Which Is the Most Energizing Kratom Strain And How To Get It OnlineKratom, especially Kratom Extract products, (mitragyna speciosa) is a beneficial botanical herb native Southeast Asia that has been used by local cultures for hundreds of years to boost energy, reduce pain, and encourage relaxation. 

More recently, kratom has been explored to help with opioid withdrawal, since it’s a natural painkiller.

While kratom is a leaf, the potent alkaloids in kratom responsible for its strong effects are also isolated into convenient extracts.

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What to Skip Ahead? Here Are Our Top Picks for The Best Kratom Extracts Out There.

Why Should You Take Kratom

Kratom is not for everyone. However, there are lots of reasons why people turn to this green leaf.

Improve Your Mood

Thousands of kratom users can attest to its ability to immediately improve your mood. Simply, kratom has a serotonergic effect, which means it can help flood our brain with the “happy hormone.” For its mood-boosting properties, some research has explored kratom as a potential tool for anxiety and depression (source).

Relieve Your Pain

One of kratom’s clearest and most well-known effects is the pain relief it provides. The effects of kratom’s two alkaloids, which we’ll talk more about later, can blunt the pain response.

Because of this, kratom is extremely popular for those with chronic pain or recovery from serious injury. 

In fact, many people have used kratom to replace hardcore painkillers. Given the extreme addictive potential of opioids like morphine, kratom may have value as a more mild and less addictive painkiller.

Energy Boost

Kratom at lower doses gives you a stimulating effect. In fact, it’s popular as a pre-workout supplement, which you can read more about in this article on kratom as a pre-workout.

Many people have also used kratom to support their productivity and as an addition or replacement for coffee.

We included on our list a kratom energy shot, which includes a bit of caffeine, making it perfect if this is your goal.

Calm and Relaxation

Kratom does not have a jittery stimulating effect like coffee. Rather, it’s a bit calmer and at higher doses may induce relaxation as well.

At higher doses, many people take kratom to help them sleep.

Addiction Withdrawal

Because of its pain-killing effects, and because it acts on the same receptors as opioids, many people have used kratom to wean off opioid addiction. It can support withdrawal symptoms during this challenging process. Others have used it to start drinking less alcohol as well.

Why A Kratom Extract Over a Kratom Leaf Product?

So those are the reasons why you might want to take kratom, but why a kratom extract?

Both extracts and kratom leaf products have some upsides. Here are the benefits of kratom extracts over plain kratom leaf products.

Stronger Effects

Simply, extracts are stronger. This means you can take a lot less of an extract to get the same effects.

Known Alkaloid Content

One of the downsides of kratom leaf products is, since every leaf grows differently, the number of extracts varies. You can buy the same exact product from the same vendor and have a very different experience.

In contrast, kratom extract products are standardized to contain a consistent amount of kratom’s powerful alkaloids. 

Within this, you can buy stronger or more mild extracts. You can also buy extracts with different ratios of mitragynine to 7-HMG, which can give you different effects.

More Convenient, Easier to Ingest

While some extract products are a bit sludgy, others taste surprisingly decent, while others still are (dare I say) fun options.

For example, on our list you’ll see kratom-infused caramels which taste great and make kratom like a little dessert.

This contrasts with powders, which are literally like digesting leaves and known for giving digestion problems. With extracts, you can avoid the “toss and wash” method altogether and get your kratom in a simple convenient capsule, shot, or candy.

The only downside is that extracts tend to be a bit more expensive. While powders will often only cost you a few bucks, extracts are usually between $15-$30 per package.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Kratom Extract Product

Not all extracts are created equal. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a kratom extract product, or really any high-quality kratom product.

Third-Party Lab Testing and AKA Certification

Kratom is known for its lack of regulation, which means if you buy any random kratom from your local gas station, there’s no guarantee you’re getting pure kratom. In fact, there are tons of instances of kratom contamination.

That’s why you should look for third-party tested brands that are GMP-compliant (Good Manufacturing Practices) and approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA).

If a kratom vendor doesn’t do lab testing, run for the hills. Every company on our list does third-party testing and is based in the USA.

Known Alkaloid Content

Next, with extracts, products should have the mitragynine content labeled. If they don’t, that means there’s either a lot of variation in the extracts, or they just don’t test it.

