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A Vapor Trail Channel Video Review – Steam Punk Vapors

I’ve had a couple people ask if I’ll start using the Atlantis or Kanger Sub Tank for juice reviews. For now, I’ll continue to use standard tanks for the reviews, as that’s what many of you use.

We’ll see, I may change that. If a juice tastes “good” in a standard tank, it’s a good bet it will be great in a better setup.

With that out of the way, today we take a look at 4 from Steam Punk Vapors. This up and coming juice maker has some very ambitious flavors and I think they do a great job at executing them! I look for max flavor in my favorite juices, and these guys bring it.
I suggest you go check out their site and go through the 75+ flavors to find something that jumps out at ya.

The four I had for this video were all very good, and I may’ve even found an ADV in there.

Steam Punk Vapors

Chai Palace- “Creamy Chai Tea”  


Col. Custer’s Concoction – “Bourbon Custard”  

Alpha Cloud 9- “Strawberry Cream Cotton Candy” 

Bucket O Nutz- “Cinnamon Sugar Coated Roasted Almonds” 

Arc Weld- “Tropical Cream” 

Steam Punk Vapors Video Review