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DailyVapeTV – Fresh Build Friday – 100w Plus Build

You asked for it and I delivered. After getting a lot of input from the people that attended my rebuilding classes at VCC it prompted me to make this video. Here I address a few of the little things everyone should know how to do for a clean build as well as build one of the best coils for vaping at over 100w!

What types of coils would you like to see me build? Twisted wire? Dual/quad coil? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try it out!


Introduction to Building Coils

What You Need To Begin

  • An ohms reader
  • RDA of your choice
  • Resistance Wire: Kanthal or NiChrome (We are using 28ga Kanthal in this tutorial)
  • Small blue 2mm screwdriver (included with most RDA’s) or 2mm drill bit/ 14ga blunt tip needle
  • Additional small screwdriver or Allen key that fits your RDA’s screws.
  • Small butane or propane torch.
  • Tweezers (preferably ceramic tipped), needle nose pliers, or forceps.
  • Small wire cutters or nail clippers
  • Scissors
  • Wicking material: organic cotton, silica, eko-wool etc.
  • E-juice
  • A little time and patience.

Before you get started wrapping coils you will want to figure out how many wraps your coil will need to have to reach the desired resistance. To do this there are various tools available. I recommend the coil wrapping calculator at by adjusting the variables like wire size (28ga), coil type (single) target resistance (1.2 ohms), inner coil diameter (2mm) leg length (4mm) this calculator will tell you exactly how many wraps you need. For this tutorial our 1.2 ohm single coil will need 8 full wraps.

Once you’ve gotten to this stage, look through my videos for various builds, study how I do it, then attempt a few of your own builds. With practice and patience, you’ll have it down in no time.  If you are interested in a full blown, step by step video on how to use the tools listed above, let me know! – Nick

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