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The Best Way to Store Cannabis: 6 Friendly Tips

Ways to Store Cannabis? Indeed. A serious topic.  Cannabis is a wonderful flower that requires special care. If you see your flowers drying out more than before, you seriously want to consider some investments in weed storage equipment. Proper storage doesn’t only concern avid smokers or seasoned growers, but occasional enjoyers as well.

Due to the nature of the flower, fluctuating humidity and exposure to air can seriously reduce its potency when consumed. No one wants crumbly brown buds. That’s why scientists around the world found many ways to store our flowers and preserve them, whether we are on the go or we are keeping a certain strain for special occasions. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to store marijuana.

Say no to plastic bags

Plastic bags do nothing to preserve your buds except contribute to the loss of their potency. The trichomes stick to the plastic walls and therefore, the potency and the rich smells are lost and all you are left with is pallid buds.

If you are at the end of your wits, the perfect solution is taking the world in a blitz and there’s no need to look far. If you want to keep your stash at the perfect humidity levels and maintain freshness, weed boxes offer just that and much more. 

The Old Fashioned Way to Store Cannabis

Mason jars are still proving to be a handy storage option. It shields the weed from light and keeps moisture out. However, some mason jars have aluminum lids, long term storage under low-grade aluminum caps can possibly pass a metallic taste on your precious buds. Be wary of where you place your weed jars.

You probably got used to the keywords being, cool and dark place, but what exactly is the best storing temperature for weed? The answer to that question is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius).

Store Cannabis by Freezing or Refrigeration?

The answer is neither. It’s really puzzling how the trend of refrigerating weed gained popularity. When refrigerated, the buds start to mold and you will be left with subpar quality weed.

Freezing on the other hand is a whole other topic. The whole process involves many steps that can certainly damage your precious flowers. Many people store weed in the freezer by using freezing bags and after that is done, they wrap it with aluminum foil. Handling the weed can damage the trichomes and leave you without quality weed. Furthermore,  frozen buds are extremely fragile and brittle, making the trichomes fall like leaves from a tree.

Making an appearance one more time is the mason jar. Mason jars tend to work better because they allow for more careful handling. Skip the fridge and run to the cellar. Cellars are usually cold and a perfect dark spot for storing weed.

Invest in a humidor

If you are really passionate about cannabis, procuring a humidor might not sound like a crazy idea. You can find special humidors that are designed to store up to 4 strains at a time. These boxes are perfect as they control the humidity, keeping your buds fresh and making them last longer.

Of, course, if you are pondering whether a cigar humidor would work, the answer is no, as that one can add a woody taste to your buds. 

Separate your gear

It’s not a good idea to keep your lighters or pipes in the same box or jar as the flowers. These items’ stench can be absorbed by the flowers and make your marijuana experience less enjoyable.

Weed Box - The Best Way to Store Cannabis: 6 Friendly Tips

For products infused with cannabis 

Cannabis-infused products such as edibles, shouldn’t be kept around for a long time. Each of these products has guidelines and expiration dates on its packaging. The storage for these products should be the same as for regular food products unless otherwise stated on the packaging.

Cannabis concentrates are less susceptible to mold due to their reduced amount of biomatter, but we still strongly advise you to follow the guidelines carefully.

Conclusion on how to Store Cannabis

Always avoid moisture and humidity when you are storing weed. Keep an eye out for top-of-the-line boxes that will make your life easier. Mason jars can help you out if you don’t currently own a specialized weed box but be very wary of the aluminum and its effects on your precious buds.

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