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E LIQUID E JUICE REVIEWSWithout E Liquid there is no vaping. E Liquid, or E Juice, Smoke Juice, or any other name you might use it is the substance that does the actual vaporizing. A mixture of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavoring, and usually liquid nicotine, are the four basic components that are used to create e liquid. These four components are used in any number of ways to create an infinite number of flavors. For a complete look at the importance of e liquid please take a look at our updated e liquid primer.

The Spinfuel e Liquid Review Team is renowned for its in-depth, narrative style reviews. These reviews have become an invaluable resource for vapers of every level of expertise. Although taste is subjective, our review team uses a very strict set of protocols in order to determine the quality of the ingredients, the consistency of flavors, and the ‘vape experience’ vapers can expect before spending a dime. Make sure to read the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Protocols before reading one of the several hundred e liquid reviews published within.

The Best e liquids, according to the Review Team, are awarded the much sought after Spinfuel Choice Award. This designation is given to e liquid flavors that live up to the high standards set by our team. Vapers can be confident that an award winning e liquid will live up to the hype generated by the e liquid brand. Every December we issue our Spinfuel e Liquid Choice Awards of the Year.

In addition to the Team Reviews, we publish an interview with the owners of the e Liquid brand under review so that our readers get a glimpse of the people behind the label.

In addition to the Spinfuel e Liquid Review Team, Spinfuel publishes e liquid reviews by the famous Vapinski, a remarkable e juice connoisseur who delves into the smaller, boutique brands created by vapers with a real passion for the artistic side of the e liquid marketplace.


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