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  1. Craft Vapery Eliquid Subscription Service

Welcome to another installment of (subscribe linkDaily Vape TV by Spinfuel VAPE. Today we’ll be taking a look at an ejuice subscription service that goes by the name of Craft Vapery. This is an eliquid subscription service done right.

Each monthly vape juice box is hand curated vape juice based on your personal flavor profile selections.  Chances are high that you’ll never have to worry about receiving vape juice you won’t want to make an all day vape favorite. Now you can explore new flavors and brands tailored to your likes and avoid the dislikes,  that’s the way an eliquid subscription service should be

In addition to outstanding choices in their huge selection of vape juice, this subscription service has excellent customer service and ships out ejuice from the top brand names in the industry right to your door each and every month! Plus, you can cancel any time.

If you would like to get a Craft Vapery subscription box for yourself, a friend or a loved one, and explore the ejuice industry every month to discover new flavors,   make sure you click the link below, choose the plan that works best for you or the intended receiver, and a fresh vape juice box will be on the way in a matter of days.

Fight for Your Right to Vape!

Vaping is in trouble and it needs your help! Below are some of the best organizations out there that are fighting the good fight and helping keep vaping alive and legal in all 50 states. Click the links to each organization and sign up. Send emails, make phone calls, and pitch in when a Call to Action is made. If we all pitch in we know we can be a force to reckon with.

Stay Calm and Vape On


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