Last Updated on October 3, 2017 by Team Spinfuel

Looks aren’t everything – I think vapers can all agree on this. But when a seemingly standard, rectangular box mod jumps off a page because of visual appeal, it’s noteworthy. The US-made United Society of Vape USV-L is a visually striking, yet palm-friendly little box that has our attention, due to a VERY interesting design aesthetic, alongside an impressive slate of features for the size.

United Society of Vape USV-L 75W TC Box Mod Preview – Spinfuel VAPE

For starters, the 75-watt USV-L box mod apparently is made from a solid block of 6062 aluminum, which should make this diminutive device a durable road warrior. Featuring a unique sliding door design, and three distinct graphic options, the USV-L should stand out on your desk, even if your collection is entirely driven by mods with LED light shows.


Though there are just three available graphic choices, each is distinct enough that collectors will likely want all three. First, there’s the bluish-gray Disco design, which emulates the narrow grooves of a classic vinyl LP. Then there’s MOMA, which is an abstract line art design. Finally, there’s my personal favorite, Force, which resembles both Mayan art and a Star Wars vehicle schematic.


(Yeah, it’s THAT unique.)


I won’t lie, the sliding door mechanism has me even more intrigued, if not a little concerned. While we obviously want a sliding door for battery coverage, I’m not 100% sure how covering the screen and up/down control buttons is going to make the USV-L a convenient, functional device, even if it does largely eliminate unwanted pocket and purse adjustments from occurring.


Getting down to the real star of the show, the compact USV-L features a 75-watt VO chip, which promises rapid ramp-up time and a complete temperature control offering. We’ve had great experiences with the VO chip on the Asvape Michael, and are enthusiastic about seeing it work on a lower-wattage device.

United Society of Vape USV-L 75W TC Box Mod Preview – Spinfuel VAPEThe chipset takes the USV-L to maximums of 75 watts or 572-degrees Fahrenheit, depending on how you choose to vape. And, in a welcome addition, this miniature box also features onboard 2-amp charging and even passthrough capability. With all that aluminum, things might get a little warm under this type of use, so expect our team to run these features through their paces when testing time comes.


The USV-L also has VPC functionality, which allows users to set custom draw power types, and an intriguing “auto-temp control” feature which hopefully minimizes the fuss many vapers experience when fiddling with TC settings.


The 0.82-inch OLED screen might be a touch smaller than what most vapers see on current devices, but the United Society of Vape’s provided images show that the display is more than proportional with the rest of the design. Besides, with the screen covered by a sliding metal plate, I’m not sure fans of the USV-L will mind.


So, is this a case of fashion-over-function? Or will the United Society of Vape USV-L provide a unique, compact, stealthy user experience like no other? We’ll know a lot more about the USV-L’s performance prowess over the next few weeks, when we can put this exciting new mod through our testing processes.


Until then, just stare at that “Force” design and try not to drool while you’re streaming “Rogue One” for the 151st time.



United Society of Vape USV-L specs:


  • Powered by 1 x 18650 battery (not included);
  • Powered by the VO chip;
  • Max power output: 75W;
  • Temperature control range: 212~572’F / 100~300’C;
  • Sliding panel doors on both sides;
  • Concealed LED screen;
  • VPC with 5 separate memory settings;
  • USB charging with passthrough vaping;
  • 510 Spring Connection;
  • Customizable screen logo



United Society of Vape USV-L contents:


  • 1x USV L Box Mod
  • 1x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1x Collector’s Dice
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card