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Let’s talk about the surviving vape shops in the state of Massachusetts. –  Due to the #policestate tactics of the Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s total vape ban, vape shops are having a hard time keeping their doors open. Well, yea! Our border states, Massachusetts, will forever be haunted by Charlie Baker. And not just the ban, but for several things. (how he got reelected is beyond me!). The biggest blunder of his office IS that 4-month Ban on all vaping. A pure Panic Mode decision.

Despite the recent verifiable news that the culprit that has everyone freaking out this past summer has been identified. ( It’s bootleg THC cartridges made with Vitamin E Acetate) good ole’ Baker dug his heels in even more. This man will not EVER admit his overblown panic move was wrong.

Two months into the Ban, Vape Shops are hurting. Many has to closed up, its employees out of work and its owners filing bankruptcy. All because this miserable excuse of a Governor over reacted to the “vaping crisis” and will NOT let up.

Surviving Vape Shops are Losing Sales, Cutting Staff

Even More Pain for Surviving Vape Shops

Today, there is a Bill waiting for Baker’s signature that aims to put a stop to Massachusetts Vapers from driving up here to New Hampshire and purchasing e-liquids and mods. If Massachusetts cops pull you over and find a bottle of Strawberry Cheese Cake e-juice, they will take your car. I am literally SCREAMING as I type this! Talk about a Police State! This whole matter is out of control, and we here at Spinfuel VAPE do not understand why there isn’t 24 hour protests taking place around the Governors Mansion.

Ah, anyway….

This shop stays in business because of the “smoke shop” items in the store. Imagine that! Oh, sure, you can buy cigars, but you can’t buy the safer products. But the owner tells the Sentinel;

“We were a vape shop,” he says. “The smoke shop side of things was really just secondary for us.”

From the Sentinel Enterprise

Case in Point:

At 11:30 on Thursday morning, Sean McGonagle, manager of Lineage Vapors in Lunenburg, is the only employee on duty. He stands near a register and helps a single customer inspecting non-vaping related pieces of merchandise in a glass display case.

This human interest story of this surviving vape shop, and it’s opening paragraph makes this 4-month ban shown to be hurting real people. Real citizens of Massachusetts. It makes us all want to scream…

Sentinel Enterprise Ends with:

Although vape stores and smoke shops are plentiful in this part of the state, their owners and managers are uncertain about what the future holds for them. In the meantime, they’re cutting back hours and staff, and stashing vape products away from their customers, wondering whether the juices will expire before they’re allowed to sell them again.

Wondering if their e-Juice will expire? That will depend. If this asshat governor lifts the ban after the 4-months is up, then no problem. E-Juice has a self life of 2+ years. Let us hope the nightmare in Massachusetts will end in time so that the surviving vape shops can continue to survive.