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Bold Tobacco from Johnson Creek Vapor Company

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Today is a special day for Johnson Creek Vapor Company, the release of Bold Tobacco eliquid. However, it is also a special day for every Vaper that enjoys a rich, bold, tobacco eliquid blended specifically for Sub-Ohm tanks and RDA’s.

Today comes the release of “Bold Tobacco”, and for the past 5 days Tom and Jason have been obsessed with it. Obsessed as though the tobacco ‘holy grail’ has been found.

JCVC hits the bullseye with it’s newest High VG, aptly named, Bold Tobacco. So stay with us as we review this marvelous new High VG tobacco eJuice.

This is how Johnson Creek Vapor Company describes their newest High VG eLiquid:

Our first high-VG tobacco-flavored Vapor Liquid! Bold Tobacco is rich and complex, but approachable to a wide audience. We’ve anchored this flavor with a robust domestic blend and highlighted the best notes with a supporting cast of anise, oak, and caramel, just to name a few. Our Vapor Liquid is layered and complex, and Bold Tobacco in no exception.

Bold Tobacco from Johnson Creek Vapor CompanyJCVC recommends their Canteen™ Elite and Vea Elite DNA 40 box mod, and most, if not all, RDAs, RBAs, and Sub-Ohm tanks. Of course, JCVC would recommend their DNA 40 box mod and their Canteen Elite tank, but any good mod and tank will take you on the journey to discover this fine eliquid.

The official VG/PG ratio is 70/30 VG/PG. As always, Bold Tobacco is Made in America and all the ingredients are strictly sourced from American companies. But what truly separates Johnson Creek from the pack is the
60-day Return/Exchange Policy. Don’t like the flavor? Return the bottle for a refund, or an exchange for another blend. That is confidence, and that is pride in the products JCVC makes.

The Team Chimes In…

Johnson Creek Vapor Company – Bold Tobacco
A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Julia: 5.00 – I truly love the new direction Johnson Creek Vapor Company has taken in the past year. Not only have JCVC upped their game in vape gear, but they’ve also begun to address the needs of vapers with different ‘lines’ of eliquid.

JCVC is aggressively moving to capture a wider audience despite being the most recognizable eliquid brand in the world, but this is not an essay on Johnson Creek Vapor Company, so I’ll keep my words focused on the newest release, Bold Tobacco; 70% VG blend, using no water, no alcohol, and only the purest ingredients to be found.

Bold Tobacco is everything a tobacco-vapor connoisseur loves about, well, tobacco. This is a rich yet smooth, deeply indulgent pipe tobacco flavor that nurtures the soul of people like Tom and Jason, while providing a rich tobacco experience for people like myself. In other words, while vapers that follow in the same vein as Tom and Jason will reach nirvana with Bold Tobacco it is still very much accessible to vapers like Kiera and me, people that do not go out of their way to find great tobacco flavors, but enjoy the occasional pipe tobacco experience.

The one thing I praise more than any other aspect of Bold Tobacco is Johnson Creek’s artistry in creating a tobacco masterpiece with zero harsh tones, and lush vapor production that would impress even the most demanding cloud makers.

Tom: 5.00 – Well now, I believe my search for the perfect tobacco eliquid has reached its end. Bold Tobacco by Johnson Creek Vapor Company is, without a doubt, the finest, richest, pipe tobacco I have ever vaped. This right here, this magical, almost mystical bold tobacco flavor satisfies every desire I could have hoped for in an eliquid. Pure yet complex layers of the finest tobacco-leaf flavoring, gently combined with ingredients of such purity that the only component I taste is the rich pipe tobacco. Words truly fail me here.

2016 Spinfuel Choice Award WinnerI don’t do much coil building these days so my time spent with Bold Tobacco (a time that has not ended by the way) was with a couple of the finest sub-ohm tanks (0.3-ohm Kanthal and a 0.15 Ni200) on the market, and powered by the new eLeaf dual-18650 iStick TC100w. This combination produced the most extraordinary and exquisite vape experience in all the 5 years of my vaping. I don’t think anything has come close to Bold Tobacco when combining rich flavor and deep, satisfying vapor.

If you enjoy tobacco eliquids even half as much as I do you will love Bold Tobacco. I am so confident in my conclusion that I am willing to say right here that once this new eliquid begins to get out in the vape community, Johnson Creek will have a difficult time keeping it in stock.

Jason: 5.00 – Bold Tobacco by Johnson Creek Vapor Company redefines what it means to vape a tobacco eliquid. No more fumbling around and experimentation with thousands of flavor components to create a pure tobacco experience, JCVC has nailed it. Bold Tobacco is the best expression yet of a luscious, deep flavored pipe tobacco that every vaper could enjoy.

Forget what you know about tobacco blends, Bold Tobacco has flipped it all upside down. Bold Tobacco possesses the essence of the finest pipe tobaccos and delivers it to us without a single note of harsh Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin waxy aftertaste. The only thing you’ll taste with Bold Tobacco is the deep but gentle tobacco flavors only dreamed of before now.

Johnson Creek Vapor Company talks about the complex notes of anise, caramel, and even oak, as supporting players in this fine blend, and they are spot on with the complexities of such a blend. If you take the time, with a good sub-ohm tank or RDA, and allow the vapor to gently push out of your lungs and pass over your tongue, every note of the individual components will register exactly how they should. The end result is a tobacco eliquid like you’ve never had before.

I understand that my ‘review’ reads more like “An Ode to Bold Tobacco”, but the truth is, this kind of tobacco purity can only Bold Tobacco from Johnson Creek Vapor Companycome from a company that understands how these components affect vapers.

A magical blend that consists of pure 70% VG, no water or alcohol at all, and the highest grade of PG, delivers a vape experience that is all flavor transported directly to your taste buds through dense, voluminous, aromatic, and unsullied vapor the likes of which you’ve never experienced in a tobacco blend. Bold Tobacco is the tobacco eliquid all other eliquids try to be, but never can.


Sometimes I sort of hope that Johnson Creek Vapor Company would deliver to us an eliquid that we would not enjoy so much, just to be able to prove that my team isn’t “in the pocket” of JCVC. The truth is, Johnson Creek does not compensate us, or Spinfuel, in any way. They don’t advertise with us, they don’t keep us supplied with free eliquid (no company does), and they don’t post our reviews on their website. All they do is send us the new flavors a few days before they are released to the world, and ask us for an honest review.

In the past, in previous reviews, you can see that my team has been all over the board with JCVC eliquids. We’ve loved some, and we have been disappointed with others. The one thing Johnson Creek has always impressed us with is quality… quality has never been in question. So what has happened in the past year? We can only speculate…

The fact remains that time after time Johnson Creek Vapor Company has produced superb eliquids of exquisite quality.

Fully formed flavors that ring true, delivered on a bed of vapor molecules infused with untainted flavors. You’ll never taste chemicals, alcohol, or artificiality with a JCVC eliquid created over the past year. JCVC is not the same company it was in 2012, when we started Spinfuel eMagazine. And if you ever doubted the talents behind the brand, or if you’ve ever believed that those that sang the praises of Johnson Creek were blowing smoke, then you should be taking another look.

Bold Tobacco Finale

Although for Kiera and myself a tobacco eliquid is an occasional novelty, people like Tom and Jason crave fine tobacco flavors. For them, and for any of you looking for the best tobacco eliquids, Bold Tobacco is unlike anything you’ve tried before. We urge you to put side any preconceived notions about JCVC and try Bold Tobacco, or any other JCVC eliquid introduced over the past year.

Julia Hartley-Barnes and Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team – Tom McBride, Kiera Hartley-Barnes, and Jason Little