X.Jet Spider And A Vision Spinner

Despite the Vision X.Jet Spider clearomizer being out on the market for a few weeks now I get this distinct feeling that the world’s best clearomizer is practically being ignored by more Vapers and reviewers then it deserves. It’s time to correct this injustice. The X.Jet Spider, as well as the X.Jet Tank system, is the best clearomizer out there right now.

After receiving, and using, the X.Jet Spider I was expecting the vape community to come alive and climb to the top of Vape Mountain and shout to the world that the clearomizer has finally been done right. Instead, there are a few murmurings around but by and large not many people are talking about it.

Since I began using the Spider it’s all I vape with, well, mostly all I vape with. It delivers the best flavor and the most vapor that I have ever seen in a clearomizer. Clouds so thick it blocks my view of the TV when I’m watching, or obstructs my path when I’m walking. It will give the cloud-chasers something to brag about, not just those Vapers that want flavor above all else.

The Aspire Factor

Before I go on, I guess I should admit that a lot has been said about the Aspire clearomizer, more so than the X.Jet. We are expecting some to arrive here at Spinfuel HQ in the next few days and we’ll have an in-depth review shortly.  Seeing as how I have not yet used the Aspire clearomizer I should qualify this review as a “B.A.” review, “Before Aspire”. But from what I have seen of the physical aspects of the Aspire clearomizer I’m not so sure it can compete with the X.Jet. Maybe it will though, so do consider this review “B.A. Qualified.”

Why X.Jet Is So Damn Good

The very first time I saw print material for the X.Jet Spider it was a Vision Ad that bragged of the X.Jet as being a “coil-less” clearomizer. While that certainly grabbed my attention it’s not really true. The coils are there, they are just hidden.  But, by being hidden away, tucked inside a metal housing, it somehow produces the best hit I’ve ever had.

The Coils are dual coils with no wicks. It’s a bottom-filler clearomizer, which means when you run low of your eJuice you simply remove the bottom and refill.  Refilling this way makes it difficult to get eJuice in the center post, and that’s always a good thing for a klutz like me. The plastic tube is a polycarbonate tube that is wrapped in stainless steel with a window to keep an eye on your juice level. The capacity, at 1.6ML, is disappointingly scant, but since it is a bottom-filler the slight effort it takes to top it off is minimal. If the capacity were larger the clearomizer would be as well, so it’s a fair tradeoff. For Vapers needing more capacity there is always the X.Jet Tanks, at 2ML and 3.5ML.

The drip tip, while removable and replaceable with most 510- drip tips, is now my favorite drip tip. Shaped ever so slightly different than most clearomizer drip tips, there is this slightly large bulb-like tip at the end that gives you a terrific fit between your lips, or at least mine. Lastly, the X.Jet Spider is eGo threaded, so if you want to use the Spider on a 510 device, or even an 808 or 901 threaded device you’ll need to pick up and adapter for it, which works very well. I have tried it with a 510-to-ego adapter and it worked just as well as natively.

In the past it has always taken me a little time to get used to any new device I’m using, including clearomizers, but from the very first hit the X.Jet has been the best ever, with no break-in period needed. Like I said, the flavor is amazing, the vapor astonishing, and even the throat hit is solid without being harsh.

Note* Anything and everything we write about products in these pages are products that we never, ever earn a dollar from. I tell you this (again) because you need to know that Spinfuel eMagazine, or myself as publisher, do not earn a penny for any review, from any company. So there is no reason for me to hawk a product unless I love the product. And I love the X.Jet Spider.

I urge you to order one, or ten, today, along with some replacement heads (though I am now just using my first replacement heads after 21 days of steady use), and see why I, and the rest of the staff, think so highly of this amazing, new and innovative clearomizer.

Now, with the X.Jet Spider out of the way, the next question that needs to be asked; which electronic cigarette should I use?

