Vibe by Vape Craft Inc is a new line of eliquids that are blended for flavors enthusiasts without sacrificing the massive clouds of vapor so many Vapers enjoy. Using today’s modern Sub-Ohm Tanks and stupendous Mesh Coils, flavors become more and more important to everyone’s vape experience. Does “Vibe” deliver? That’s what this review is all about. A Spinfuel Team Review is not about selling you anything, it’s about telling you about “our” experience with these new eliquids.


Vibe by Vape Craft Inc is made up of 5 new blends, using high quality VG and just the right amount of PG to drive the flavor through the roof. Whether you’ll enjoy them depends on what flavor profiles you enjoy, and in this review, we’ll cover each one in detail, so you can decide to give them a try… or not.


Important Flavor Information You Need to Know


All of us that vape daily, especially those that have vaped for years, discover their favorite flavor profiles through trial and error. When a “favorite” is found it becomes a part of a Vapers “stable”.


Some Vapers even discover a certain eliquid that becomes the “only” eliquid he or she wants to vape. Our publisher is one such person. Allowing a new eliquid a chance takes a risk, though through risk we find eliquids that we just can’t be without.

Vibe eLiquid Line by Vape Craft – A Review

Vaping Costs and new Eliquids


Fortunately, the cost of vaping is on the decline. You might remember the days when ejuice was sold in 30mL bottles, even 15mL bottles, for more money than today’s 60mL and 100mL eliquids. Even so, when you spend money for eJuice it’s best to know what you already like, and if you’re willing to try something new, at a modest cost.


Vape Craft Inc’s newest line, Vibe, is sold in 60mL Unicorn bottles and are priced at just $14.99. Chances are you won’t jump to Vape Craft’s online store to grab all 5 flavor blends, but at $14.99, our confidence is high that once you read this review, you’ll find one, two, and maybe three that will be worth the small investment.

Let's Get to the Review!

While each of the following eliquids possess their own flavor profile, there seems to be a certain characteristic that bonds all five together. The Vibe line are connected, yet each delivering something new.


Scoring goes from 1 Star to 5 Star. When an eliquid earns 5 Stars from all 4 team members it is awarded the coveted Spinfuel Choice Award.

Vibe - Blues

The US Must Follow the UK’s lead on Vaping Policy While they work for understanding and acceptance, we continue to blindly ban vaping“This decadent dessert will delight your taste buds with crisp apple and a delicious hint of cinnamon.”Vape Craft Inc.


Julia – 4.5 Stars – While “Blues” is definitely a sweet decadent vape worth adding to my rotation, I was just a little disappointed that there wasn’t more of a cinnamon kick to it. The sweet apple flavor is there on both the inhale and exhale, and the clouds of vapor are dense, aromatic, and very pleasing. I love apples and cinnamon, and despite Vape Craft’s own admission that the cinnamon was just a “hint”, I wanted more. An excellent vape, and worthy of the 4.5 Stars.

Tom – 4.5 Stars – Blues is a thick, sweet dessert flavor with a modest apple base and a hint of cinnamon on the tail end of the exhale. Over a period of 3 days I vaped all my 60mL’s and made a note to pick up more. This sweet blend is subtle in its flavor profile, but most certainly satisfying.

Kiera – 4.75 Stars – All 5 of the Vibe line are producers of massive clouds that are thick, aromatic (some more than others), and Blues delivers the sweet decadence it promises. Like Julia, I too would appreciate just a little more cinnamon in the mix. Recommended to Vapers looking for a thick cloud maker with a pleasing apple base.

Dave – 4.25 Stars – Vibe’s Blues offers us an eliquid that a good Sub-Ohm tank drink up quickly. It is a cloud maker in every respect. The flavor profile, apple and cinnamon? Low profile flavors, but through its subtlety you’ll discover an all-day-vape that never loses its flavors to Vapers Tongue.

Vibe – Rock

The US Must Follow the UK’s lead on Vaping Policy While they work for understanding and acceptance, we continue to blindly ban vaping“This award winning sour blue raspberry gummy will ROCK your socks off”Vape Craft Inc.


Julia – 4.75 Stars – Blue Raspberry tastes nothing like red raspberries when it comes to being a flavor in an eliquid. Sometimes blue raspberry can be delicious, like here with Rock, and sometimes it can be nasty. What really gave Rock the needed flavor component was the “gummy bear” flavoring that tied it all together. Not quite the award winner, but definitely a lot of fun to vape. Oh, and the whole “sour” thing in the official description? It’s not sour, it’s tart.

