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The Trump administration appears to have backed away from a September statement calling for a ban of flavors giving some relief to already struggling vape shop owners. However, let us not forget the vape shop owners that did not survive bans like many of those in Massachusetts.

If you remember, Gov. Charlie Baker put a 4-month Ban on ALL sales of any kind of vape gear and e-liquid. Baker has yet to lift the ban despite the CDC declaring the lung illness was caused, is caused, by Bootleg THC Cartridges made with Vitamin E Acetate as a thickening agent.

Spinfuel VAPE’s main Twitter account (@spinfueldotcom) may have been nasty these past few months, but we did capture a tweet by @realDonaldTrump and we send out into the Twitterverse every night… just to make sure it’s seen.

President Trump May Offer Good News to Vapers

As Reported by CNBC

Christian Liriano is glued to his phone these days, anxiously awaiting any news on whether the Trump administration will ban flavored e-cigarettes.

Liriano, 27, owns a vape shop called Vape Hangar in Jacksonville, Florida. Two months ago, he thought he would be forced to close, as the Trump administration said it was preparing to ban all nontobacco e-cigarette flavors

Notice how this CNBC report is making this about a man in Florida, who still operates his vape shop? It’s a Human Interest story. But, why not do a Human Interest story on those vape shop owners in Massachusetts? The ones who have had to close up shop forever because of the 4-month Ban? Seems to us this would make for a much more powerful story. We feel for the Florida shop owner, but at least he still has a shop… for now.

CNBC Continues…

And regardless of whether the administration bans flavors, shop owners face a looming shake-up in the industry. By May, e-cigarette companies must submit regulatory applications for their products that are already on the market. The FDA will review the devices and liquids’ safety, as well as their appeal to minors, before deciding whether the products can stay on the market.


This is something we’ve known about for a couple of years now. Most companies are already set up for this. Yes, there will be shakeup, but we know this.