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Carpe Diem – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

We have been waiting patiently to do a sequel review for the premium boutique label Carpe Diem. That day has arrived and this past week as seen some excellent vaping here at Spinfuel eMagazine. You can read our first review here.

The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team is looking at nine new eliquids. Those nine are:

  1. Booberry Creamed Pie
  2. Bananas In PJ’s
  3. CDV’s Eggnog
  4. Dairyere
  5. Chastity Belt
  6. Aphrodisiac
  7. Witch Hunt
  8. Sexy Like A…
  9. Pumpkin Slevin

Carpe Diem formulates most of eliquids in 50:50 ratios of PG:VG. As we’ve stated before, vaping with most hardware today a 50:50 blend provides the best compromise for vapor production and flavor. Unless we’re ‘dripping’, our preferred ratio is the 50:50.


Carpe Diem offers several sizes at very good price points. A 15ML bottle is $8.99, 30ML is $15.98, 60ML is $28.99, and a huge 120ML is just $48.99. For the quality you’re getting these are excellent prices.

Nicotine strength is offered in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and a zero-nic option is also available. Our review bottles were all 18mg. The inclusion of 3mg and 6mg provides excellent opportunity to try Carpe Diem in RDA’s, or even in the Aspire Atlantis in the sub-ohm realm.


If this is your first Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review we’ve set up a special page that describes in detail how we conduct our 72-hour reviews. There is a reason eliquid companies seek out a Spinfuel review, and we think the protocols are the best to be found.

And now…let’s get on with the review!

Chastity Belt – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“You can have your Key and eat it, too with this American dessert. Key lime pie is best made with, well…
Floridian Key limes of course! Attempting an authentic vape-able Key lime flavor was no small feat.
We’ve dubbed this decadent dessert, “Chastity Belt”
Are you ready to unlock this one-of-a-kind vape?
Maybe she’ll need a good steep, before she’ll let you in. 😉

Julia: 5 Stars – I have had key lime pie eliquids that taste like real key lime pie, and I love them. One in particular is still a part of my rotation. Chastity Belt has a stronger lime flavor than the one I have in rotation, and I believe Carpe Diem hit the flavor of true Florida limes perfectly. I’m undecided about it being an all-day-vape, but I plan to find out because I am adding this to my rotation as a complement to my other Key Lime Pie.

Tom: 5 Stars – Real limes sitting in a bed of a sweet piecrust. The lime is tangy like a lime should be, and when it combines with the sweetness of the piecrust it becomes something really special. If you like lime vapes, you’ll love this one.

Keira: 5 Stars – I adore Chastity Belt! This is a full flavored lime vape with a light piecrust bottom flavor that will have lime vapers going crazy over it. Best thing about it? The more you vape it the more you love it. Outstanding!

Jason: 5 Stars – A moderately strong lime flavor backed up by a hint of sweet piecrust. Personally, I would have preferred a creamier lime with a heavy piecrust, but this was still an excellent eliquid. Vapor production was thick and aromatic. Recommended to lime vapers everywhere.

 CDV’s Eggnog

“Just in time to give you that warm and cozy feeling during the Fall and Winter without all the calories.”

Julia: 4 Stars – I had hoped that I would have grown into more of an Eggnog fan than I am, but the truth is I’m not. This eliquid does a good job of delivering the essence of eggnog in vapor form, lots and lots of vapor actually, but I just can’t appreciate the flavor as much as I think I should.

Tom: 4.25 Stars – I drink a lot of eggnog during the holidays and Carpe Diem’s vaporized eggnog is a winner. Not a lot to say about the flavor profile other than it’s authentic eggnog. The vapor production is outstanding. Not an all year round vape for me, but I’ll revisit it next year.

Keira: 4.75 Stars – While this Carpe Diem holiday flavor is authentic, I think it should have been just a bit sweeter. Lots of vapor production and a nice flavor profile with CDV’s Eggnog. It earns high points for being authentic, maybe a little too much.

Jason: 3.75 Stars – The one thing I found lacking in this holiday treat was that it just wasn’t sweet enough for me. I expected a thick, eggnog flavor with a bit of spice and sweetener, but it wasn’t there. Maybe Eggnog in vapor form is something that can’t be done without doctoring it up.

Witch Hunt

“An extremely aromatic sweet pipe tobacco with pumpkin and light spices. The aroma it leaves behind is a unique experience in itself.”

Julia: 4.75 – The description is spot on in every way. Witch Hunt is an aromatic pipe tobacco ‘vape’ with pumpkin and “light” spices. It’s the light spices that prevent me from giving this 5 Stars. Love the pipe tobacco flavor and the awesome vapor production, and if it had more spices of pumpkin kind it would have been award winning.

Tom: 5.0 – When I saw the name I had no idea what to expect. When I read the description I couldn’t wait to try it. This is a terrific pipe tobacco eliquid, and I recommend it to pipe tobacco vapers. It doesn’t have enough spices to make truly memorable, but that doesn’t stop my enjoyment of vaping this delicious pipe tobacco eJuice.