Tom – 4.5 Stars – I can sum up my experience with Rock by saying that it is blue raspberry gummy bears masking as thick clouds of vapor that will leave you satisfied beyond belief. I’m not much of a candy-flavor Vaper, but Rock delivers a tasty, fun, treat.

Kiera – 5 Stars – Blue Raspberry Gummy Bears in the form of vapor is an incredible vape experience. Made purely with a rich blue raspberry flavoring and an authentic gummy bear candy flavoring, Rock really does ROCK. In my rotation now and highly recommended.

Dave – 4 Stars – Rock is a hit and a miss for me. The gummy bear candy flavor is spot on, amazingly so, but the sour blue raspberry is a flavor that just doesn’t do it for me. For those of you that do enjoy blue raspberry and massive clouds of vapor, Rock will win you over.

Vibe – Country

– A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

The US Must Follow the UK’s lead on Vaping Policy While they work for understanding and acceptance, we continue to blindly ban vaping“The fruit flavor that will have you thinking about summer and some good country jams”Vape Craft Inc.


Julia – 5 Stars– Let’s see; besides being able to produce the thickest, most aromatic clouds I’ve had the pleasure to vape, Country delivers an absolute delicious blend of warm peaches and a light touch of strawberry. At least that’s my take on it. In any case, Country is an ideal all-day-vape that I assure you is deserving of the Spinfuel Choice Award, and I hope my teammates feel the same way. Definitely in my rotation, highly recommended for any type of Vaper.

Tom – 5 Stars– I made the mistake of filling my mesh coiled sub-ohm tank with Country and then driving 20 miles to see a friend in Concord. It’s November, and it’s chilly, so keeping the windows rolled up is kind of the thing you want to do. If you’re vaping Vibe Country, think again.

All 5 of Vibe Blends are cloud makers, all of them. But Country, a sweet delicious peach/raspberry (or strawberry?) generates such thick vapor that even a 2 second pull blinded me while I drove on the highway. In an almost panic, I hit the button to lower my windows because I was 100% blind to the traffic ahead of me until I did so. Fair Warning: Beware of the clouds!

Now, as a sweet peachy blend on the inhale and exhale, Country is the best of the five Vibe blends. I’ve made Country one of my top all-day-vapes and will certainly keep it in stock for a very long time. Highly recommended!

Kiera – 5 Stars– Country lays down a base of sweet peaches on the inhale and exhale (not an easy thing to do), and on the exhale is a berry flavor I can’t quite pin down. All I know is that this berry note gives the sweet, dense peach flavor a sudden kick. An all-day-vape you won’t want to do without.

Dave – 5 Stars– Reading the official Vape Craft Inc. flavor description told me nothing about Country, I had no idea what to expect from “summer and some good country jams” … Filling a sub-ohm tank, priming it, and then letting it sit for a few minutes (airflow slots closed!!), I made the unmistakable flavor profile out to be a sweet, low-hanging peach base with a tart berry finish. And it was astoundingly pleasing and satisfying.

Country is going into my rotation as an all-day-vape and huge cloud maker. Bravo!

Vibe – EDM

The US Must Follow the UK’s lead on Vaping Policy While they work for understanding and acceptance, we continue to blindly ban vaping“EDM is a delicious blend of cherries shuffling their way into a fizzy lemon-lime soda explosion of entrancing flavor that will keep your vibe going all night long. 

Flavor: Juicy cherries shuffled in with a fizzy lemon-lime soda”Vape Craft Inc.


Julia – 4.5 Stars– If we still scored eliquids by quality of ingredients alone, all 5 of these Vibe liquids would earn the Spinfuel Choice Award. But we’ve changed the way we score them because most eliquids today use terrific quality VG/PG and flavorings, we now take into consideration how well the flavor profile works toward creating an excellent vape experience.

EDM is the riskiest blend of the 5 Vibe flavors. Luckily for me, I was delighted that the “cherry” flavoring was of a sweet nature, similar to in-season red cherries at the market. Had EDM been a pure cherry blend it would have scored 5 Stars. My issue with this one was throwing in a lemon-lime flavor that was “tarter” than it needed to be.

I vaped every drop of my 60mL bottle, it qualifies as an all-day-vape, but the lemon-lime tartness didn’t work for me.

Tom – 5 Stars– Cherries and lemon-lime, an actual fizzy vape experience that certainly livens up the flavor blend like none of the other Vibe blends. For those of us that enjoy the unexpected, but good flavors of an excellent lemon-lime flavoring, this is going to be a favorite.

When a company like Vape Craft, Inc. takes this kind of risk there will be some that will think the tart flavor of the lemon-lime is just a little too much when laying it atop the dominate sweet cherries.

