Castle Long Reserve and it’s 10 Anniversary Celebration

Castle Long Reserve A Decade in the Making  In the vape industry 10 Years is a lifetime. What began as an open market, and remains the most effective, and safest, way to quit tobacco, the vape industry has had enormous pressure from both politics, and big tobacco. Yet, through all the regulations and ad hoc laws thrown at us, one company that has survived the onslaught is one of the most well-known brands in the world: Five Pawns. Indeed, Five Pawns not only survived, but continued to grow. And today we celebrate a landmark in the vape industry, and at Five Pawns as well… the 10-Year Anniversary of the most successful flavors ever created… Castle Long Reserve.

A Bit of Five Pawns Background First

Five Pawns is certainly one of the pioneers in the e-liquid industry. In all my time in the industry, I can’t remember a day not knowing the brand. Instant name recognition, a 5-Star reputation, First-Class customer support, and every flavor worthy of the Five Pawns name seems immune to scrutiny, and with their unique 50pg/50vg blends, immune to the dreadful “Vaper’s Tongue”.

The Five Pawns Oak Cask Aging of Castle Long

Five Pawns revolutionized a specific type of barrel aging process, a process usually reserved for fine whiskey, that is ideal for e-liquid. The American oak cask aging process once reserved for the finest dark spirits like Bourbon and Whiskey, Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve is the result of Five Pawns being the first to adapt that highly detailed innovation to the eliquid aging process.

Produced only twice a year, in very limited quantity, Castle Long Reserve is one very special e-liquid. The complex yet exquisite flavor has fans lining up to get their bottles before it’s gone.  IYKYK, or “If You Know, Your Know”.

With a huge international demand, Five Pawns will often run out in the first few days, or on rare occasion, a few weeks. Five Pawns is said to often release a double batch to make sure everyone has a chance to secure their bottles before they are gone. Though, there have been times when even a double batch isn’t enough.

Castle Long Reserve by Five Pawns... The 10th Anniversary CelebrationThings to Know About Five Pawns

I suppose most Vapers know that Five Pawns has never been a cheap brand. Even during the darkest days of our industry, they did not “race to the bottom” to become an inexpensive, cost cutting, ‘appeal to the lowest common denominator’ type of company. They began as a top shelf brand for those that enjoy the finer things in life and gave remained so in 2023.

About Five Pawns Original Line Up

The Original Series contains no sweeteners. Each flavor, molecule by molecule, stands out without the use of artificial sweeteners. We’re talking about Five Pawns Gambit, Castle Long, Grandmaster, Bowden’s Mate, Queenside, Black Flag Risen and Symmetry Six, for those that might not know.

If you’re the type of Vaper that shops around for the best price and expect to pick up a 120mL bottle of e-liquid for $11-$12, perhaps Five Pawns is not for you. These bottom of the market brands and flavors are inexpensive, and full of sweeteners that can make even the foulest flavor almost palatable.

It’s Time Again for Castle Long Reserve

As I said above, Five Pawns makes a special batch of Castle Long, and they call it “Castle Long Reserve”.  This blend is cask aged in oak whiskey barrels, and truly deliver a special and unique e-liquid that you will never forget.

Castle Long Reserve by Five Pawns... The 10th Anniversary CelebrationThe Castle Long Reserve Flavor Profile

By now you must be wondering (if you’ve never had the pleasure) of wondering what this magical Castle Long Reserve tastes like.

After spending some time with this “a refined classic Kentucky Bourbon with accentuated tones of roasted almond, toasted coconut and an allusion of Madagascar vanilla beans, with just the right hint of a caramelized brown sugar on the exhale” e-liquid, I learned a whole new level of respect for flavorists that have been testing and experimenting with flavors for more than a decade.

And here’s the thing; it took me about 15 minutes of vaping Castle Long Reserve in a SMOK TFV18 Sub-Ohm tank, sitting atop a SMOK MAG18 set to 77W to realize the amazing uniqueness of this magical concoction, and instead of a long pull to fill my lungs with warm delicious vapor, I spent most of that 15 minutes pull short hits, and allowing the flavors to dance in my mouth, tapping on every tastebud it could. After such a short time, I knew this was very, very special.

The Next Time-Honored Delivery of Castle Long Reserve

Please remember that Five Pawns 2022 Batch of Castle Long Reserve sold out quickly. Here’s what we know, as of today, March 27th.

Castle Long Reserve will begin shipping during the FIRST WEEK of APRIL.

Five Pawns will offer Castle Long Reserve in their 60ml glass bottle, and this year they are adding a brand-new addition of the Gift Box! I urge you to do what I’m going to do; preorder a couple of Gift Boxes before they leave us forever.

Before moving on, please put a pin in calendar for the first week of April, when Five Pawns begins shipping the limited supply of Castle Long Reserve.

Julia Hartley-Barnes w/John Manzione

More Five Pawns Excitement

By John Manzione

Not to ignore the other amazing e-liquids by Five Pawns, you might be interested to know that their Legacy Collection will soon (the rumor goes) be offered in 100mL bottles. Maybe.

The Plume Room Banana Pudding is Back as part of Five Pawns Legacy Collection!

The Fiver Pawns Legacy Collection is handpicked from 5 iconic US brands.  Brands that made incredible e-liquids but could not successfully navigate the cruel intentions of the regulatory nightmare of the US FDA.

Five Pawns acquired their top sellers and put them into this delicious and affordable collection. The Legacy Collection did so well, they went back to acquire 5 more flavors from these same brands.

These are well loved brands that have been around dating back to 2012 (almost as long as Spinfuel), and most reviewed in the past by Spinfuel.

With a proven track record, and no hype but still greatly sought after flavors that stood the test of time, these brands now include Villain Vapors, The Plume Room (my personal favorite), P.O.E.T (an excellent brand we all loved), Vape Orenda, and District One21.

If you were a fan of The Plume Room’s “Banana Pudding” and “Strawberries n Cream”, rest assured Five Pawns replicated their formulas perfectly. My personal wish now is for Five Pawns to go and procure TPR’s “Angel Sauce”, my all-time favorite e-liquid to ever grace any tank in my collection.  Oh man, just thinking about it……

A Conclusion

Over the coming months we will sit with the rest of the Five Pawns collection and give them their time in front of the Spinfuel E-Liquid Review Team. Today, well today it’s all about the Castle Long Reserve for the first part of 2023.

This exquisite, memorable, sophisticated flavor should be a part of your collection. You will have spent more for it then those 100mL super-sweet “stuff” people are vaping (even I’m a little guilty here. I enjoy the four flavors from Beard’s The One line, at just $11 per 100mL plastic bottle) but Castle Long Reserve isn’t supposed to be your “all-day every-day” e-liquid. It’s like that 100-year-old Kentucky Whiskey you serve only to your closest family or business associates, while the friends drink beer or boxes of wine. (Just teasing… or am I?”

Now get excited! Today is the 27th day of March. Next week Five Pawns begins shipping their Castle Long Reserve. Make sure you have your bottle(s) reserved. Go…. Now…