Keira: 4.75 – A sweet, full flavored rich pipe tobacco eliquid that satisfies like a pipe tobacco should. Lots and lots of vapor production, but just a little too tame in the spice department. From Tom and Jason’s reaction I would recommend it to pipe tobacco aficionados any time.

Jason: 5.0 Stars – Once I started vaping Witch Hunt I didn’t want to stop. This is the kind of pipe tobacco that I look for; strong, sweet pipe tobacco with spicy notes on the finish. A beautiful pipe tobacco vape, Witch Hunt is now a part of my rotation.


“The classic strawberry milkshake; Thick, creamy, sweet and a great all day vape. As always Diacetyl free.”

Julia: 4.75 Stars – This is a nice strawberry and cream type flavor, not quite the milkshake flavor I had hoped for but still very, very good. I agree that this is an all-day-vape, and strawberry lovers will really like it. I would love to see the strawberry flavor increased a bit, and the milkshake flavor better defined.

Tom: 4 Stars – A 3 Star rating means that the eliquid is about average. In other words, not great but not bad. I’m giving this a 4 Star because it is a better than average creamy strawberry with lots of vapor. But, just underneath there is another flavor that I can’t identify, and one I didn’t actually like. I think strawberry fans will like it, not sure about others.

Keira: 5 Stars – The secret to getting the most flavor from Dairyere is to allow the eliquid delivery device (clearo, glasso, tank) to sit with the juice for at least several hours. Until then the flavor is an almost sharp strawberry without a healthy amount of creaminess. Letting it sit for a while allows the full flavor profile to bloom and when it does it is delicious. Great vapor, but slightly less than a few of the others.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – A kind of wild strawberry flavor in this blend, with a creamy undercarriage. I agree that Dairyere is a good all-day-vape because it delivers the flavor but doesn’t pound you over the head with it. It works at trying to be a great strawberry milkshake but just misses the mark.

Bananas in PJ’s

“Sweet bananas doused in creamy peanut butter. Topped with delicious fluffed up crea,. And oh, the yummy graham-cracker style crust.”

Julia: 4.5 Stars – I did not have a good feeling about this. I despise peanut butter and banana sandwiches and that’s all I could imagine Bananas in PJ’s to taste like. But, happily, the flavor is much more subdued than that. I really enjoyed it, but I don’t taste much banana or peanut butter.

Tom: 4 Stars – Not what I expected at all. The banana and peanut butter is there, but it’s so well blended you have to fight your taste buds in order to find them. In a Kanger SubTank, pushing up the voltage to 4.3v I was able to pull the flavors apart, but anything less than that you get a completely different taste…a really good one, but still very different then what you might expect.

Keira: 4.75 Stars – I vaped Bananas in PJ’s with just an Aerotank v2. I spent about 10 hours with it in total, and as an afternoon vape it is so satisfying and delicious. As a morning vape it’s pretty good, but not great. Not quite an all-day-vape, this blend is fully flavored and the vapor production is excellent.

Jason: 4.75 Stars – Not the best one in the bunch, but close. I really enjoyed bananas in PJ’s. Both flavors are there but they don’t stand on their own, they blend together to form a new, original flavor. It’s as though the banana flavor and peanut butter flavor are blended with something else, something I can’t quite make out. I dug the flavor and was really impressed by the vapor production.

Sexy Like A…

“Sexy like a… chocolate strawberry. Chocolaty inhale with a sweet strawberry exhale. We took another amusing one-liner and turned it into a sexy, but decadent vape-able experience. “Hey. Sexy like a chocolate strawberry.”

Julia: 4.25 Stars – If you like the combination of chocolate and strawberries you might like this one a lot. I had a little trouble with the chocolate. I had hoped it would be a bit sweeter than it was. Sexy produces a vape that is exactly as described. ‘Sexy’ delivers a chocolate flavor in and a strawberry flavor out. Lots of vapor from ‘Sexy’. I don’t think I will add this to my collection though.

Tom: 3.5 Stars – Chocolate is tough to do, and if you don’t use the right chocolate flavoring in exacting amounts you get a dull chocolate. That’s what we have here, a dull chocolate flavor with a strawberry finish.

Keira: 4.5 Stars – You know that chocolate flavor in M n M’s? That is the chocolate flavor I detect with “Sexy Like A…”. The strawberry finish was definitely a good choice. ‘Sexy’ may not be all that sexy, but it’s a delightful all-day-vape.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – I am inflating the score of ‘Sexy’ because this is an eliquid executed very well. The two flavors are distinct, full flavored, and the vapor production is crazy good. However, I just don’t like chocolate and strawberry mixed together. If you do, this is one you’ll love.

Booberry Cream Pie – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

This delectable vape has blueberry crumbles and decadent creamy pie filling. Delicious piecrust completes this well-rounded all day vape.”

