What You Need To Know About Vaping Cannabis

Vaping Cannabis?

Cannabis has been around a long time and people are not starting to see it in a completely different light. Of course, there are those out there that still look down on the substance, but that is neither here nor there. Over the years people have been coming up with a variety of creative ways to get the substance into their systems. First, cannabis was primarily consumed by joint or pipe, but now you will find people infusing the THC in cookies, coffees, or even gummy bears.

However, it seems that one method of consumption that really has risen in the ranks is the vaping. Vaporizers are growing in popularity and offer a variety of benefits that can’t be achieved with other methods of consumption. So, what are vaporizers and what do you need to know about them?

Vaping Cannabis with Portable Devices

Vaporizers come available in several different styles. Probably the most popular is the portable and stationary models. In fact, there is probably a good chance that you have seen someone walking down the street with a vape pen in hand trying to kick his or her cigarette habit. These devices are used to consume a number of different oils and liquid. Well, these devices can be used to consume cannabis as well. They are handy, cost-effective, and extremely portable.

These devices are ideal for anyone on the go or looking to sneak in a few puffs to get through the long day. They also minimize smell due to the fact that the burn at lower temperatures. However, in order to use these devices, you will need a concentrated form of cannabis. You can’t simply smoke a bud in one of these devices.

Vaping Cannabis with Stationary Devices

If you prefer the bud to the concentrated form of cannabis then you are going to want to consider the stationary vaporizer. These units are not as quite as easy to use as the vape pens and they are more expensive. However, if you consider yourself an aficionado there is nothing better than vaping herb. If you are going to go down this road you will want to make sure that you fully invest. Don’t get a cheap home vaporizer. Go fully in with a more expensive model.

Vaping Cannabis with Whip/ Tubing Vaporizers

With the whip/ tubing vaporizer the vapor produced is transferred from the heating chamber to the user through a variety of delivery systems. Some models can use a fan or pump to force the air over the herb and through the whip. Whips are made of silicone piping and can sometimes be as long as three feet.

Located on the end of the whip there is a mouthpiece where the user will place his or her lips. The piece that holds the actual cannabis and slides over the heating element is referred to as the wand. This wand will also contain a screen to ensure that no material is drawn through the hose and into your mouth. To learn more about these devices and other, you can also visit CannaVapos.

Vaping Cannabis with Conduction Heating


Just like there are several different styles and designs of vaporizers there are also several different heating methods. This is the method in which the cannabis is burned to produce the vapor. The most common type of heating method is known as conduction. This method works by directly exposing the herb to an electrically heated surface. This might be one of the most common types of heating elements out there, but there is a major problem with this style of heating. It has a poor heating distribution, which makes it much harder to control the temperature at which the herb is being burnt.

Vaping Cannabis with Convection Heating


Convection heating works in a completely different manner. It works by passing precisely heated air over the dried bud. This method offers a much more evenly and effective way of vaping. Anyone that is looking to get the most out of the vaping experience will want to choose a vaporizer that is equipped with convection heating. In addition to this, the herb never comes in direct contact with the heating element, which helps with maintenance and increases the longevity of the heating element.

These types of heating elements usually come in ceramic, stainless steel, and other various metals. However, it is the ceramic heating element that will retain heat better and are unaffected by the cool air that is drawn through the system.