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Mountain Oak Vapors Blue Drop eLiquid Review

I don’t do many eLiquid reviews because, well, I leave it to the pros. The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team is made up of people (staffers) that have spent hundreds of hours over the past year studying and vaping eLiquids from dozens of brands. They conduct blind taste tests on themselves regularly, trying hard to trip each other up by having each other describe particular flavors without knowing what they are supposed to taste like. They are so good at it they put me to shame every time. I stopped trying a long time ago.

On occasion I like to write about new eLiquid flavors I really like though. Just last week I wrote about the three flavors I’m always vaping, White Leaf, MeeseTracks and Cinnamon Sweet Roll. Delectable all, but yesterday I was introduced to the new eLiquid flavor from Mountain Oak Vapors called “Blue Drop” and I haven’t stopped vaping it. It is that good.

Blue Drop is Mountain Oak Vapors latest eLiquid flavor and is a companion eLiquid to MOV’s #1 selling eLiquid, Red Drop. MOV’s Red Drop is raspberry limeade that delivers the sweet goodness of authentic tasting raspberries bathed in a refreshing limeade flavor. In the history of Mountain Oak Vapors, more bottles of Red Drop eLiquid are sold than any other flavor. So it’s only natural that Mountain Oak Vapors would attempt to create a companion eLiquid for Red Drop. Could lightning strike twice? Can MOV recreate the same excitement and the same sales level of Red Drop? Let’s see…

Blue Drop

Blue Drop is Mountain Oak Vapors “Blueberry Lemonade” eLiquid. And there is nothing like it in its category currently on the market. It is an original and unique combination of the best sugary sweet ripe blueberries along with a tart but smooth lemonade flavor. Together, blueberry and lemonade combine to create a wonderful new vape in the same class as Red Drop.
Blue Drop works as a great new all-day vape. It is never dull, never too heavy, and never too sweet. Blue Drop also packs one heck of a throat hit.

Never A Shortcut

What really separates Mountain Oak Vapors from the vast majority of other eLiquid vendors is that rather than rely on the same “limeade” eLiquid flavor that works so brilliantly in Red Drop, MOV worked diligently to find the perfect companion for their special blueberry flavor. They didn’t take any shortcuts along the development path. While other brands might have simply switched out raspberries for blueberries and call it a day, MOV would never entertain such a move. Because they have such an intricate knowledge of flavors, and what works and what doesn’t, they knew that to achieve the results they needed in order to deliver a worthy companion to Red Drop that it would take months of work.

A True Companion eLiquid

The quest to develop an excellent eLiquid is serious business, never one that Mountain Oak Vapors takes lightly. To develop a true companion for their #1 best-selling eLiquid was an exponentially more difficult quest. Still, they never shied away and in the end Blue Drop earned its place among Mountain Oak Vapors eLiquid lineup and as the rightful companion to the legendary Red Drop.

A Spinfuel Experiment

As it happens we have a half-full bottle of Mountain Oak Vapors Red Drop in our collection of eLiquids. Last night I decided to fill a tank with it and do a side-by-side comparison of the Red and Blue “Drops”. I didn’t want to just tell you that Blue Drops was another excellent eLiquid from this premium eLiquid vendor, I wanted to decide for myself if Blue Drop was a true companion to Red Drop.

My Red Drop Experience

The bottle of Red Drop we had in our collection was 4 months old. We keep all our eLiquids in a cool, dark, and humidity free stockroom. It was surely fully steeped and ready to go.

The first thing that hits me on my very first drag was this amazing, sweet raspberry flavor. Moments later that refreshing limeade makes itself known and blends nicely with the sweet raspberry. I could clearly taste both the raspberries and the limeade and that combination of flavors blended so well I was shocked that we had any left 4 months later. I began to understand why Red Drop was MOV’s best selling eLiquid. Red Drop was an amazing and unique eLiquid but there was nothing in my vaping history to compare it to.

Then I began vaping Blue Drop. And, I swear, despite the fact that MOV had replaced the raspberries with blueberries and instead of limeade there was lemonade, I knew in an instant that these two eLiquids were cousins… First cousins at that. A completely different flavor, based on very different tasting fruits and juices, and yet they shared the common traits of a ‘sweet’ berry-type fruit combined with a tart, yet mildly sweet citrus flavor that was designed to be an all-day vape. Each eLiquid is equally delicious to vape, similar throat hit (strong), and plumes of vapor from both. They were very different… but not.

