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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the hottest items in the health and wellness sphere these days. In the United States, a recent survey from Single Care shows that more than 60% of Americans know about several CBD products.

It also reports 64 million Americans have used CBD products in the past two years. California, Florida, and New York recorded the most significant number of sales in 2019. It’s also popular among young adults ages 18-29, who use it in the form of oils and tinctures, lotions and balms, and gummies. It’s easy to find one in local wellness stores, and even more online.

CBD products are all the rage for all the right reasons. If you’re wondering why, discussed below are some of the things that make it popular these days.

64 million Americans have used CBD products in the past two years. California, Florida, and New York recorded the most significant number of sales in 2019

Why Is CBD So Popular?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally occurring compound derived from hemp, a plant from the same cannabis family as marijuana. Extracted in the form of an oil, CBD can work as a standalone product or added ingredient to various health, beauty, and pet products. Health and wellness are the main reasons why people use it. State and local regulations allow for its use and distribution, as well as consumption in various ways.

    1. It’s Accessible

CBD comes in various forms. The most popular are dietary supplements (capsules, pills) or edibles (gummies, chocolates, suckers, brownies, cookies, etc.). It can also come in the form of non-alcoholic drinks. Others may prefer it as an e-liquid for vaping. Some use it as a skincare product (patch, lotion, balm, spray) or bath essential (soap, bath bomb, and salt). Some even give it as a treat for their furry friends.

Choosing from a wide array of products is made more accessible when you can find them in various locations. Users can get products from CBD dispensaries in their area or retailers online. You need to make sure you’re 18 years old to avail of these products.

    1. CBD Products are Legal

CBD is popular today because it’s now legal, thanks to the US Farm Bill of 2018. This law recognizes industrial hemp, or cannabis plant and products that contain less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The passage of this law is instrumental in making CBD products more accessible to the US population. It also supports local growers and encourages the growth of the CBD industry.

It’s legal in 50 states and is instrumental in supporting local growers and the entire CBD industry. The only drawback is that states have different levels of regulations for CBD and related products.  Individuals interested in using CBD products or selling them need to check their corresponding localities for the most updated regulations.

Knowing the extent of the law allows you to use, buy, and sell CBD products. It can even permit you to use this popular health supplement in various forms without worrying about the authorities.

    1. Natural Self-Care

People, nowadays, are looking for natural ways to maintain their health and wellness. Younger generations are even more particular about the products that they consume. They make sure that they’re natural and have little to no minor side effects. Since CBD products are all-natural, these align with the current emphasis on natural and organic self-care.

    1. CBD Products have Many Health Benefits

CDB is regarded as nature’s wonder drug because of its ability to help manage various illnesses, from the common cold to cancer. Although scientists are still researching to back this claim, recent studies show that CBD may be effective in managing childhood epilepsy syndromes. It may reduce episode frequency and stop them altogether in some cases. The FDA has also approved a CBD-derived medicine called Epidiolex to manage these conditions.

Aside from seizures, CBD is also used to help people who have sleep-related problems. Those who have insomnia or have trouble falling and staying asleep take CBD to relieve the mind and give way to restful sleep.

Those suffering from anxiety can also find relief by taking CBD products. It may act as a mood enhancer, and help rebalance the mind and body. Some users also prefer cannabidiol products over antidepressants because they’re a more natural and safer way. They also prefer CBD for their minimal side effects.

People also use CBD products to manage inflammations and pain from chronic diseases, such as arthritis. It may even help manage cancer symptoms, and scientists are looking into its potential to kill cancer cells and, thus, help prevent or even treat advanced stages.

Why Is CBD So Popular In Today’s World?Conclusion

There’s no doubt about many CBD products and their popularity as a health and wellness regimen. Thanks to its legal status in the US, consumers can now buy a wide array of CBD products from dispensaries and online retail stores. CBD has proven effective for alleviating pain, sleeping disorders, and anxiety, while ongoing research explores its potential effects for various diseases. The CBD industry is booming and shows no signs of stopping now or in the coming years.