Kratom is a stimulant that is extracted from a tropical evergreen tree. It’s scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. Apart from being a stimulant, people use it for other needs. When taken in high doses, it acts as a sedative.  A sedative that can help the user to sleep better. Some take Kratom capsules to boost energy and others to mitigate the withdrawal effects of drugs that contain opioids. Cocaine and heroin are just two examples of drugs that this Mitragyna speciosa tree  can ease withdrawal. Essentially, Kratom releases dopamine and other hormones that eliminate anxiety.

How long does it take for Kratom to take effect?


Several factors can determine how fast you begin feeling the effects of Kratom capsules. The first thing you need to know is that how fast the botanical substance dissolves into your bloodstream and begins acting depends on the form you take it in. Apart from swallowing Kratom capsules, you can dissolve its powdered form in tea or another drink.

Kratom Capsules - Who, What, When and How Long The HouseplantIf you to take it in the form of powder, it will enter your bloodstream faster than if you take it in the form of capsules. To be precise, you can take ten to thirty minutes to begin feeling the effects. Apart from the way you take it, other factors can shorten or prolong this period. Here are a few factors that can influence the time it takes to feel the effects of Kratom capsules.


The amount of food in your stomach


Kratom users know that the botanical substance should never be taken when one is on an empty stomach. The reason for this is that taking Kratom on an empty stomach can cause or initiate feelings of nausea and stomach upset. The truth is that Kratom takes a shorter time to kick in when you are hungry compared to when you are full. If you are taking Kratom to relieve yourself of the withdrawal effects associated with addiction to drugs, you will likely want it to kick in very fast for you to be relieved of your cravings. However, avoid taking Kratom on an empty stomach and instead consider eating just a little amount of food to enhance your experience instead of ruining it.


Tolerance to kratom

When people become tolerant to Kratom, they do not feel its effects even when they take it at very high doses. How fast the capsules kick in will depend on your level of tolerance to the substance. For beginners, it takes a brief period for Kratom to kick in, even if it is taken in the form of capsules. Experienced users who have been ingesting Kratom for an extended period either have to use it in high doses or take a small amount of food for it to kick in faster. Besides, other tactics, like changing the strain are also applicable.

Kratom Capsules - Who, What, When and How Long In Buds and Leaf


Your body size

For all stimulants, supplements, and medications, the body size of a user determines how fast they begin feeling the effects begin to kick in. Normally, people who have a large body take longer to feel the effects of Kratom. If you weigh about 70 kilos (154lb) and above, you might prefer to take Kratom using other methods instead of capsules because it takes longer to feel the effects of the product. On average, people who weigh more than 70 kilograms will take about 40 to 45 minutes to begin feeling the effects of Kratom. For the lighter ones, the effects can begin manifesting after 10 to 20 minutes.

Amount of water you take

The amount of water you drink also determines how fast Kratom will be absorbed in your body. People who drink a lot of water have fast rates of absorption compared to people who drink a little. Additionally, if you take Kratom without drinking lots of water, the result can be excessive dehydration.


The potency of the strain

The strength of Kratom strain that you take is another factor that will determine how fast its effects will kick in. Different strains of Kratom have different potency levels. Kratom users say that the red strains are more potent than the white strains. If you have developed tolerance, you might want to change the strain you take to check whether the effects will kick in faster.

Recognized Kratom Doses


Light Dose: 2 – 4 grams

Usual Dosage: 3 – 5 grams

Heavy Dose: 5 – 8 grams

Timeline for Effectiveness 


Total: 2 – 4 hours

Onset: 00:15 – 00:20 (perhaps up to 45 minutes to feel the effects)

Lasting: Its effects could last up to 6 hours



Begin able to feel the effects of the capsules faster is something that many users like. As a powder it has a distinctive taste that can be displeasing to the tongue. Since the digestive system has to dissolve the capsules first, it can take longer to feel the effects of Kratom. Many reasons why many people choose to take capsules instead of the powder form. To feel the effects faster, try swallowing more capsules (up to a point!) or take it in another form. If you develop a tolerance, you can try changing the strain.