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Today we are proud to announce the Spinfuel Choice Awards of the Year!

We chose 8 flavor categories, eight that the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team believe to be the best categories to award the best eliquids. In each category there is 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place.

All the eLiquids that were nominated for this special award were reviewed by the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team in the 2013/2014 time period. (Next year the awards will be chosen from 2015 reviews only).

The 8 categories are:

Best Tobacco

Best Vanilla or Custard

Best Chai Tea

Best Holiday/Specialty

Best Bakery

Best Fruity

Best Tropical Fruity

Best Lime


Best New eLiquid of the Year!

The Nominees are:

For Best Tobacco the nominees are:

Vanilla Sky by Hurricane Vapor

Toasted Almond Tobacco by Hurricane Vapor

Reaper by Rocket Fuel Vapes!

For Best Vanilla or Custard the nominees are:

Vazilla by G2 Vapor

Custard Fusion by The Refuge

Nilla No-Bake by Vape Dudes!

For Best Chai Tea the nominees are:

Chai Tea Latte by Mountain Oak Vapors

Chai Tea by Vape Dudes

Gingerbread Chai by Ginger’s eJuice!

For Best Bakery Flavor eLiquid the nominees are:

Buddha’s Dream by Juju Vapor

Hazlenut Cookie by Strix Elixirs

Cinnamon Roll by The Plume Room!

For Best Fruity Vape the nominees are:

Blueberry Church by Eve eLiquid

Honey Baby by Mr. Good Vape

Blueberry Pie by Juju Vapor!

For Best Tropical Fruity Vape the nominees are:

Mary Lou’s Punch by The Vapor Girl

Papaya Milkshake by Hurricane Vapor

Pina Colada by The Plume Room

For Best Lime flavored Vape the nominees are:

Key West Sunset by Kind Juice

Limerick by Rocket Fuel Vapes

The Keys by Strix Elixirs!

For Best Holiday or Specialty Vape the nominees are:

Monkey Snack by Ripe Vapes

Angel Sauce by The Plume Room

Country Bumpkin by Rocket Fuel Vapes

And Last, But Not Least… The 3 Nominees for the eLiquid of the Year for 2014 are:

The Keys by Strix Elixirs

Nilla No-Bake by Vape Dudes

REAPER by Rocket Fuel Vapes

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