Scientists (including those from the CDC ) think they know that Vitamin E acetate is the cause of lung injuries, but are still testing. Why are they still testing? Because despite the fact that EVERY lung examined found vitamin E acetate in the lining of every victim, some people in power want another answer. Can’t you hear them? “DON’T TELL ME THESE ILLNESSES AND DEATHS ARE FROM THC LACED WITH VITAMIN E! I DON’T BELIEVE IT! IT HAS TO BE PLAIN OLD VAPING!”

Yea, sure, we understand. If the CDC or the FDA, or even President Trump came out with the truth, which is Vaping e-Liquid, flavored liquid made from PG and VG, and flavoring with a tiny bit of freebase nicotine, is 95-98% safer than smoking cigarettes, then a lot of money is at stake. And Kickbacks, free trips, cars, I may sound critical of the powers that be…. because I am. As a Vaper for 9 years I’ve never been in better shape. But what do I know, right?

The CDC’s Scramble to Solve Mysterious Vaping Disease

From the Spokesman

The devastating lung illness was reported for the first time this summer among previously healthy young people in the Midwest. Doctors believed it was linked to e-cigarettes, battery-powered devices that mimic smoking by heating liquids containing nicotine or marijuana, among other substances. But the devices had been sold for more than a decade without reports of such a disease. Why was this happening now?

I believe, with all my heart, that doctors were TOLD to lean heavy on e-cigarettes.

Vapers who have found a new lease on life without tobacco have been under attack for a decade. Imagine that. You were a 2-pack a day smoker and your health was declining, shortness of breath, the whole deal. Then you find vaping and before you know it, you feel better, you get your taste buds back, and your health gets comes back. But Big Tobacco loses money, and they have so much of it that they can pay anyone and everyone in government to make sure that any ban will never include tobacco.

More on the CDC from the Spokesman

Lab tests turned out to be even more challenging. In early fall, New York’s Wadsworth Center laboratory and the Food and Drug Administration began analyzing vaping products collected from sick patients and found vitamin E acetate in those containing THC – the ingredient in marijuana that produces a high. But it was the CDC’s analysis of lung fluid from sick patients that provided the first direct evidence of the oil as a common factor in their damaged lungs.

And that’s the truth. Bootleg THC cartridges made with cutting the THC with Vitamin E acetate (for more profit). Now you have a bunch of mass murderers creating poison, but the governments in the US feel better because you can no longer vaping blueberry e-juice. Yea, makes sense, doesn’t it?