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 eLeaf iStick 20w Review

I’ve been hearing about this new device, that’s like a tiny box mod, that a lot of people seem to love. It’s called the iStick and it’s made my iSmoka. This is a pretty solid device that gives great performance and is super portable! For me, it wouldn’t be my only, or main, device for vaping, but it’s a great addition to my collection and will get a lot of use. VB Vapor is a great juice company out of Virginia Beach and I use one of their juices to demo this device.


Check out Spinfuel’s written review here, and the official product page on Eleaf’s  website

eLeaf iStick 20w Specs and Features

The Eleaf iStick 20w is the best ultra-compact mod on the market today.  This itty-bitty DNA-style mod utilizes a powerful DNA20 chip to deliver up to 20w of power out of a package smaller than some atomizers!  With vv/vw control, adjustable voltage and wattage increments, and 510/eGo adaptability, the iStick has a full complement of full-size features.  The high end OLED screen provides all relevant information, including atomizer resistance battery level, voltage output and desired wattage, and actively counts puff time, too.

The 22oo mAh battery punches way above its weight in terms of endurance.  A typical full charge will give you up to 9 hours of mid-power vaping.  Plus, the micro USB passthrough will let you vape while you charge.

Output on the iStick is adjustable from 2 – 20 watts or 3 – 5.5 volts, and the unit will fire down to 1 ohm (it is not intended for subohm applications).  The iStick 20w has all of the safety features found on larger mods: 10-second shutoff, short circuit and low voltage protection, low power alert, and five-press on/off.

If you’re looking for a truly pocket sized and ergonomic mod, pack and forget backup, or if you’re a newer vaper looking for an introduction to regulated high power, the Eleaf istick is the little mod that could.

Size: 75mm x 21mm x 32.8mm

  • Weight: 88g
  • Battery: 2200mAh
  • USB passthrough charging
  • 510 Threading
  • Output: 2 – 20w
  • Variable voltage / variable wattage control