Tips to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

Vape coils aren’t particularly expensive, typically running about $4 per coil, but it’s still good to maintain your coil so it lasts as long as possible. Not only will you cut down on trips to the vape shop for replacement coils, but it could also improve the taste when you vape. There are a few ways that you can treat your coil right and lengthen its lifespan.

  1. Always Prime Your Vape Coils

Priming your coil is a term for soaking a bit of vape juice into a new coil before you install it. If you just take out the old coil, screw in the new one to replace it, and start taking hits, you’re going to shorten that new coil’s lifespan. Instead, after you screw in the new coil, you should look for the small holes around the body of the coil’s head. These are the points where the e-juice and the wick make contact. To prime the coil, put a drop of e-juice in each of these holes, along with the inside of the coil’s head.

Give it a few minutes to allow the e-juice to soak into the coil. Then, take a few dry hits, which is when you take a hit without pressing the fire button or inhaling anything. By taking these dry hits, you’re pulling e-juice into the cotton material of the wick. Don’t take too many dry hits, as this can negatively affect your coil. Stick to five at most.

Now, you can start using the new coil, but you need to break it in first. Take your first hits at the low end of the recommended wattage for the coil, and limit your hits to a couple of seconds. After a few hits this way, you can start increasing the voltage and taking longer hits. If you buy a vape pen kit at a brick-and-mortar shop, they should go over this process with you.

  1. Avoid Burnt/Dry Hits

If the coil is heating only the wicking material without any vape juice, that can harm your coil and cause it to wear out more quickly. This can happen if you don’t prime the coil, hold the power button for too long, or vape at a wattage that’s too high for the coil.

Another common cause of burnt hits is taking a hit when your vape is low on e-juice. Try not to let your vape drop below about a quarter tank to avoid this problem.

If you like to chain vape, you’re also more likely to experience burnt hits. Chain vaping is when you take several hits without much time in between. As a general rule, you should wait about five seconds after one hit before taking another.

  1. Clean Your Vape Coils Often

One thing that even experienced vapers can forget to do is clean their vape coils. It’s common for vapers to never touch a coil again after installing it until it needs to be replaced. When you put a coil through a couple days’ use, it collects gunk.

It only takes a few minutes to clean your vape coils. You need to take off the tank and remove the coil, so it’s good to do this when your tank is low. First, you need to blow any extra juice off the coil. Use some hot water to rinse off the coil, and then blow extra water off the coil. Screw the coil into the vape again and press the fire button. Wait for it to get orange, then let go of the button. Allow the coil to cool off, then repeat this process until it’s heating up more quickly, and your coil is cleaned.

A few simple tips can help you get much more use out of your coils. Just make sure you prime your coils, avoid burnt hits, and keep your coil clean for the best results.

Kenneth Overton