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Okay, John is really riled up today! From a sick society, to chain-smoking, to progressives, to Gov. Romney, to the middle-ages, he’s on a rant. Just remember, sometimes the opinion by the editor does not reflect the opinion of Spinfuel as a whole…although this time, yea, it pretty much does – Julia Barnes

We live in shitty times. Sure, we’ve made strides in the terms of civilization and the price of life and death, disease, and a whole lot more. Even so, the human being is so behind the curve of where we should be that it’s becoming nothing short of a miracle that we are still here. Left to our own devices, as a species, we should have gone extinct long ago.

Regardless of how technology has changed every fiber of our lives the ‘mind’ of the normal human being is the same as it was during the “dark ages”. I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but imagine what 2012 would look like if humans were able to shed this lust for death and destruction a thousand years ago. Is there any doubt that we would be 1000 years more advanced than we are today?

There would be cities on Mars, and the moon would be a common workplace for millions of people living on Earth and traveling to the moon every morning and coming back home in time for dinner. But we still want to kill people; we still want to murder people who do not think as we do. For such an advanced period of technology we are still just power hungry, ignorant, and intolerant animals.

Never mind those still living in the middle ages over in the middle east, think about what’s been happening on Twitter these past couple of weeks. So many blacks and poor whites calling for the assassination of Gov. Romney should he win the presidency, calls for looting the minute Sandy hit the coastline, and the steady stream of hate against anyone that dares to think or believe in ways that are different from them. If it weren’t so damned depressing it would be laughable.

Let me prove my point. Back in 60 seconds… See this screenshot from my Twitter feed? All I did was plug in “assassinate” in the Search Box. How’s that for America in 2012?smoking, cigarettes, eliquid, ecigarettes, ejuice

All this screenshot proves is that each advancement we’ve made in society has been nothing more than a façade made possible by technology. The truth is most Americans, particularly people in the screenshot, are not worthy of the technology that a handful of people were able to invent and exploit. In fact, the human mind is so un-evolved, that true justice for humans would be to live in a technology-free world. We deserve, as a species, to live in a world full of disease, with a lifespan of 32 years, and in enclaves of 30-40 people each cooking animals over a fire rather than sitting a fancy restaurant never knowing the cruelty that animals suffer to allow us the luxury to eat so well that we have become an obese society that sits on its collective asses.

The hatred we, as humans, are capable of, is as disheartening as anything I’ve ever experienced.

So, let me ask you; is it any wonder that millions of people chain-smoke? Is it any wonder that millions more drink alcohol, take drugs, play videogames and basically try to turn a blind eye to the shit storm that is upon us?

Technology to the Rescue Again?

Some of us are able to recognize the world as it is, as a dark place destined to end in a blaze of ignorance. And yet at the same time, for some unfathomable reason, want to hang around for a while longer and be somewhat healthier then we used to be. Sure, we smoked cigarettes, but can you blame us? Now technology has given us a tool that allows us to maintain that need to smoke (as a way to cope with an crap-infested reality) and stay healthier in the process and we have gloomed on to it as fast as we could.

I am ready to admit the truth: I vape so that I can continue to smoke without getting sick. Smoking and Vaping are two very different things, as I have said before, but they serve the same purpose. Both smoking and vaping give us a way to deal with the stress of scrolling through a Twitter feed and seeing the worst of mankind spew forth such ugly denouncements toward other human beings, and a million other ugly things we are capable of.

Amber alerts, rape, robbery, murder, car accidents, disease, war, power hungry politicians, and the severely ignorant people that seem to surround us no matter where we live or work are all things that prey on those of us that truly try to be more tolerant, that truly do believe that mankind should do better.  This unfortunate optimism can cause us to seek the comfort of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Numb the mind, numb the mind…numb the mind. Beats dealing with this shit, doesn’t it?

But, I’ll tell you what: If this mean-spirited, progressive administration gets another 4 years to reach further into our lives, to further restrict what we can and cannot do, to further push this nanny-state that does nothing but make the lazy, uneducated, and selfish people even more so, then I have no doubt that they will eventually get to our eCigarettes and they will ban them outright without blinking.

Why do I believe this? It’s quite simple really. A progressive agenda is by its very nature a two-faced, duplicitous agenda. Those will deep pockets, in this case Big Tobacco, will make sure that people (especially the poor) can have their cigarettes, and they will pay these duplicitous progressives for the privilege, and at the same time they (the politicians) will want to put on a show that they really care, that’s it all about the people, and so they will ban eCigarettes because eCigarettes “normalize” smoking. And god forbid you do not want to normalize smoking, not when you know that a certain percentage of people will always smoke cigarettes, and that’s enough money in the pockets of Big Tobacco that funneling some of it to the progressive agenda will continue ad nauseum.

I am not dismissing the fact that both liberal progressives and conservatives are just two sides of the same coin, but, one side of the coin has zero interest in killing off an industry that is still small, that puts out a product that science declares as 99.99% safer than tobacco, and will continue to create jobs and small businesses across the country. That is what they are about.

Small government and big business means a freer society, with less intrusion into MY life, and yours. But it also means that the lazy, ignorant, dropouts that want to collect their food stamps and welfare checks while screaming “UNFAIR” when a wealthy hardworking American drives down the street in a brand new car. You tell someone today that they might want to think about becoming self-reliant and they call you a racist, even if you are talking to someone of the same race as you. Go figure that one out.

Yea, things suck, they suck big time. But when it comes to my own personal life, the less the government butts in the better.

So, I’m going to vote for Gov. Romney, as have the staff (through absentee voting), for one reason; smaller government is better government.

Now, I just hope this assassination is talk is just that, talk. But you never know, if there are riots on the street next Tuesday night you’ll find me sitting in front of my TV, with plenty of batteries, eLiquid, and tanks. Something has to keep me off the ledge, for me that will be my Vea.

John Manzione