eLiquids like tobacco and coffee blends, I have to hand to the Vapor Girl for putting together an incredible chocolate vape. So creamy, “rich and thick and chocolaty that you can’t drink it slow”… oh, wait. That’s not it.

Anyway, Chocolate Mooo is fantastic as a true, sweet chocolate milk vape that even I plan on adding it to my rotation. This is milk chocolate done perfectly! Bravo!

Jason: 5 Stars – Isn’t this strange? Chocolate milk in vapor form! Man, I loved this one like nobody’s business. So “chocolate milk like” that it would be hard not to love it. A real chocolate lovers dream in vapor form. Fill an AeroTank with Chocolate Mooo and sit back and enjoy. Wow!

Keira: 5 Stars – I am a chocoholic, so I know my chocolate. This, dear readers, is the best chocolate milk eLiquid I’ve ever had. Julia’s right about it being an average vapor maker, and the throat hit is very light, but the sweet, sweet taste of real chocolate more than makes up for the need to chase clouds. Exceptional.

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review – May 2014 Spinfuel eMagazineFaire Nectar

“Faerie Nectar Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a phenomenal honeysuckle tobacco mixed up special for the Queen of the Faeries.  She demanded, after her first vape, “All in the land must try it!!”

Julia: 4 Stars – Faerie Nectar is very different from the other flavors in this review. Honeysuckle is a floral, but it mixes really well with a light tobacco. Be warned; you will taste the honeysuckle first and foremost, so if florals are not your thing, you probably won’t like it.

If you do like florals this is something that you’ll want to have with you all the time. Someday I’m going to acquire a taste for florals, but as of right now, I’m not quite there. Great execution, good vapor, light to medium throat hit. I’ll bet you THE VAPOR GIRL sells a ton of this stuff!

Tom: 3.75 Stars – I grew up around honeysuckle so I know the smell and the taste immediately. THE VAPOR GIRL got that flavor and aroma down pat, and did a wonderful job putting together a light tobacco flavor with the delicate honeysuckle blossom. For floral vapers this will be your all day vape.

Jason: 4 Stars – On the first few drags of Faire Nectar I got way too much floral flavor. This is definitely honeysuckle, and it hit me hard. Then, after a few minutes it turned into a really pleasant vape. I think I’m finally coming around to floral vapes, of course it helps when there is a light tobacco component to it. Well done!

Keira: 5 Stars – I LOVE Faire Nectar! This beautiful blend of light tobacco and honeysuckle is everything you want in a tender, yet alluring floral vape. The vapor production and the throat hit are wonderful as well. A great all day vape for floral vapers, this is a great afternoon vape, perhaps with a glass of iced tea. Marvelous!

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review – May 2014 Spinfuel eMagazineBlack Dragon – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Black Dragon Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is an exotic raspberry tea.  Light but flavorful.”

Julia: 5 Stars – With a name like Black Dragon I am reminded of a licorice flavor, but this is anything but. This is an intensely flavorful raspberry (black raspberry?) that is out of this world delicious. On the inhale is a nice, semi-sweet green tea and on the exhale is a large plum of delicious raspberry goodness. Lots of vapor with this one, and a better than average throat hit. Could this be a Choice Award winner? Yea, it could. Great juice, this one.Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Tom: 5 Stars – I am pleasantly surprised by the number of delicious flavors from the Vapor Girl this time around. This deeply flavored raspberry and green tea vape is not only a good vapor producer, but it is also a very satisfying vape. Real raspberry flavor, and a delicate green tea, makes a bit of magic here. Black Dragon is causing me to rethink a lot of my preconceived notions about fruity vapes.

Jason: 5 Stars – I like raspberry, plain and simple. When a raspberry eLiquid is done right it is a wonderful experience to fill a tank up and vape away. Black Dragon is a fine raspberry eliquid with just the right amount of tea flavor to give it an original flavor. There’s something about this one that just makes me want to keep on vaping it. An all day vape with a sweet raspberry delivery. What more could you want?

Keira: 5 Stars – Sweet delicious raspberry with a hint of green tea. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, trust me, it is wonderful. The raspberry flavor in Black Dragon is intense, but sweet, and the vapor is heavenly, and the aroma is terrific. How do you say no to something as good as this? Best of all, it works beautifully as an all day vape. Black Dragon is a must try!

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review – May 2014 Spinfuel eMagazineBlueberry Tobacco – A Spinfuel Choice Award

“Blueberry Tobacco Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a pungently blueberry vape but full of tobacco too.  Great for all day vaping!!”

Julia: 5 Stars – A delicious take on an old favorite, Blueberry Tobacco is more blueberry than tobacco, and I’m fine with that. The blueberry flavor is authentic, and fresh, light, yet a full-bodied flavor. Another light throat hit on this one, but the vapor was really good. I give it 5 stars because the tobacco flavor is very, very light and the blueberry is so authentic. I enjoyed it very much. Blueberry fans, this is one you need to try.Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Tom: 5 Stars – I was disappointed with Blueberry Tobacco only because I wanted a deeper tobacco presence. That alone can’t stop me from awarding 5 Stars. The blueberry flavor is terrific, very enjoyable and fresh, but without a good tobacco finish this can’t get me where I want to go, but it just might get you there. Blueberry lovers who want a very light tobacco blend, this one is for you!

Jason: 5 Stars – I loved this one as a blueberry eJuice, but as far as the tobacco goes I just can’t taste it. I like the flexibility with the voltage or wattage with this one, you can get the vapor pretty warm without losing that nice blueberry flavor, but like Tom, I wanted more tobacco. Still, this is an excellent eLiquid, and for that it gets 5 Stars.

