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SPINFUEL: What position(s) do you hold in South Coast Vapor?

SCV: – I am the CEO/Mixologist

SPINFUEL: Getting down to business; Who or what inspired you to get into the e-juice business, and when was that?

SCV: -My partner and I own a Vape shop as well the lab. We were inspired because of the volume of liquids on the market that did not deliver when it came to quality. We started mixing our own e-liquid 13 months ago.

SPINFUEL: Are your eliquids available in physical vape shops? How can readers find a shop that carries your eliquids?

Social Media

SCV: -Yes they are. Right now we do a lot of Instagram promoting which helps get our name out there. People can also call us or email us for a shop location near them.

SPINFUEL: When you launched South Coast Vapor how did you decide on your first flavor or “set” of flavors?

SCV: -By listening to our customers and what they wanted in flavor and vapor production as well as quality.

SPINFUEL: Why launch with 3 flavors?

SCV: -#NOTACLONE is our 3rd e-liquid line and we have learned to keep the flavor list short and simple.

SPINFUEL: How would you describe your flavor signature/profile?

SCV: -Smooth, Deserty and Delicious.

SPINFUEL: What sizes do you offer, what do they sell for?

SCV: -17ml for $12.00, 33ml for $22.00 and a 120ml for $70.00.

Nicotine Range

SPINFUEL: What nicotine strengths do you offer your customers?

SCV: -0, 3, 6 and 12.

SPINFUEL: Do you steep your eLiquids before they are shipped to customers? Do you suggest that customers ‘home steep’ them before vaping?

SCV: -We steep all of our liquids for 18 days before shipping them. We do not feel there is a need for our customers to “home steep” our e-liquid before vaping.

SPINFUEL: How are your eLiquids packaged? What information is on your labels? Since we received glass bottles with no label, no shrink-wrap, and no safety cap, how are juices bottled and labels for customers?

SCV: -Our bottles have a CRC safety cap and are labeled with the flavor, nicotine level and a warning on the side saying “This product could contain nicotine and nicotine can be addictive”.

Clean Rooms

SPINFUEL: There is a lot of concern these days about how and where eLiquids are being made. Could you describe your ‘mixing’ facility?

SCV: -Yes, our Clean Room was built with a positive and negative airflow. We also use a HEPA filter system. Our lab has all stainless steel tables and racks. We scrub everything down daily as well as sanitize our equipment after every use. We use PPE which includes a mask, gloves, scrub hair net caps, face masks, booties and a lab coat anytime we enter the lab.

SPINFUEL: What kind of measures do you take to make sure that your e-juice is safe to consume? What methods do you use to prevent contamination or tampering, or other factors that can harm your product?

SCV: -The bottling is done in a controlled environment. We test every batch that we mix for nicotine accuracy. We also use a sterile filtering system for every finished batch we pour into the steeping containers. Before bottling we re-inspect every batch for contamination, tampering and consumption.

Daily Mixing?

SPINFUEL: Do you mix everyday, bottle by bottle or in batches?

SCV: -Everyday in 4000ml batches.

SPINFUEL: Do you have a specific audience in mind for your eLiquids? New vapers, drippers, anyone in particular or do you view them as eliquids for every vaper?

SCV: -We like to view our e-liquids as something every vapor can enjoy.

SPINFUEL: What types of hardware do you use when testing your liquids?

SCV: -We use a mechanical mod with 2 separate atomizers, one built at a .08 and one built at a .5. We also use an Ego Twist with a Kanger T3S.

SPINFUEL: Were you a smoker before you switched to vaping? If so, what made you decide to quit smoking?

SCV: -Yes, 2 packs a day. I have a daughter and I didn’t want her to grow up learning that nasty habit.

SPINFUEL: How long did it take to completely leave analogs behind?

SCV: -It took me 5 days. I stopped buying them and went out and bought 2 starter kits as well as an Innokin SVD with a Kanger Pro tank 2.

SPINFUEL: Do you have a “favorite” flavor in your lineup?

SCV: -Yes I do, Fantasy.

SPINFUEL: In your opinion, what makes a good all-day-vape?

SCV: -Something that is tasteful, not harsh and brings delight every time you vape it.

SPINFUEL: Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers while you have their complete attention?

SCV: -Sure, our hope is to produce a top of the line quality product that makes the transition from analogs to Vaping something everyone can enjoy.

SPINFUEL: I can’t thank you enough for talking with us today. We look forward to arranging a “sequel” down the road.

SCV: -Thank you as well


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