Julia: 5 Stars – This is such an interesting blend, and a delicious one. Carpe Diem doesn’t suppress the blueberry in order for the ‘creamed pie’ flavor to come through, and although you will get the big flavor of blueberries it is sitting atop a luscious blend of vanilla custard piecrust. Tons of vapor too, this is a keeper!

Tom: 5 Stars – Even though I doubt I would add this one to my rotation I have no trouble giving it the full 5 Stars. The deep blueberry flavor is really something, and the blending of a creamed piecrust makes this something special. Don’t think this is a blueberry pie blend, I’ve had some great blueberry pie vapes, this is blueberry with a real creamed pie piecrust. Delicious mix of flavors and a wicked amount of vapor. Excellent!

Keira: 5 Stars – I was surprised that the blueberry was so prominent in this one. I was betting on it being more a custard-creamed pie with blueberry notes, and it turned out to the opposite. Lots of blueberries on a solid footing with a custard piecrust, Booberry Creamed Pie is an eliquid I would happily add to my rotation.

Jason: 5 Stars – A surprisingly good blueberry custard pie. Wild blueberries, slightly tart but amply sweet nestled in a thick custard pie, Booberry Creamed Pie is definitely a good choice for an all-day-vape for blueberry lovers.

Pumpkin Slevin

There were whispers and talk about it. A seasonal Slevin that packed a punch of pumpkin spice! For a limited time only!

Julia: 3.75 Stars – Slevin is an award-winning eliquid, and with Pumpkin Slevin it’s been turned into a holiday vape with the addition of pumpkin. There is one important flavor element missing from Pumpkin Slevin; spices. Pumpkin by itself tastes awful, that’s why spices are added to pumpkin pie. I definitely taste that base pumpkin flavor laid over the original Slevin, but without the same spices that are used in pumpkin pie it came out less than satisfying.

Tom: 4.25 Stars – In our discussion about these nine flavors Pumpkin Slevin got most of the attention. All of were in agreement about the lack of spices that are used in various pumpkin desserts. I wanted to like this more than I did, but that great Slevin flavor saved the day. If I had to choose between Pumpkin Slevin as it is, and the original Slevin I would choose the original every time. That said, I hope that next year Carpe Diem does a Pumpkin Slevin again only with a lot of spices.

Keira: 3 Stars – I don’t understand why the pumpkin flavor was used without the various spices that we usually find in pumpkin dishes. I love pumpkin eliquids, absolutely love them, so when I vaped this award-winning Slevin laced with a plain pumpkin I just didn’t like it. Some people will, but it’s the one we liked the least.

Jason: 3.0 Stars – Pumpkin Slevin could have been phenomenal but because the pumpkin flavor is a real pumpkin and not a spiced up pumpkin it didn’t fly. Next time I would love to see this one again only with a lot of spices.


“Our white flower Dutch clover honey vape incorporates different fruit flavors that are considered to be “aphrodisiacs”. The prominent taste in this juice is blackberry nectar honey.”

Julia: 4.75 Stars – Sometimes I enjoy floral vapes and sometimes I do not. It all depends on that floral component and how strong it is. Aphrodisiac is one of the good ones. The floral element is moderate, and the clover and honey blend together perfectly. There is also a sweet component to the recipe that provides a nice finish on the exhale.

Tom: 4.75 Stars – I’ve taken a real liking to this eliquid. The description tells us that the taste is a blackberry nectar honey, and that might be completely accurate, but the truth is I have no idea what that would taste like. If you expect a floral vape with Aphrodisiac you might be expecting something not as sweet as this. The floral component is there, but it’s sweet and enjoyable. I would add this to my rotation. Highly recommend it.

Keira: 5 Stars – I can’t get enough of Aphrodisiac. There is something about it that hits the spot every time. Love that clover honey and a wisp of blackberry flavor, and a sweet tickle on the exhale. Marvelous! Best in the afternoon and early evening.

Jason: 4.75 Stars – Aphrodisiac did not sound at all like an eliquid I would enjoy. That being the case I saved till last. The strange thing is, I really liked it. What a great job they did with combining a clover honey, itself a difficult flavor to work with, and a light touch of various fruitiness to come up with a vape that is strong, flavorful, and awesome vapor. I’m surprised, but also excited that I have a very different flavor to add to my rotation.


Once again the team finds some common ground with Carpe Diem. The best of the line scored high enough for the Spinfuel Choice Award while each member of the team scored the other eliquids very differently.

The real standouts are Booberry Creamed Pie and Chastity Belt, with a near-miss for Witch Hunt, a delicious pipe tobacco blend.


As we go to press Carpe Diem is running this special: Spend 100.00 including shipping with no coupons added & tell us in the special instructions box @ checkout what free 120ML you want!! For a limited time only!

Till next time!

Julia, Tom, Keira, and Jason