Keira: 5 Stars – I love a good blueberry vape and Blueberry tobacco is a good one. I liked it more than I thought I would because the tobacco portion of this blend is so light you can barely taste it. Nice vapor, light throat, but a sweet natural blueberry makes this one enjoyable vape. Definitely check it out if you like blueberries, just don’t expect much tobacco.

The Vapor Girl eLiquid Review – May 2014 Spinfuel eMagazineCat Nip

“Cat Nip Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is a nice blend of fruit, not too sweet, with a pinch of green tea to smooth it out.”

Julia: 5 Stars – I don’t know why but identifying the fruits in this blend was impossible. The green tea on the exhale is easily identifiable, and it hits perfectly. Whatever fruits THE VAPOR GIRL is using it presents with a kind of Fruit Strip Gum flavor, sweet and delicious, impossible to put down.

Taking nice long drags will give you all the vapor you could possibly want, followed by the most wonderful sweet fruity flavor with a hint of tea at the finish. Definitely an all day vape, and if you like sweet fruity vapes this is one you need to try.

Tom: 4.5 Stars – I know this sounds like it might be coming from someone else, but I would have given Cat Nip a full 5 Stars if it left out the green tea. The fruit mixture here is awesome, sweet, but “wispy”, and the only thing that interrupts that is the green tea finish. I think most vapers who don’t obsess over tobacco and other hard-hitting flavors would really enjoy this. Hell, for the most part, I enjoyed it!

Jason: 4.5 Stars – I heard Julia say that the fruit flavors reminded her of that Fruit stripe gum, and she’s right. The mixture of fruits in this blend is both sweet and flavorful, and the green tea at the end sort of snaps at your taste buds, cutting off the sweet flow of flavor and ending on that tea note. Complicated as heck, but really enjoyable as well. It’s kind of strange that I would like a blend like this, but I do. Perfect for hot days when you want something light, yet fulfilling.

Keira: 4 Stars – As much as I totally enjoyed the fruity mix in Cat Nip I thought the green tea was a little too abrupt. Every time I took a drag I was swallowed up by this amazing fruity flavor, and as I exhaled the flavors would flow out in the vapor and then bam, the tea stopped it. I mentioned this to the team during our discussion and the only other person to think that was Jason. I will keep a bottle in my collection and maybe the green tea will calm down some.

EnThe Vapor Girl eLiquid Review – May 2014 Spinfuel eMagazineergon

Energon Flavour Premium E Liquid from The Vapor Girl is an electric citrus burst of flavor and power!  Transform your day.”

Julia: 4.5 Stars – Whenever I see a name like this I want to run and hide, because energy drinks just freak me out. Fortunately the name may be indicative of an energy drink, but the flavor is so much better. This is a sweet citrus flavor that is really quite pleasant. Lots of vapor, a medium throat hit, and overall, in a word, refreshing. I like it!

Tom: 4 Stars – Unlike many other citrus flavors Energon has a truly nice vibe to it. Plenty sweet, yet still packing a good citrusy punch to it. Vapor is good, throat hit is light to medium, but overall I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. A full-bodied citrus flavor that is as refreshing as it is tasty.

Jason: 4 Stars – This is not the kind of eLiquid I usually go for, so I won’t be adding to my rotation any time soon. But, I have to admit that THE VAPOR GIRL did a great job. This has a heavy citrus body, but on the sweet side, not the tangy side, and I can taste at least 3 different fruits in it, lemon, lime, and orange. If you’re looking for a sweet citrus vape don’t overlook this one, it’s a good one!

Keira: 5 Stars – I absolutely loved Energon! Citrus flavors are one thing, but when you can deliver a citrus vape that is also sweet, you got something special. These guys are amazing, I never thought I would add a citrus flavor to my rotation, but I just did. Great vapor, good throat hit, and a very satisfying vape.

Conclusion and Buying Advice

There were several terrific flavors in this review, but the hands down winner is Chocolate Moo. What an amazing job THE VAPOR GIRL did in creating a great chocolate milk vape. If you don’t try this one you’re missing out on something very special. One bit of warning though: Chocolate Moo will taste awful if you vape it too hot, so watch the voltage (or wattage).

Other surprises this time around include Black Dragon, Cat Nip and Blueberry Tobacco. This 72-hour review period turned out to be a real blast.

As for buying advice, the larger the bottle the less you’ll pay per ML of eLiquid. We like the glass bottles, but we also have no issues with the plastic bottles either. The tips of the plastic bottles make dripping a breeze.

Pricing is about average for the premium eLiquids you receive The Vapor Girl. That said, unless you’re a new customer, the 7ML size doesn’t make a lot of sense, unless you simply want to test the flavor. You best bet once you know you like the flavor is to opt for the 50ML, in either glass or plastic.

Lastly, as one of the most creative mixologists working in the industry today, The Vapor Girl can deliver some truly strange concoctions. But on the whole, the flavors we review from this creative company are outstanding. In two years of reviewing new flavors we were never disappointed, even with the likes of Squirrel Head Soup. (Yes it was awful, but it was also cutting edge and envelope pushing to the extreme!) It shows that they are always looking to cover new ground, expand their horizons, and ours, and when they create a new flavor you know its going to be interesting, and well, probably delicious.

We hope you enjoyed our latest review; stay tuned for another eLiquid by the end of this week!

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, and Keira Hartley-Barnes