Kiera – 5 Stars– When Julia and I began our review period for these 5 new flavors we vaped EDM at the same time. Julia did not like the lemon-lime over cherries, but I loved it. This special blend is unlike anything I’ve enjoyed in a long time.

I can understand Julia’s decision on EDM, we are all different when it comes to what we like, but for myself, this blend of sweet cherries and a blast of lemon-lime was awesome. Probably not an all-day-vape, but as a daytime vape, EDM is terrific!

Dave – 4.5 Stars– Unfortunately, EDM didn’t deliver on its official flavor description enough for me to score it a 5 Star blend. Having said that, I have to admit that I had a lot of enjoyment from this strange cherry/lemon-lime mashup.

Since you can’t really create a fizzy feeling in an eliquid, the lemon-lime flavoring gives it a punch on the exhale that you might not see coming. In truth, I could have been swayed to give this blend of flavors a 5 Star score, right up until the 3-hour mark. After a 3-hour vape I just had to switch it up by going back to Country.

Vibe - Hip Hop

The US Must Follow the UK’s lead on Vaping Policy While they work for understanding and acceptance, we continue to blindly ban vaping“Never miss a beat with this grape and strawberry fusion”Vape Craft Inc.


Julia – 4 Stars– As successful as I believe the Vibe line will be, I’ve never, in 7 years, found a grape flavored eliquid at all satisfying. That said, a blend of grape and sweet strawberries created a nice fusion of flavors that I found deserving of a higher score than I’ve ever given a grape base eliquid.

If you are one of the millions out there that LOVE grape vapes, this is going to rock your world. But to me, grape isn’t my flavor.

Tom – 5 Stars– As much as I wanted Hip Hop to win a Spinfuel Choice Award I knew it wouldn’t. Why? Because our team leader has never awarded a grape eJuice blend 5 Stars. Nevertheless, Hip Hop is a 5 Star eliquid, delivering an amazing blend of strawberries and deep grape flavors in perfect unison. If you like grape, buy this one as soon as you can.

Hip Hop is one of the best grape-dominant blends I’ve ever had the pleasure to vape. An all-day blend that will blow you away, and capable of producing the kind of vapor clouds that fill the room in minutes.

Kiera – 5 Stars– There is something about this blend of strawberries and grape that was so satisfying I knew it deserved 5 Stars in the first 5 minutes of vaping this awesome blend.

I would say that neither the grape or strawberry was the dominant flavor, both were equally present in the inhale and exhale. Taking a long pull produces enormous clouds, and a sweet grape and strawberry fusion that just had to be a part of my daily rotation. Grape lovers will adore Hip Hop.

Dave – 5 Stars– 7 years ago someone that managed an online hardware vendor site gave me two recommendations I will always remember. The first was that since we were both Sci-Fi fans, I had to read Ready Player One, a great book AND an excellent movie, and a certain grape eliquid. Both were spot on recommendations.

Since that time, I have sampled grape eliquids whenever I could, secretly devouring grape eJuice at home. These days not too many manufactures are working with grape flavoring and that’s a shame.  Hip Hop changes things some, because this blend of sweet strawberry and real red grapes is so good that anyone that has ever vaped a grape based eliquid will love this one.

Hip Hop is in my rotation mainly because the mixologist that decision on the percentages of grape and strawberry did an excellent job of creating something grape fans will devour, and fans of strawberry will delight in. The best of both!


Vape Craft Inc. produces another winning line of eliquids that won’t put a hurt on your wallet. 60mL unicorn bottles for less than $15 for these cloud chucking, flavorful blends will make Vibe one of their best-selling lines ever.


We’re not telling you to run over to Vape Craft and buy all 5. In fact, we’re not trying to sell you on any of them. What we are doing, hopefully, is providing you some insight into a new line of eliquids from Vape Craft Inc. that we enjoyed immensely.


Without a doubt, Country was the team favorite and earned a Spinfuel Choice Award, but the other 4 were delightful blends that are all-day-vapes, huge cloud makers, and very satisfying.


The thing is, when you make a new line of eliquids you have to attempt to reach a myriad number of different Vapers. Not everyone is going to like sour blue raspberry, but many will. Same goes for EDM, which takes a delicious cherry flavor and blends it with a lemon-lime soda that some will love, and some will not. That’s the way it goes with any line of ejuice, and Vibe is no different.


High quality eJuice at modest prices, massive clouds of vapor, and intense flavor profiles is what Vibe is all about.


The Spinfuel Eliquid Review Team