Company Track Record

With kratom, it seems like there are always new companies popping up. However, given the unregulated nature of kratom, we recommend sticking with companies that have been around for years.

That’s why you’ll see Hush Kratom and OPMS on our list several times. When it comes to extracts, they’ve been in the game for years and have an established track record of purity and quality.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews will tell you a lot. Look for products and brands with their reviews displayed on their product pages.

With all of this said, here’s our list of the best kratom extracts on the market in 2023.

1) Hush Kratom Platinum Shot (Best Overall)

The 7 Best Kratom Extract Products (2023) ReviewedCheck Lowest Price

Hush Kratom Platinum is one of the strongest, purest products you’ll find on the market and will give you that calm, relaxing euphoria kratom is famous for.


  • Convenient Shot
  • 170mg of mitragynine per bottle, which is very strong
  • Full-spectrum balance of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which means it gives you a calming, relaxing effect at higher doses
  • Proven company with long track record
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Good value


  • A bit of a sludgy texture
  • Not the best choice for beginners.

Hush Kratom Platinum Full Spectrum Extract tops our list for its quality, transparency, and track record. 

Hush has been around for nearly ten years, are AKA certified, third-party tested, and backed by hundreds of five-star reviews from their customers.

With the equivalent of 12 grams of plain leaf Kratom powder, the Platinum Shot has the most total alkaloids of any Kratom product. Each bottle has 170mg of mitragynine. It’s the strongest shot Hush has to offer, and frankly, one of the strongest on the market. Each bottle contains 3 servings. Just 1/3rd of the full shot is enough to start feeling the powerful relaxing effects of Kratom.

The dose is standardized. You’re getting the same dose in each shot.

Hush also uses food-grade food solvents and takes extra steps to ensure quality. It’s no wonder they’ve been one of the top extract brands for years.

For all these reasons, Hush Platinum Shot is our #1 pick for the best kratom extract out there.

2) OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Liquid

The 7 Best Kratom Extract Products (2023) Reviewed​​

Check Lowest Price

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions and their Gold Kratom Extract Liquid land at #2 for its strong dose, purity, and convenience.


  • Strong, effective dose to last.
  • Convenient liquid shot available. With just 8.8ml it’s a slightly smaller shot
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Known alkaloid content
  • Proven, long-standing brand


  • A bit of a sludgy texture
  • Very strong. Not the best choice for beginners.

OPMS also has a proven track record in the industry, are third-party tested, and give you a known dose.

Using a cold-water high-pressure extraction process, OPMS can pull out more potent alkaloids from their already high quality kratom.

This 8.8 mL shot has approximately 280 mg of 42% Mitragynine kratom leaf extract so just a drop or two added to your evening tea can help encourage a calming state.

One of the potential downsides to extracts is they often require high temperatures to make, which can denature the kratom. OPMS uses a cold-water extraction, so you get the highest potency mitragynine. Third, it has a verified, potent, 42% mitragynine. That means all you’ll need is a drop or two to feel the kratom kick. Each bottle total has 117mg of mitragynine.

It’s not quite as strong as Hush Platinum, and isn’t full spectrum, but it’s still a high-quality product.

For all of these reasons,OPMS Gold is our #2 pick.

3) Hush Kratom Energy Full-Spectrum Shot (Best Pre-Workout)

The 7 Best Kratom Extract Products (2023) ReviewedCheck Lowest Price

Hush Kratom Energy Full-Spectrum Shot is perfect for those looking for energy and focus, whether for the gym or the office.

It includes 65mg of mitragynine alongside 80mg of caffeine.


  • Convenient Shot
  • 65mg of mitragynine per bottle for a modest kick
  • 80mg of all-natural caffeine to improve your energy. Great for working or working out.
  • Smooth orange flavor
  • Full-spectrum balance of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.
  • Proven company with long track record
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Good value


  • Caffeine + Kratom is not for everyone
  • Lower mitragynine content than many other extracts

Both kratom and caffeine are dopaminergic, which means they increase dopamine levels. Dopamine is one of the key neurotransmitters responsible for mood, euphoria, and attention. This makes it a great combination for focus and productivity.

By combining the two, you can have a clean, focused experience with kratom.

The dose of caffeine is about two-thirds of the caffeine content in an average cup of coffee. This is enough to boost your energy levels, but you won’t be jumping off the walls.