I think the best way to tie them together as companions, from my own reference point, is to say that if I walked over to my vaping closet and I was in the mood to vape something sweet, fruity, with a touch of tart yet sweet citrus I would have to base my decision on whether I wanted to share the time with blueberries or raspberries. Or better yet, if I went to my vaping closet to grab some Red Drop and there wasn’t anymore, I could grab the Blue Drop and be just as happy. There are few, if any, opportunities to say that about any eLiquids.

My Own Blind Taste Test

I was alone in the office when the Blue Drop arrived. I had recently edited a full-blown Spinfuel eLiquid Review and I thought I would vape Blue Drop without knowing anything about it, to see if I could pass the blind taste test. I knew Blue Drop was coming, but I had no idea it was a blueberry eLiquid. (For instance, Blue Ridge is a great MOV eLiquid yet it is not a blueberry flavor). The recent interview I did with Steve Nair, owner of Mountain Oak Vapors, mentioned Blue Drop but didn’t let on that it was a blueberry vape. So anyway, I decided to do my own blind taste test.

On the very first drag I thought I was vaping a grape flavored eLiquid. As I continued to vape it became more and more complex. Although I thought I tasted grape it began to change and the sweet lemonade started to come through. Once I tasted the lemonade the grape began to change into blueberry. Then I became confused. I thought to myself that this was one seriously complex set of flavors. Before I opened my web browser to take a look at the MOV website to find out what MOV was going for, my final thoughts were that it was either a blueberry and lemon vape or a grape vape… I just couldn’t decide. As soon as I read the description my taste buds sharply focused and from then on I tasted blueberry and lemonade with every drag. But, once again, I failed the blind taste test.

The Team – (minus one)

This morning at 7AM sharp the staff rolled in and I had 6 cartomizers filled with Blue Drop eLiquid and handed them out to the staff. I asked them to vape them and not speak of it to each other about it. After some time I asked them to come in and see. At 8AM sharp I ask them to come in one at a time.
Everyone except for Jon Locke loved Blue Drop. And, I’m not kidding here, 4 of them told me they were vaping a new blueberry with a lemonade base. Those same 4 told me that it had to come from Mountain Oak Vapors because it had the MOV “signature”. The odd man out thought the eLiquid was grape and lemonade. He said it came from either Mountain Oak Vapors or “X”. Jon Locke said he didn’t care for it because he likes deep, dark, dense flavored eLiquids. And that’s true. His favorite from MOV is “Caramel Movaccino”. Since Julia is not in town right now we’ll have to wait to see what she thinks.

So there you have it. If you’re a fan of Mountain Oak Vapors Red Drop then this is an eLiquid you must try. You’ll be head over heals for it. If you enjoy a blueberry flavor of any kind I think you’re going to love this eLiquid. And, if you like eLiquids that are on the lighter/sweeter side, like Tropical Sunrise, Shangri-La, or Mountain Mist then by all means give Blue Drop a try.

The Surprise Admission

During the interview with Steve Nair, when he mentioned that Red Drop was the best-selling eLiquid of Mountain Oak Vapors I was very surprised to hear that. I had tried Red Drop before, several months ago, and I don’t remember going nuts over it. I don’t remember it at all. I did go nuts over Heavenly 7 and Legendary back then, but not Red Drop. In the months that followed I had adopted several MOV eLiquids as personal favorites. White Leaf and Cinnamon Swirl are my #1 and #2 favorites, followed closely by Cinnamon Swirl and Heavenly 7… and lately Pendragon has been getting a lot of time with me. I just never would have guessed that Red Drop was #1.

Now that I’ve tried Red Drop again followed by 10 hours of Blue Drop I’m beginning to understand what all the fuss is about. They are fully flavored and semi-sweet, with great throats and lots of vapor… they are also awesome all-day vapes.

Blue Drop has a really good chance at taking over the #1 post at MOV. I get it now. Though, for as great as Blue Drop is, and it really is a great eLiquid, I’ll continue to vape White Leaf more often than Blue Drop, once the newness of discovering a great tasting new eJuice ends. Until then, I’m vaping the new stuff.

John Manzione