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The Best Bathroom Sink MaterialsThe sink is an integral part of the bathroom. Ideally, the bathroom sink and tubs should be in the same style, harmoniously combined. In public places, another requirement is put forward to the sink — practicality. It means that the wash basins will look stylish, and at the same time, they will be easy to wash and maintain in good condition. Foremost, these qualities are affected by the sink material, so let’s consider the most popular bathroom sink materials. You will find most of the proposed options in the Aquatica tubs catalog. And for now, it is worth concentrating on the main practical aspects.

Various materials for the wash basin

You should consider the interior and the bathtub style when choosing the sink. Please look at the material’s qualities and features.


Ceramics have a glossy surface that is easy to clean. Ceramic washbasins are presented in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, which is why they are a great option for any bathroom.


Stone sinks look extremely stylish, although they are more expensive than their ceramic counterparts. Stone products require strong support, so you need to take care of a reliable worktop that will match the stone. Acrylic is often used instead of stone. It is a more practical option, and we can see it in the form of an incredibly stylish small vessel sink.


Although ceramics in the bathroom are found much more typically than metal sinks, there are many such options on the market. Metal fits the style of industrial chic. However, it requires frequent surface cleaning and polishing. Otherwise, the metal will tarnish over time and may lose its luster.

Glass sinks are the least rare but still found. They are not suitable for public places as they are quite fragile. However, the aesthetic of translucent sanitary ware creates an amazing atmosphere.

The Best Bathroom Sink Materials

Recently, solid sinks, which, together with the tabletop, create a single seamless composition, are particularly popular. The absence of edges and joints contributes to the fact that the surface always looks clean because it is in the seams that mold typically appears and dirt accumulates. Therefore, solid surfaces, as well as concise and neat sinks made of ceramics or acrylic, are a universal choice that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with.