Unlike the stronger extracts, which are a bit sludgy and bitter, this one comes in a delicious orange flavor that goes down smooth.

It uses Hush’s cold extraction process to get the most out of the alkaloids.

4) Hush Kratom Ultra Shot (Best for Beginners)

The 7 Best Kratom Extract Products (2023) ReviewedCheck Lowest Price

Hush Kratom Ultra is a mitragynine-based extract with a great taste and simple, quality formula. That’s why it’s a great option for beginner kratom users.


  • Convenient Shot
  • 90mg of mitragynine per bottle for a solid kick that’s great for beginners.
  • Mitragynine-based, so it’s great for a pick-me-up
  • Smooth lemon-lime flavor
  • Proven company with long track record
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Good value


  • Not full spectrum. If you’re looking for more of a calm/relaxation effect, go with another option.
  • Lower mitragynine content than many other extracts

We recommend this extract to beginners because it has a more modest strength and is much better tasting than the stronger products on the market. It’s a lemon-lime flavored shot that will help make your first kratom experience a pleasant one.

5) OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsule (Best Capsule)

Check Lowest Price

Kratom capsules have the obvious added benefit of convenience. These extract capsules from OPMS have the same strong, mitragynine-based formula as the shot, but in a much convenient and easier to consume capsule.


  • Strong, effective dose to last.
  • 84mg of mitragynine per capsule
  • Convenient capsules
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Known alkaloid content
  • Proven, long-standing brand


  • Capsules cost a bit more than the liquid extracts
  • Very strong. Not the best choice for beginners.

With 84mg of mitragynine per capsule, that’s a big kick. That’s why we don’t recommend these capsules for beginners and recommend going for a liquid extract where you can begin with just a drop or two to assess your tolerance.

6) King Kratom Extract Powder

The 7 Best Kratom Extract Products (2023) ReviewedCheck Lowest Price

King Kratom Extract Powder is just what you need if you love plain leaf kratom but need something a bit stronger at a great price.

King Kratom Extract is an all-natural product. 1 gram has roughly 50mg of Mitragynine which is 4 times the strength of plain leaf Kratom! It comes in both 1-ounce (28 gram) and 4-ounce (113 gram) sizes.


  • Great for powder users
  • 50mg of mitragynine per gram
  • Convenient capsules
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Known alkaloid content


  • Powder is generally less convenient

Traditional powder strains often require users to stomach a lot of powder and leads to digestive issues and GI distress. An extract powder like this allows you to get the powerful effects of kratom without as much powder.

This is a great powder for those who like the powers but are looking for one with my kick and the benefits of extract.

7) Hush Kratom Extract Infused Caramels

The 7 Best Kratom Extract Products (2023) ReviewedCheck Lowest Price

We can’t wrap up this list without a dessert-like extract option that displays the potential of kratom extract.

These caramels from Hush Kratom are a delicious treat. Many users love plopping one into their morning cup of coffee.


  • Delicious caramels
  • 20mg of mitragynine per caramel
  • GMP-certified and third-party tested
  • Known alkaloid content
  • Proven, long-standing brand


  • A bit more expensive than other options
  • Only 20mg of mitragynine per caramel

With 6 caramels per pack, each one has approximately 20mg of Mitragynine which is just enough for a smooth, mellow experience anyone can enjoy.

These are some of the best tasting and most effective edibles out on the market so whether you’re a long time kratom user or just starting out, The Hush Kratom Extract Infused Caramels are a must try.

(Drop one in your coffee to give it some flavor and kick of morning kratom energy.)

Because it’s a small-dose and it’ll make getting down kratom easier than ever, this is also a great choice for newer kratom users or total beginners.

Tips for First-Time Kratom Users

If you’re a beginner, here’s what we recommend.

Start Small

Kratom is powerful stuff. Start with a modest dose and see how your body responds. While some of these extracts contain a high dose of extracts, go with a more modest option like Hush Ultra, and then begin with a drop or two.

Don’t Combine Kratom with Other Substances

This is good advice in general, but it’s especially important for beginners. See how kratom alone affects you so you get a better idea.

Caffeine and kratom can be great, but it’s probably not the best decision for beginners, unless you’re a very caffeine-adapted person.

