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Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod Review

Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod is a specialty box mod, meaning that its appeal will be limited to vapers looking for a good stabilized wood box mod, and can live with a maximum wattage output of 66W. It is available now at Element Vape.

There are other features, including a color OLED display, that set it apart from other mods, but the Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod won’t do for those wishing to take advantage of the high performance sub-ohm tanks, like the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast or SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King. Any atomizer with a coil needing more than 66 watts is not going to perform on the Evaya.

About the Sigelei Evaya 66 TC Box Mod

The Sigelei Evaya is a compact box mod throwing out a maximum of 66W and includes a fine temperature control suite housed within a meticulously crafted zinc alloy chassis with a stabilized wood face plate. The Sigelei Evaya 66W uses a curved and ergonomic body shape that will fit just about any user’s hands.

You can instantly feel its balanced weight while holding it, even with several different sub-ohm tanks attached. During the review period, I used, for the most part, the SMOK Spirals tank, and found that its size fit well. Using either Spirals coil, the 0.6Ω or 0.3Ω coil, I could enjoy an optimal vape within the 66W limit.

Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

There are many other tanks that can fit its 27mm depth, if the coil range is under 66W. I would suggest that should you purchase the copper or gun metal color to try and find a suitable tank that matches, or closely matches the color of the device. For the Spirals tank it was easy, the tank is mostly black (except for the singular gold tank). A black tank looks good on any of the colors of the Evaya. For a short while I used my Gold SMOK Big Baby tank to see how gold looked with the copper color. As you can see by the photo, the match is not a good one. It made me cringe.

The chassis size is 86mm tall, 40.5mm wide, and 27mm deep. In inches, that’s 5.24 inches tall, 2,7 inches wide, and 1.64 inches deep. The Evaya is compact, but it is machined so well that even without the face plate of stab wood it would still feel like a luxury box mod.

The stabilized wood face plate does give it that extra layer of excellence and individuality to each device because no two pieces of stabilized wood is the same. I’ve owned and used other stab wood mods and the Evaya has certainly one of the best stab wood plates.

Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod uses a three-button control system with an 0.91” easy to understand OLED display. (see photo) Employing a spring-loaded center pin in the 510-thread connector, any sub-ohm tank less than 27mm in diameter will get a flush and secure connection.

The maximum amperage output is 35A. The user must choose a high-amp 18650 cell to get the best possible performance. We recently purchased a case of LG HE2 CELLS from Vapor Authority. With 2500mAh and 35A the LG HE2 is ideal for this type of box mod. Battery life will depend on the vaper, the tank, and the method of vaping, but I can say that during the review period, using the SMOK Spirals tank I got a good 2 hours of use from a battery. I vape heavily, and with no more than a minute or two between pulls on the drip tip. For a single battery mod, that’s quite good for me.

To insert, or remove, the 18650 cell the Evaya uses a bottom loaded design. Unscrew the circular battery cap to remove or insert a new battery, and screw it back on to continue vaping. The battery cap is designed for an easy grip. No need to over tighten, a hand tight is fine. Positive side goes into the mod, negative side makes contact with the battery cap.

As per most temperature control box mods, the Sigelei Evaya 66W TC supports; Ni200, Pure Nickel, Ti, Titanium, and SS, for Stainless Steel heating elements.

Real World Performance

There is nothing to complain about with the Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod if you know going in that you’re limited to a maximum wattage output of 66W. Certainly this mod is not my primary mod since I use the SMOK GX350 every day, along with a TFV12 Cloud Beast King, but I did enjoy my time with this much lighter, well-made, high-quality stab wood mod.

Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Judging the performance of a box mod cannot come from the enjoyment the user gets with an eliquid, nor can the sub-ohm tank or RDA play much of a role. Judging the performance of the Sigelei Evaya 66W TC mod, or any other mod, comes from how it fits the hand, the smoothness of the fire and adjustment buttons, the clarity of the display and the arrangement of the information in the display. It comes from how easy, or how difficult, it is to insert or remove a battery, how easily a tank thread slides into the connector, and if you experience any shorts or errors during normal operation. Judging the Sigelei Evaya on these perimeters the only possible grade I could give is an ‘A.’ In addition, the Sigelei Evaya has several safety features found in nearly all modern box mods.

Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod is $79.95 at Element Vape. It is available in Antique Copper, Gun Metal, and Silver. No two mods are the same due to the uniqueness of each piece of stabilized wood used as the face plate. I’ve seen all three colors and my choice was the copper color. The stab wood on my mod has a nicely distributed mix of color, a center weighted dark color around the display, and the super glossy finish will keep it looking great for many years. Although it comes with a near-opaque white silicone sleeve for protection, I don’t use it because it hides the unique beauty of the mod. The photos accompanying this review are my photos shot on my iPhone. Not commercial product shots, but a good indicator for what you can expect with yours.

Grade: A

Not for budget minded or power hungry vapers, the Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod is a luxury, modest wattage, mod that seems to be better made than any other Sigelei device I’ve seen or used. There is more spit n polish here on the Evaya than I’ve seen in a long time. For vapers that do not need more than 66W, for single-18650 fans, and for those that want a piece of luxury, the Sigelei Evaya is a nice choice.”

Tom McBride

Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Mod Features:

  • 5 to 66W Output Range
    • 0.7 to 9.0V
    • 35A Max Current
    • 0.1 to 3.0Ω Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Full Temperature Control Output
    • Ni200 Nickel Support
    • Titanium Support
    • Stainless Steel Support
    • 0.1 to 1.5Ω Atomizer Resistance Range
    • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Stabilized Wood Face Plate
    • Unique and Exotic
      • Each Device Features Unique Patterning
  • Color OLED Screen
    • Quadrant Based
    • Vertical Orientation
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Output Voltage
    • Output Temperature
    • Output Power
    • Battery Life Indicator
    • Puff Counter
    • CPU Temperature Gauge
  • Three Button Control Face
    • Micro USB Port
  • Threaded Battery Access Disc
    • Single 18650 Battery Powered
      • Sold Separately
  • Stainless 510 Thread Point
  • Zinc Alloy Construction
    • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Vent Holes Integrated into ‘Sigelei’ Engraving
  • High Input Voltage/Reverse Battery/Low Resistance/Low Input Voltage/Short Circuit/Overheating Protection

The Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Includes:

  • One Sigelei Evaya 66W Box Mod
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Silicone Sleeve