Cannabidiol (CBD) – the non-psychoactive component of marijuana that’s easily isolated from industrial hemp plants – might be the fastest-selling dietary supplement in the world today. Some forecasters predict that the total size of the CBD market may become as large as $22 billion by 2022 – and within an industry with that much growth potential, plenty of companies are going to want to jump in and claim a slice of the pie for themselves.

How do you claim a slice of an industry that’s already saturated with products? If you’re smart, you come up with a product that differentiates your company from the rest. While it isn’t likely that any CBD product will ever replace standard CBD oil– it’s the least processed form of CBD and offers the highest CBD content for the money – you may want to get your daily dose of CBD in a different way from time to time. Are you curious about what will emerge as the biggest CBD trends in 2019? These are our picks. Try one of these products if you can’t get enough CBD in your life.

The 7 Hottest CBD Products of 2019 - Spinfuel VAPE



CBD gum became a trending topic in a big way when both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were spotted chewing gum during the 2019 Masters Tournament. Was it actually CBD gum? Only Tiger and Lefty can say, but the World Anti-Doping Agency recently declared that CBD is not a performance-enhancing substance. The PGA followed suit and deemed CBD legal for use by players. Many people use CBD for its ability to calm the nerves, so some have speculated that Woods and Mickelson chewed CBD gum during the tournament. Whether it’s true or not, searches on Google for CBD gum spiked after the tournament. Tiger did win, after all; maybe there’s something to it!

CBD Transdermal Patches

One of the problems with using cannabis products such as CBD tinctures topically is that it’s hard to get the slippery oil to stay put. If you’re trying to treat something like localized muscle inflammation with CBD, you don’t want the oil sliding everywhere; you want to target the problem area. Just like the lidocaine patches that pharmacies sell for localized pain relief, you can now find transdermal patches infused with CBD and other pain-relieving compounds such as eucalyptus. The patches aren’t cheap, but manufacturers say they can supply pain relief for up to 12 hours.

CBD Gummies

Cannabis-infused gummies aren’t new, but they’re poised to explode in a big way in 2019. Some people predict, in fact, that the CBD gummy segment of the CBD market will be the fastest-growing segment of the market in 2019. Why do people enjoy CBD gummies so much? Part of it, of course, is the taste; the sugar and artificial flavors do an excellent job of masking the herbal CBD flavor that inspires so much love and hate. Another reason is the fact that most gummies are made with CBD isolate rather than a full-spectrum extract of the whole cannabis plant. With absolutely no THC – not even trace amounts – in the final product, there should be no chance that CBD gummies will cause a positive result in a drug test. That’s perfect for those whose employers subject them to random testing.

Carl’s Jr. CBD Burger

In honor of 420 Day – April 20, the biggest holiday in the cannabis world – a single Carls Jr. restaurant in Denver, Colorado announced that it would be selling CBD in the form of a burger with a cannabis-infused sauce. The response from customers was strong, with some news outlets reporting that the restaurant sold more than 2,000 Rocky Mountain High burgers during the single-day promotion. Reportedly, the Carls Jr. corporation is considering making the burger a permanent menu item at some locations. As yet, the FDA has not exerted its authority over CBD-infused foods – so maybe other restaurants will follow suit. If you ask us, the mall food courts of the world are just begging for a CBD-infused Orange Julius. How about some hempy back ribs at Chili’s? Hemp on the barby at Outback Steakhouse? Maybe we’ve taken things a little too far, but you never know what may happen.

CBD Topicals


If you think that companies must have a difficult time gaining ground in the oversaturated cannabis industry, imagine what things are like for makers of beauty products. Cosmetics companies have been trying to sell us the exact same goop in a tube at ever increasing prices ever since the days of Cleopatra. Differentiation is incredibly difficult in the cosmetics industry, and some enterprising brands have figured out that one of the fastest ways to differentiate yourself is to be the first company on the block with a cannabis-infused fountain of youth in a bottle. In truth, though, people have reported great results when using topical CBD products for conditions such as acne and general inflammation. The CBD topicals industry will be a segment that sees major growth in 2019.

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD lotions, shampoos and conditioners might be hot products in 2019, but they’re typically very expensive. What if you really wanted to cover your whole body in CBD? You can’t easily do that with a $100 bottle of lotion. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just bathe in CBD? As it turns out, you can. A few intrepid companies have begun selling fizzy CBD bath bombs laced with everyone’s favorite cannabinoid. Just drop one into your tub, and within a few seconds, you’ll have more CBD per square inch of your body than you could possibly get any other way. Some companies are adding free CBD bath bombs to customer orders now. That’s just the gateway; by the end of 2019, CBD bath bombs will be just as expensive as other topical CBD products.

CBD-Infused Pet Products

Does Rover spend a little too much time barking at the moon? Some CBD companies are betting that pet owners will be willing to calm their furry friends’ anxiety with CBD-infused pet treats. CBD pet products may not just be snake oil; all animals have endocannabinoid systems, and CBD isn’t only something that can benefit humans. Does your animal get anxious or excited easily? It’s possible that a CBD pet treat will help to get your companion back on the right track.