Hookahs are water pipes with hoses attached that are used to smoke tobacco and marijuana. They can have one or multiple hoses, which means that you can smoke pot with your friends without having to share the same mouthpiece. Hookahs change the experience of smoking when some fruit is added to the bowl and many users find that the experience is much smoother than smoking with a traditional pipe or when weed is rolled into a cigarette. If you’ve never tried smoking marijuana using a hookah, here are six reasons to help you change your mind.

You Can Eliminate The Bad Effects of Smoking Dried Tobacco by Choosing CBD Oil Instead

Everyone remembers the way they coughed the first time they smoked marijuana from a pipe or a joint. That first hit was harsh, and you needed to learn how to handle the impact of the marijuana smoke on your lungs. When you choose to use shisha (the CBD-infused oil), the entire experience is gentle on your lungs. By carefully moderating your hookah’s set up, each lesson teaches you to take in small amounts at a time. Controlled inhalation creates a sustained experience.


Marijuana Hookah Sociable Smoking: 6 Reasons Why You Should Try

Hookahs are frequently compared to vaping devices. Those devices use water and oil, and they don’t have the same kind of impact on the lungs that dried tobacco or dried marijuana flowers have. The Surgeon General doesn’t want you to inhale traditional smoke, and neither should you. With a hookah, you can modulate the heat level that enters your lungs by choosing cold water or even adding ice. Many smokers refuse to return to regular pipes or joints once they have switched to a hookah.

Shisha Products Used in Marijuana Hookah Come In Many Different Flavors


Imagine taking a hit off a hookah and experiencing grape, or apple, or even coffee flavors with your high. CBD oils can be readily infused with more than just marijuana extract. Fruits are traditionally added to hookahs using tobacco products, which have made them so popular in the mid-east. When combined with weed, the fruit enhances the trip. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting around with friends at the hookah. You can see examples of the various fruit and food flavorings available at gotflora.com/cbd-shisha/.

Plus, the CBD oil comes in different concentrations so you can control your high. Potency levels range from 200 to 3,000 mg. It’s also important to note what is missing from the oils. There is no nicotine included. You can start your day with a low concentration and end it with a medium level dose. Because you can better control your intake through the hookah’s valve and mouthpiece, your experience can be exactly what you want on a particular day.

Marijuana Hookah Won’t Stain Your Teeth

Everyone can spot a heavy smoker by looking at their yellow teeth. Those teeth are not attractive. If you like smoking marijuana but don’t want to turn your teeth yellow, consider switching to a hookah. While marijuana leaves can be used in the hookah, the smoke is very different from the smoke in a traditional pipe or a joint. Hookahs are water-based, so you don’t get the stains you want to avoid.

Another plus when it comes to hygiene is the fact that you won’t have bad breath after smoking. If you use flavored oils, your breath may smell of roses or oranges. You can even choose the flavors you use to complement your meals. Just like sommeliers do with wine. It’s a great concept when you think about it.

Hookah Bowls Are Larger Than the Bowls of Ordinary Pipes


It can be so annoying when you have to continually repack the pipe when relaxing with friends and smoking weed. Hookahs are designed for social gatherings, so their bowls are manufactured to accommodate larger groups. You can pack your big bowl once and pass the pipe around. However, since you are smoking with a large group, don’t let the smoke build up inside the pipe for too long. It can get stale within just a short time. Clear it with an exhale and let your friend take a toke.

On the downside, it takes a while to learn how to operate your hookah. Plan on spending some time setting things up, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Eventually, you’ll have it working just the way you want. There are guides online to help you learn how hookahs work, and some come with instruction manuals. Of course, the design of hookahs is exceptional. Make sure that you get one that makes you happy when you see it.

No Nasty Lingering Smells On Your Clothing

Exhalations after using a hookah smell fresh. Think about the scents you associate with smokers. They aren’t pleasant. Hookahs use water as a base and keep you smelling your best. If you add flavored shisha to the leaves, you’ll get bathed in the scent of flowers or fruit. How’s that for a great reason to smoke a hookah with your best buds?

Since inhaling smoke or water-based vapors is discouraged by most medical professionals, it makes sense to monitor your health once you start regularly smoking from the hookah. If you experience respiratory effects, smelling good won’t be a good enough reason to continue.

Marijuana Hookah Deliver Their Payload in Small Doses For a Relaxed Experience

Hookahs gently deliver the active components of marijuana to you in small increments. Most users advise taking a series of gentle, short inhalations for the best experience. Instead of getting hit with a rush, you’ll glide into your high. A relaxed evening with your friends while sharing the bud burning in your hookah is an excellent excuse for a party.

People who use hookahs love their social nature. Plus, the fact that they are easy to fill for large groups and the plentiful options for flavor make them a great choice for get-togethers. You won’t have yellowed teeth, and no one will smell the marijuana if you head out for a snack later on in the evening. That’s why using a hookah is a great choice.