Vision Spinner

For me the electronic cigarette that does the X.Jet Spider the most justice is the Vision Spinner. I’ve been a fan of the Spinner for more than a year, having written about them frequently. It is a terrific variable voltage eGo-style battery that is offered in mAh ranges of 650-1300mAh. I have some 650’s, 900’s and some 1300’s. I use them a lot and I love them all. Since the only difference between them is the physical size and mAh rating, the determining factor for which Spinner to use is up to you; I chose the 900mAh for the X.Jet Spider because of the size, nothing more. Together the X.Jet Spider and the 900mAh Spinner form a single unit that is exactly the perfect size for me. Your desires may be different, and that’s great.

I have used the JoyeTech eGo Twist and Vision Spinners in every variation there is. There is nothing wrong with the eGo Twist, but I prefer the Vision Spinner because it’s a bit thicker than the Twist, it feels better in my hands.

The Vision Spinner is both a 510-threaded and eGo threaded battery, so there have been occasions where I have used everything from a 510 cartomizer to a 6ML Vision Victory, all with fantastic results. The voltage range is the basic 3.2v to 4.8v, which is perfectly fine for most uses.

The Spinner also features short-circuit protection, atomizer protection, a cut-off timer of a full 10-seconds, a quick 5-button push off/on function, and battery monitoring and over charging protection. It is, above all else, a safe battery. The fact that the Spinner shuts off before you can completely drain it is a feature that will ensure a long life for your battery. The oldest Spinner I own is 14 months old, and it holds a charge well enough that I cannot yet tell the difference between it and the newer ones I own.

Last of all, the Vision Spinner has two features that really impress me and keep me coming back for more. One if the easy to read numbers on the dial, which are actually on the battery itself, along with a red notch in the metal twist cap, and it is a variable scroll meaning you can turn it as fine as you like… and the soft rubberized paint that makes it soft and silky to hold. The X.Jet Spider has the same paint job, so the two make a good match even better.

Lately the Vision Spinner and X.Jet Spider are my everyday workhorse setup. I keep 2 or 3 Spinners charged up all the time, along with a couple of Spiders at the ready. When I tire of one flavor I simply switch, sometimes the whole set up and sometimes I just unscrew the Spider and screw another one with a different flavor.

X.JETSPIDERThe Photo here shows my current favorite setup. A white Spinner battery and a teal colored Spider. You have to admit, it looks fantastic.

A Match Made in Vape Heaven

For me, a setup that delivers great flavor and massive clouds of vapor is end all be all of the great vape. The Vision Spinner and X.Jet Spider deliver this great vape time after time after time.

Depending on the eJuice I’m vaping the sweet spot will change, or rather the voltage setting will, which is why I always recommend variable voltage or variable wattage over mech-mods for most vaping situations. I have been vaping a ton of The Plume Room’s Angel Sauce lately and the sweet spot for Angel Sauce on this setup is 4.1v. You might think that’s sort of high for a Dual Coil 1.8ohm clearomizer, but the results speak for themselves. This setting on the Spinner offers a warm, flavorful vape with clouds so thick you shouldn’t vape it while driving or operating heavy machinery. That sounds like a joke, I know, but I’m serious. I’ve tried driving and vaping with this setup and more often then not it scares the hell out of me when I exhale. I’ve taken to turning my head a bit and blowing the vapor downward toward the passenger seat to avoid blinding my eyes while looking out the windshield.


I’ve used dozens and dozens of electronic cigarettes during the past two and half years, and just as many, if not more, clearomizers, tanks, cartomizers, and whatever. For the reasons I’ve outlined here, this current setup is everything I need for a great vape, day in and day out. I cannot recommend it any higher.

The Vision Spinner and the X.Jet Spider (and X.Jet Tank) are available through our official vape gear supplier, MyVaporStore. Angel Sauce is a limited edition eJuice from The Plume Room. When you read this, if Angel Sauce is still on the The Plume Room menu I recommend buying as much as you can afford to because you never know when it will be gone, and when or if it ever comes back (I suspect it will be back at least every Christmas).

I hope you enjoyed this piece on my current favorite setup, and if you have any comments or questions, or would like to share with us your “Match Made in Vape Heaven” we invite you to use the comments below. In the coming days other staff members will be presenting their favorite, current, setup. Stay tuned…

John Manzione