What Are the Differences of Kratom Extracts and Kratom Powders? What About Advantages and Disadvantages?

There are a few main differences.


When you take out everything but the alkaloids, you obviously wind up with a much stronger substance.


Extracts are also more convenient, as they come in shots, candies, and capsules.


The drawback is that they tend to be a bit more expensive. For many users, this is totally worth it to not have to literally stomach an indigestible leaf.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom contains two alkaloids: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG). These alkaloids act on the body’s opioid receptors to naturally relieve pain, provide euphoria, and the other benefits we’ve mentioned.

Why Is Kratom Controversial?

While kratom is native to Southeast Asia and has been used by local cultures probably since humanity has been on those islands in Indonesia where kratom grows, it’s very controversial in the west.

This is because kratom has addictive potential. Because it attaches to the same receptors as opioids, it can help people get away from serious painkillers, but itself can also cause a dependence.

That’s why it’s important to monitor your kratom usage.

Beyond that, a lot of the controversies are because of, as usual, politics. Kratom is an inexpensive leaf that relieves pain with less addictive potential than FDA-approved pharmaceutical painkillers. We don’t need to know much about how money and power works to say much more.

This has led to lots of decontextualized media headlines, and cherry-picked case studies by those against kratom to lead a charge against kratom as a whole and make it illegal.

The reality of kratom’s safety and efficacy is almost definitely somewhere in between: while there are risks, many people credit kratom as a life-changing substance. Like anything in life, we must get beyond the talking points and look at the nuance.

For a great overview of this, we recommend this study on understanding kratom.

What Are the Side Effects of Kratom?

The most common side effects include an upset stomach and constipation. While this can still be common with extracts because you’re not trying to digest a dry leaf, it’s usually not as bad. Another common side effect is dehydration, so make sure to drink lots of water when you take kratom.

It can also cause some dizziness and drowsiness. Overuse and extreme doses can lead to delusions.

Therefore, it’s important to be smart with your kratom use.

Can I Mix Kratom with Caffeine?

Yes. In fact, it’s a popular combination and it’s why we included the Hush Kratom Energy Shot on our list. For more about this, check out our article on kratom and coffee.

What Does “Full-Spectrum” Mean?

For brands like Hush, “full-spectrum” means their extract contains a broad mix of both key kratom alkaloids: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG).

Higher 7-HMG levels typically give users more of a relaxing and calming effect. This makes full spectrum extracts better for relaxation and even sleep. In contrast, mitragynine-focused extracts may be better for energy and focus.

What If I’m Looking for a Powder?

You can see some great powder options in this article here on Spinfuel on the best kratom products for euphoria and mood.

Kratom strains, whether red vein, green vein, or white vein, all come from the same leaf. The difference is the drying process. Red vein kratom tends to have more 7-HMG, while white tends to be more mitragynine-heavy. Green kratom is simply a mix of the two.

What Are the Different Types of Kratom?

As mentioned, all kratom comes from the kratom plant, the difference is the drying process.

Here are the three main different strains of kratom:

White Vein Kratom: Highest mitragynine levels

Red Vein Kratom: Highest 7-HMG levels

Green Vein Kratom: A blend

Then there are extracts, which you don’t assign a specific color to. Rather, the alkaloids get pulled out.

Within the colors, there are different kratom strains. Borneo kratom strains come from the island of Borneo. Sumatra kratom strains come from the island of Sumatra.

Bali kratom is just a marketing scheme, as it’s illegal to get kratom from Bali. Maeng Da kratom is often a blend, but it’s most sourced from Borneo. Green Maeng Da is probably the most popular strain out there, because you get a blend of everything.

How Do You Make the Best Kratom Extract?

The best is often made with a cold-extraction process. This is the case with Hush and OPMS. That’s because when kratom gets too hot, the alkaloids can get denatured.

Where’s The Best Place to Buy Kratom?

Buy your kratom from trustworthy kratom vendors NOT your random gas station. We can’t emphasize this enough the importance of buying from a reliable, trusted source. Only put kratom in your body that’s of the highest quality.

In general, we recommend you buy your kratom online.

What’s The Best Kratom Brand?

There are lots of reputable brands out there. Look for the AKA-certification. When it comes to extracts, OPMS and Hush are the runaway leaders in the kratom industry.

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