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Introduction to the Geek Vape LOOP RDA

I love writing vape product reviews, but of all the different products I receive, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) are the most work. Not because I don’t enjoy the devices – I do quite a bit. Instead, it’s because there’s simply not much to say about RDAs that hasn’t already been said in hundreds of other articles. That aside, the Geek Vape LOOP RDA has enough going on to keep me typing.


While the LOOP RDA is hardly the best RDA I’ve used, when it comes to innovation, few can match what Geek Vape did here, both with the oddly-shaped build deck, and the clever leak-prevention design.


There isn’t a ton of notably items on the exterior of the LOOP RDA – the stainless steel body is divided up by a center-positioned airflow slot, which is located high enough to support the leak-proof claims. But, like so many other RDAs we review, less is more, and Geek Vape decided to put their design and creativity into the INSIDE of the deck.


Still, we should note that the LOOP is up to Geek Vape’s usual high standards of machining and thoughtful design, with none of the rough edges or stray filaments so common on mass-produced vape products.


Overall, the Geek Vape LOOP RDA is a well-composed, professionally done dripper that will sit nicely against any similar atomizer on the market.

GeekVape LOOP RDA Review by Spinfuel VAPE

Main Feature Highlights of the Geek Vape LOOP RDA

Once you take the LOOP apart you’ll probably want to investigate the intriguing build deck, which is shaped like a squashed W, supposedly to bring optimal flavor quality to users. The real selling point of the 24mm LOOP RDA is the W-shaped postless build deck, which seems like a strange piece of overdone design … until you build on it, and see how the design brings flavor to the forefront.


But once you investigate further, it proves itself to be a fairly innovative, unique build area, ideally designed for dual-coil builds, but also capable of handling more conservative coils without any loss in flavor.


The LOOP’s other key selling point is a supposed “leak-proof” airflow design. Now, considering most RDA airflow is nothing more than a set of slots or holes in the side of a metal body, there really isn’t much “innovation” happening here. And because of this, I went and tested it – both in typical dripping scenarios, and also pushing it past its intended fill point, like so many new RDA users are prone to do.


Well, let’s address two things at once. First, if you over-drip on the LOOP, you need to watch some YouTube videos and re-learn how you handle your RDAs. Because the LOOP’s 5mL juice well is massive, with more than enough room for ample cotton, free-flowing liquid and more.


In other words, the only way you’re going to overfill this RDA is by not paying one ounce of attention to what you’re doing, or purposely trying to push the LOOP beyond its capabilities. But I did just that, and guess what… it leaked right out of the “leak-proof design.”


Was this test dumb? Of course. But so was the label “leak proof” since no RDA on the market can claim this using the same minimalist design concepts. On to more important things…


While that claim was certainly overstated, I think Geek Vape should have been pushing the monstrous juice well as a key selling point, since this reservoir makes the LOOP an ideal bottom-feeding, squonk-ready RDA. And sure enough, that’s where the LOOP shines brightest. The included BF hardware installs easily and sits securely, ensuring no random leaks through the pin, or misfires along the way.


And to be honest, once I installed the BF pin, I haven’t removed it. While I loved the Radar RDA that came with Geek Vape’s GBOX squonker, the LOOP was just that much better on the device. When the inevitable GBOX 2 launches, this is a natural fit.

Geek Vape LOOP RDA Specs:

  • 24mm diameter
  • 26mm height
  • 8mm drip tip height
  • 18mm drip tip width
  • Stainless steel material
  • 5mm deep juice well
  • Packing size: 96* 81*36mm
  • Unique W shaped build deck
  • Easy coil building for both single and dual coils
  • Allows direct dripping from the mouthpiece without leakage
  • Surround airflow system transferring from side to bottom
  • One-piece airflow cap placed in a fixed position
  • Compatible with both 810 and 510 drip tips

Geek Vape LOOP RDA Contents:

  • 1x Geek Vape Loop RDA
  • 1x Gold-Plated Positive Pin
  • 1x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1x 510 Drip Tip
  • 1x Allen Key
  • 1x User Manual

Personal Observations about the LOOP RDA

I have to say, it takes a lot to impress me these days when it comes to build decks. Because, usually, no matter how you bend, twist and turn a proven design, RDA decks always come back to the same format – coils located near airflow to produce vapor. (This vaping thing isn’t really that complicated when you break it down, eh?)


But I liked the W-shaped deck on the LOOP, and definitely noticed a difference when building high enough to keep the coils in direct line with the angled airflow slots. The postless design was simple to build, place and adjust my coils, and I rarely had any poor-fitting builds, even with multiple coil variations installed for testing.


No matter which coil configuration I chose, one thing remained constant – the LOOP RDA is effing loud. Every draw produced a guttural bellow of airflow, followed by massive clouds of vapor that almost justified the racket. Like I mentioned in the preview – I have yet to meet a truly quiet RDA, but if there is one, it’s designed nothing like the raucous LOOP.


Regardless of what I did to minimize the noise, I simply couldn’t quiet the massive airflow and vaporization occurring inside the LOOP’s shallow body.  Of course, I didn’t care much once the cotton broke in a bit and the flavor really started to flow. THAT is when I saw the TRUE selling point of the Geek Vape LOOP RDA.


Despite a limp first impression, the LOOP won me over with rich flavor that never got lost in the seas of vapor it produces with each puff. I’m not sure I’d say the LOOP is a competition-grade dripper, but the flavor is definitely championship quality. And that’s saying a lot, considering EVERY RDA claims to have “deep, rich flavor” and “massive cloud production.” Geek Vape may have just made good on the claim.


One thing worth mentioning is that despite the massive juice well, the LOOP RDA swallows e-liquid like it’s being paid by the ounce. Even with loose cotton wicks and moderate wattages, I found myself re-dripping or squonking as much (if not more) than most other RDAs. But the important thing to remember is that I kept doing it despite the annoyance – the flavor and vapor was just that satisfying.

Bottom Lining the LOOP RDA

The Geek Vape LOOP is an interesting RDA. It’s not nearly as “innovative” as the marketing materials would have you believe, but it’s also perhaps the best squonk RDA I have in my collection, thanks to the juice well and creative deck. Why Geek Vape downplayed this element, I’ll never know.

I might be a skeptic, and perhaps too critical of these things. Because, when it’s all said and done, dripper enthusiasts will certainly find a lot to love with the Geek Vape LOOP RDA.

Score: B

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